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Redcare contracts and the IFSEC effect

Today we bring you details of BT Redcare’s new flexible contracts for CCTV transmission – a hot topic for installers and BT’s other customers.

There’s also the heartwarming story of Y3K’s success at IFSEC, adding over 100 new trade accounts since the show and its attendant marketing.

And US trade association NAPBS is forming a European group for pre-screening employees.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s Songs About Security day. Don’t forget to visit I4S to find out just which music video has been spuriously reinterpreted as being about the security business. Can you guess which song it will be? I can.

Two other important things. Vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year in the Security Excellence Awards.

And visit It’s about jobs, and it’s about security, and when you put them both together, you get this exact website. It’s been scientifically proven.

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CCTV at the G8 summit, and SIA judgement time

Today we bring you some pretty cool pictures of JVC domes in action at the G8 summit held in Japan earlier this month. They were used for communication rather than out and out security purposes, but that’s close enough, right?

There’s also some details of the full judgement in the SIA’s right to prosecute case that we first mentioned last week.

And big network video player Axis has reported good results for the first six months of this year – that’s 2008, for anyone playing along at home.

Brian Sims’ SMT Editor’s View, published yesterday, has prompted a flurry of responses, particularly with regard to knife crime. Read the whole thing and let us know what you think.

The opportunity to express your interest in tendering for security work at the 2012 London Olympics is still available – the deadline is August 18.

And there are two things to remember: one is to vote for Security Manufacturer of the Year in the 2008 Security Excellence Awards; the other is to visit, because it’s jolly useful.

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Johannesburg, Brian Sims, and plant pots

Today Brian Sims brings us his SMT Editor’s View, and he takes a close look at the UK’s knife crime problems as well as giving his take on CCTV Cities and police red tape.

We’ve also got the story of a major reduction in crime incidents in Johannesburg, South Africa.

And for all the fans of our semi-regular garden security stories, you’re in for a real treat – we’ve got the lowdown on barriers you can put plants in. Wow!

Of course, you’d be much happier, wiser, and potentially wealthier if you paid a visit to the most wonderful security jobs site there is: It’s where all the really cool job seekers and employers hang out.

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Prosecutions, all-round views – and Operation Relentless

Today Brian Sims brings us the news of the SIA’s confirmed power to prosecute, and also details of Operation Relentless – the exhausting-sound name for its work with Derbyshire Police.

There’s also information on the new three megapixel 360 degree camera launched by Mobotix – and a camera designed to warn of fires; appropriate, perhaps, on the day the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare burned down.

Remember to keep your votes coming in for the Security Excellence Awards Manufacturer of the Year.

And go ahead and visit I thoroughly recommend it.

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The security week: Olympic opportunities, and cash-in-transit conviction

Welcome to an action-packed Weekly Digest – where it’s all security, all of the time (except when it’s Songs About Security or something equally spurious.)

This week we reported on the opportunity to express your interest in tendering for security work at the London 2012 Olympics. The deadline for this is rapidly approaching so it’s worth getting in quick.

There was also an interesting item on the first cash-in-transit conviction using ‘DNA’ spray SmartWater. This also features a photo of a man (not really a criminal, I hasten to add) wearing a soiled hoodie.

Tuesday saw the long-awaited announcement of the shortlisted finalists for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. The vote for Security Manufacturer of the Year is open to the public, so make sure you get involved.

Security Installer’s Alan Hyder provided his always entertaining Editor’s View this week – and returned to one of his favourite topics at present: garden security.

Back in the world of slightly spurious security content, this week’s Songs About Security offering comes courtesy of those stylish troubadours, Urban Cookie Collective. You know you want to look.

And don’t forget to visit In my personal opinion, this is the single greatest and most useful site dedicated to jobs in the security industry that I have ever had the pleasure to visit, or, indeed, endorse. Go there now or at some stage in future, I implore you.

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Seahogs and frame-ups

Today Brian Sims brings us news of arrests as part of Operation Seahog, the ongoing crackdown on security businesses operating illegitimately.

And Alan Hyder plays matchmaker as he brings a CCTV questioner from Karachi together with our CCTV Doctor Jon Hill to answer a query about frame rates. Or was it images per second? Read the story for some clarity.

Don’t forget to vote in the Manufacturer of the Year category of the Security Excellence Awards 2008. It’s open to the public. So make your voice heard, and don’t let the thing be decided by hanging chads or anything of that nature.

And get yourself a job, or get someone into a job, by using It’s a website about jobs. For security! That really is the truth.

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SmartWater conviction, travel security – and vote!

Today there’s news of the first cash-in-transit criminal conviction using forensic technology SmartWater – a sign for the future? At the very least his mum’s not going to be happy when she sees that top.

And following the survey on travel security from Barclaycard earlier this month, the Anvil Group is advising business travellers to remain cautious and alert, especially when moving through airports. This, I’d imagine, is doubly true for representatives of UK Government agencies carrying laptops.

Don’t forget to get your vote in for Security Manufacturer of the Year, as part of the Security Excellence Awards 2008. Have your say – it’s people power at its absolute finest. It really is.

And if you’re in the mood for finding a new job, or a new employee, you could do a hell of a lot worse than heading over to It’s our sister jobs site, and as the name suggests, the jobs are all security related. A nice idea, huh?

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Security Excellence Awards finalists revealed – and exclusive Bates interview

Lots of big news on I4S today, as we exclusively reveal the shortlisted finalists for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. We also open up the Security Manufacturer of the Year category to the public vote – so get involved.

In another big exclusive, Brian Sims talks to BSIA chief executive-to-be John Bates about his new appointment. Brian’s magazine, Security Management Today, will be the first industry journal to carry an in-depth feature when Bates has spent some time canvassing BSIA members.

Today the site also carries an important article by Aran Dharmeratnam on the lessons to be learned from the July 7 bombings in London.

And Security Installer editor Alan Hyder gives us his opinions on the issues (and the trivialities) affecting the industry today.

Don’t forget to visit our site It’s where you can find and post jobs – such as our job of the week, from Showsec. Check back there regularly to find the best security jobs available.

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Dog comp winner! And Olympic opportunities

With Beijing 2008 just around the corner, today brings news of the Olympic tender opportunity for security firms at London 2012. The Olympic Delivery Authority wants your expressions of interest. Interesting.

In other exciting sporting news, the winner of our Watch Some Dog Racing at Walthamstow with SSR Recruitment Competition has been drawn. The answer to our tricky question – what breed of dogs race at Walthamstow? – was ‘greyhounds’. Shame on you if you got that wrong. Which nobody did. Are you the winner? Why not find out?

We’ve also got the details of a groundbreaking meeting between bollard guys and bollard people, as well as the launch of what is alleged to be the world’s biggest monitor. It is not designed to be some kind of compensatory purchase, despite the fact that it is targeted at insecure men. (It’s not really targeted at insecure men.)

And keep checking back on this week to find out just who has been shortlisted in this year’s Security Excellence Awards. We will know first!

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The security week: BSIA chief, awards and much more

This week’s top story is the appointment of John Bates as chief executive of the British Security Industry Association. The story hit live from the BSIA’s annual luncheon, which was attended by SMT’s Brian Sims.

This was just the start of a raft of BSIA stories to hit the site, including details of security officers being honoured and the appointments of new BSIA chairmen.

And the big upcoming story is the announcement of the 2008 Security Excellence Awards finalists – the names of which will be published only on I4S next week. So keep checking back!

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of punk legends The Clash. Check it out and add your own suggestion.

And today is the closing date for our competition to win tickets to the dogs – we’ll be pulling a name out of the hat first thing Monday and announcing the winner on

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