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The security week: Mosquitoes, advice, and Nirvana

A quotation: I was walking down the street with my friend and he said: “I hear music.” As though there’s any other way to take it in. I said: “You’re not special. That’s how I receive it too. I tried to taste it, but it did not work.”

That’s from sadly deceased excellent American comedian Mitch Hedberg, and I mention it today because the folks behind the contentious Mosquito system – a machine that generates irritating noise in a frequency range supposedly only heard by people under 25, and marketed to owners of small shops and the like – have been publicising a new report that says the Mosquito doesn’t harm your hearing. If you can hear it. They’ve also got a less contentious musical model.

In tribute to these stories about Mosquitoes, this week’s Song About Security is Love Buzz by well-known musical group Nirvana. Grungy!

I’m a big fan of advice and information. But I only like interesting, expert advice, not just any old geezer from the street coming up to me and telling me about complex security installation matters. That’s why I read articles like this one, by Julie Hartley of ADI-Gardiner. She is part of The Advice Squad, an expert team of I4S experts offering advice in an expert fashion. Advice!

Elsewhere, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has fired off another opinion-volley in his SI Editor’s View; we go golfing mad (Fore! Hahahaha etc) with a report on security arrangements for the 2010 Ryder Cup; and the SIA has gone ahead and asked the industry to do some consulting on training requirements. It’s like a news deluge. But pleasant!

Our Job of the Week is a real doozy – a chance to be a risk and project support executive for the Olympic Delivery Authority. Not only that, but you’d get to work at London’s Canary Wharf. Sport and high finance and security! It’s a three-way romance made in heaven.

Do you like conferences with powerful, impressive names? Yes? Then you will just love Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, which has the single most powerful name of any conference in the history of events and networking opportunities.


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Mosquitoes, water and firetrucks

It’s mosquito season again. The estimable Security Installer editor Alan Hyder gives us the lowdown on a new report by Belgian experts into the medical effects of the ‘Mosquito’ teenager repelling device. We’ve reported on it in the past – here, and also here – and I threw in my whining workshy liberal opinion for good measure as well, way back when in the day. If you were working in television news, you might say that this story had something to do with “having a sting in the tail”, or that there’ s “a real buzz about the product” or something equally as incisive.

Also in the news today is a story by handsome and charming correspondent Anthony Hildebrand about the Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue Service, which has become the first fire service in the country to safeguard its trucks and equipment with the SmartWater forensic tagging system. “This is certainly a hot topic,” our newsreader friends might wink.

And the British Security Industry Association, which is responsible for promoting the interests of the British security industry, has responded to remarks by the Information Commissioner on data losses by suggesting that CEOs should prioritise security.

A very very good way of preventing people from entering buildings or zones of various types is by creating Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. And as luck would have it, this is the name of a conference being held in December! Who’d have thunk it? You should go to it, by the way.

In these times of economic crisis, also, don’t forget about the exciting world of employment. It helps to pay your bills. Visit for more on this exciting topic.

Feel free to go ahead and visit and They pay my bills!

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More on the Louis Vuitton stores CCTV campaign

Following our photostory the other week, here’s another blog with photos of the Louis Vuitton CCTV campaign in New York. It looks quite fancy at night, doesn’t it?

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HD, Alan’s views, and risky travel

Security Installer Alan Hyder has put his opinion-generating suit on today, and gone swimming in the metaphorical sea of ideas that surround him, gathering security concepts and views like so many pretend fish in his journalistic thought-net. In other words, he’s gone and written another Editor’s View, and it’s very very interesting indeed. Indeed! Very.

Sanyo has launched its exciting new High Definition camera. Feel free to read about it on lovely website This is where I find the best and most interesting security news usually resides.

Are you in favour of advice about intruder alarms? If you are, and would like some, you can do no better than read Julie Hartley’s stonkingly informative writings on the grading of contacts. Magnetic contacts, that is, not the ones for your eyes! That would be ridiculous.

And if you’re a travelling business-type personage, and you’re going somewhere dodgy, you might like to take advantage of the security consultation service provided by new partnership QCIC and Business Travel Direct. Safe.

If you prefer your buildings impenetrable, and your perimeters fairly similar, there’s a very good chance indeed that you should be attending this conference: Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. It’s on December 10th, and it could be hard to get into if you haven’t registered. Because it’s Impenetrable. Hahaha! That’s an amusing joke!

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CCTV for Scottish shoppers – and gold!

Shopping. It’s the process of handing over currency in exchange for goods and services, and is a cornerstone of the capitalist system. It’s particularly important if we are to acquire foodstuffs and other goods. One of the places Scottish people – and people in Glasgow who are not necessarily Scottish (the centre does not discriminate) – can now go to do shopping is Silverburn. While they are there they will be protected by CCTV equipment from Vicon and Cortech. Tremendous!

ATEC Security seem to have the Midas touch of late. Not only have they walked away with a 2008 Security Excellence Award, they’ve also attained the NSI’s NACOSS Gold standard. Auspicious!

An organisation which is no stranger to either security or institutes is the Security Institute. The good folks at the SyI have moved into new offices, which are now officially open. Semi-rural!

And don’t forget about next week’s scintillating conference about next generation CCTV, called Next Generation CCTV. There’s still time to register, and it looks set to be the best conference on this topic ever at any time in the history of the world. And bear in mind, I abhor exaggeration. Get involved!

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Golf and football

It’s the start of a new working week, so what better way to commemorate the weekend that has just occurred – and those still to come – than with a couple of stories that contain some kind of link between security and sport? Answer: There IS nothing better.

We’ve got a very special report on the security plans for the 2010 Ryder Cup, due to be held at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales. This is the competition where Americans in bad clothes compete with Europeans in horrendous garb to see who can be better at golf while dressing terribly.

On a slightly smaller scale, security distributor QED has sponsored its local football club, Bamber Bridge – its home ground is now known as QED Stadium. It’s pitch perfect – or some other barely adequate football-related pun!

And in an article that has nothing to do with sports at all, Richard Clarke looks at sustainable approaches to procurement. It’s good to be responsible!

Don’t forget about the Next Generation CCTV conference – it takes place next week and is bound to be interesting. It really is!

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Robocop commutes

Following my previous post, Paul Trendall of Carlisle Security emailed me with this:

Sticking with your Robocop theme ……………..

< >

They are, of course, our Travel Safe Officers.

Any other security Robocops out there?

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