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Olympics, festivals, and a tool

Today we bring you the news of the Olympic security guarding contractor – G4S Security Services UK – which will look to train up local residents to protect the Olympic Park construction. Laudable? Or not laudable? Your call.

And in the current climate of financial meltdown and impending economical apocalypse, one lone voice can be heard, taking a stand for the security installation sector, and heroically providing links to items of interest. That voice belongs to Alan Hyder, and his weapon: the SI Editor’s View. Read it!

In other news, investigators from the SIA got together in a field, pitched tents, drank warm lager and listened to music being played over a mile away, as they celebrated the ‘Festival of Compliance‘. Actually, that’s not quite what happened (I think) – they went to some music festivals in summer and checked the security staff’s licensing credentials. Groovy!

One security officer who may end up gracing the main stage at the inaugural Festival of Compliance (and I urge the SIA to make this a reality in time for next summer) is Mitie’s Verity Hartopp, who played her acoustic guitar to victory in a company-wide talent competition. She received her winning prize from Ozzy and Sharon Osborne impersonators. Awesome.

Something that you may have missed: Professor Martin Gill, director of PRCI, has been showing off his tool. Luckily, people seem to like it.

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Bench tests and biometrics

Today we’ve got a couple of Bench Tests for you to peruse – the Panasonic WV-NF302 network dome and the PDR 6160A DVR from LiLin. They may well be of interest!

We’ve also got the lowdown on a biometric time and attendance system installed at some care homes, as well as details of the first designs of National ID cards to be introduced in the UK. Exciting!

IP people IndigoVision have released some details of their impressive figures – so to speak – and Controlware have installed a system at the St Pancras NCP car park. High tech!

Don’t forget to register for our conferences Next Generation CCTV and The Threat Within, particularly if these topics are of interest to you.

An exciting update: last week I went to a viewing of a new photography exhibition, because that’s the sort of high-octane life I lead. Anyway, the photos are of London, and are very good indeed. In fact, I thought they’d look pretty decent in the offices of any London-based firm. Have a look, if you so desire.

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The security week: Cybercrime and stadiums

This week on I4S we took time out to consider the motivation behind cybercriminals. These nasty types are absolute rotters, I am reliably informed.

We also pondered stadium security, particularly in the wake of the Beijing Olympics and some event that those in the know are calling ‘London 2012’. And as the article in question deals with the use of sensors, I briefly considered headlining it ‘Sensor Perspective’. But then I came to my senses. Or sensors! Hahaha. Sorry.

In more fun news, you can play an online game with QED that involves flinging dome cameras down London streets, and win one of the Midas domes yourself.

And you can laugh knowingly at the Danish employee who inadvertently tested his firm’s security capacity by setting off their fog system. You silly man.

Brian Sims gave us his SMT Editor’s View on a hero of 9/11, terror suspects, PCSOs, and MI6, in the very same week that Honeywell opened a new installer training centre. Coincidence? I’d imagine so.

But this is no coincidence – we have two lovely conferences coming up, one of which is about Next Generation CCTV, and the other on The Threat Within (which is dastardly employees.) Feel free to attend one or both.

It’s Friday, so it’s Songs About Security day. This week it’s the turn of those lovable scamps AC/DC, and their catchy ditty about prisoners escaping from their place of incarceration. Note: this sort of behaviour is technically illegal.

And for those of you who enjoyed last week’s ridiculously sweary parrot – here’s another instalment. But again, though, be aware that it’s not for the easily offended and it’s not for kids. And it’s possibly not safe to have blaring out in the middle of your office, depending on how blue your workplace is.

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Camera tossing, and an Editor’s View

Today Brian Sims looks back at a hero of 9/11, and is somewhat surprised by an MI6 job ad. Read all about it in his SMT Editor’s View.

Ah, London. Where the streets are literally paved. And now covered in the remains of dome cameras that have been flung willy nilly over buses and other obstacles in an attempt to reach some mythical ‘maximum distance’. Except this is actually an online game – a novel promotion by QED for its new generation Midas dome. Not some sort of dystopian future world where CCTV cameras are ironically deployed as thuggish weapons by wild-eyed street urchins and vicious mercenaries. Or is it? No, it’s not. It’s a game.

Or is it the Next Generation of CCTV? No. That is a conference. When you attend, be sure to enquire as to the chances of the aforementioned dystopia occurring. I am quite certain the answer you’ll get back is “minimal”.

Elsewhere, SIA investigators finally had some good news to report on the licensing front – a visit to some door supervisors on the weekend found they were all properly licensed! A pleasant turn of events.

And make sure you visit, as it’s a one hundred percent doozy of a site – particularly if you are interested in jobs for, in, and about security. That’s what it’s for!

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CCTV on TV and access at Burnley FC

You might remember that a while back we ran a couple of articles on Channel Five TV show CCTV Cities, fronted by investigative reporter/self-regarding smug fella (delete according to your perspective) Donal MacIntyre. Some people liked it, and some people, including Brian Sims, felt otherwise. Well, there’s a new series on the way, and today JVC points out that its monitors are used by some of the featured control rooms.

Also making headlines today was the news of a Siemens Building Technologies installation at a previously unused part of Burnley Football Club’s Turf Moor ground. And no, it’s not the pitch. It’s inside the building part!

In Rotherham, they take packaging seriously. That’s why packaging maker Cepac wanted to monitor its packaging-making system with a surveillance package from Samsung Techwin.

Packagers, and people in many other industries, will be interested in the Next Generation of CCTV. Luckily, we have a conference about that very thing happening soon. There’s also another one called The Threat Within, which is not, as you might well imagine, about the potential for supernatural bodily possession and exorcisms and so on, but rather employee fraud and stealing and that sort of thing.

And! The 2008 Security Excellence Awards. On soon. Book a table. Buy a dress. Or both! It’s up to you.

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Foggy incidents and installer training

Honeywell has opened a new Training Centre of Excellence, which, despite the name, is not a facility for teaching ‘dudes’ to be ‘excellent’ in the Bill and Ted sense, but rather a cutting edge training centre for security installers. Party on!

A bumbling Danish employee has managed to test one company’s new fog protection system by setting it off accidentally. Doh. It all works, though! Thank goodness.

With ‘Olympics fever’ likely to be a phrase you’ll hear repeatedly over the next four years, we’ve decided to get in early in this next sentence. Olympics fever has seen interest in sporting security escalate, and today we’ve got a story on scanners being used to protect stadium entrances. See?

And Frost and Sullivan tell us that spending on security in the aviation sector is not likely to be affected by fuel price hikes, which is good news for all travellers. Particularly if the airline you have tickets booked with still exists.

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming conferences – Next Generation CCTV and The Threat Within. And be good to yourself. Why not?

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A full hand – and Green Skills

Talk to the hand. That’s the message from Lumidigm and UKB International, who have launched a full hand print scanner for high security verification and access control. Futuristic!

Brian Sims profiles David Greer, CEO of Skills for Security, who looks at the future of education and training in the security sector. Insightful.

And Eugene Kaspersky takes us into the shadowy world of the cybercriminal, a very nasty type worth understanding (if not condoning).

Elsewhere, Alan Hyder talks hooters, Panasonic hit the road in aid of IP, and we go with the people flow, man.

You should attend these conferences: Next Generation CCTV, and The Threat Within. Why? Because they’re super.

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