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The security week: An arrested Tory, retail challenges, and Johnny Cash

News excitement galore on info4security this week. Brian Sims, editor of SMT Online, gets totally topical with his take on the Tories’ Damian Green being arrested by counter-terrorism officers. Forthright!

And in the week when Woolworths and MFI went to the wall, we’ve got an in-depth piece about the challenges ahead for retail security in a period of economic turmoil.

There were contrasting responses to the aforementioned turmoil – Dedicated Micros has rationalised its EMEA operations, while Kings Security has invested £3m in a new HQ and alarm receiving centre, and Solutions Security, a new UK CCTV distributor, has opened for business. Intriguing!

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder faced up to this week’s (metaphorical) issues inferno, and connecting his opinion nozzle to the firetruck of facts, he liberally doused the blaze with great gushing streams of analysis. In less confusing terms, he wrote his SI Editor’s View. It’s a great read!

Friday. Songs About Security. They go hand in hand, like Michael Jackson and an ape. Today it’s the turn of Johnny Cash. There’s also a chart-busting top ten.

Have you ever wanted to be a Higher Executive Officer Head of Security for the DVLA? I know I have. Well, now both you and I have the perfect opportunity to make this dream become a reality, as this is the Job of the Week on Jobs for Security. Fortuitous!

Another great thing on Jobs for Security is the Weird Work section. Read – then contribute!

If you, like me, despise the notion of building and/or perimeter penetration, you should get along to Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, where you will meet plenty of like-minded souls. Keep buildings and perimeters pure, that’s what I say.

Also, riverdancing chimps.

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Layoffs, contrasts, and a goat (for some reason)

A couple of different responses to the economic maelstrom we find ourselves in today. At DVR pioneer Dedicated Micros, they’ve decided to cut employee numbers across EMEA operations. Chairman Nigel Petrie says it’s to do with revised growth expectations and “a particular reticence in the UK security sector’s supply chain”.

Meanwhile, over at Kings Security in West Yorkshire, they’re going ahead with plans to open a new £3m headquarters and alarm receiving centre. The complex is officially launched next week.

There are contrasts in the CCTV camera world as well, with Sony launching a couple of new analogue models, while IndigoVision presents a new H.264 dome to the market.

And SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us details of a new management and leadership course from Response Security Training – while the British Parking Association demands a “parking summit“. Make sure your hand brakes are on! (Because of the ‘summit’. What’s happening here is that I am pretending that ‘summit’ refers to the peak of a mountain or hill, when in actual fact in this case it is referring to a meeting of some kind. Humour!)

One of the things that really gets my goat is building penetration. He can’t stand it! To remedy this awful situation I have registered said goat as an attendee at interesting and useful conference Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. If you are there and see a goat with a name tag that says ‘Steven’, make sure you say hi. He’ll appreciate that.

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Retail challenges and a new distributor

Apparently Christmas is happening soon, much to my surprise. This type of celebration seems kinda tasteless at such a time of serious global economic crisis.

But even though we can’t stop Christmas this year, retailers are still likely to feel a lot of pain thanks not only to a lack of spending, but also to enthusiastic shoplifters. Douglas Greenwell of G4S provides I4S and SMT Online with an in-depth look at the challenges facing the retail sector beyond the festive season.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Not at all! One company, Solutions Group (UK), has set up a brand new CCTV distribution arm with 15 trade counters scattered around the UK for ease of access. And ease of CCTV! A security joke, there.

And in news about partnerships and things of that nature, we bring you the news that MITIE has entered into a partnership with Stirling Assynt. Congratulations to them both! However, ‘Assynt’ is a particularly unattractive word. I’m just saying.

How do you like managing things? Do you like managing unexpected things – such as crises? Would you like to be better at that sort of thing? Yes? Maybe? Well, as luck would have it, there’s a conference called Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. It sounds right up your alleyway!

There are these two websites, right, called and, and I, like, thoroughly recommend you give them both an eyeballing.

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Protecting Christmas and weathering the storm

Identity thieves are a despicable bunch at the best of times – even at the annual Identity Thieves Ball and Charity Casino In Aid of Sick or Starving Children – but at Christmas time, well, they are absolutely reprehensible. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find your identity has been stolen. You don’t know who you are. No one does. And then you see yourself walk past your own window. That’s a fairly extreme and surreal example of identity theft – but online shopping could still pose a threat this festive season. Read all about how it could go down.

Security Installer commander-in-chief Alan Hyder has done the noble thing today, sticking his metaphorical opinion-thumb in the issues-dyke, preventing soggy issues from dampening and drowning the news agenda. If you found this sentence confusing and possibly misguided, rest assured: the SI Editor’s View is neither. It’s very interesting!

And it’s always nice to be able to use the word ‘holistic’, particularly when it doesn’t apply to medicine or therapies. It fits pleasantly in the headline to this story, which is about SGW Security Consulting and Griffin Security Group.

Hey! Do you have an interesting story about some ridiculous thing that you have done or has happened to you in the course of your working life? Send it in to Weird Work, part of the universally applauded security jobs website Jobs for Security.

Then go and register for the Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters conference. It’s one of the little things that makes life worth living.

Also make a pilgrimage to and They are good.

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Siemens wind power and a training partnership

Today we celebrate the power of wind, with the news that Siemens has provided a wind turbine firm with a comprehensive integrated security system. That’s one way to secure the future of the environment! Seriously, it will help.

Partnerships are wonderful, life enriching experiences, particularly if they do not end in a long, messy, bitter, drawn out divorce that alienates not just the parties involved, but their family and close associates. One new partnership that looks to have a far more positive future than the one outlined in the sentence before is that of Shield Guarding Company and WSG Associates, who are doing some training qualification things together. Nice!

Do you often wish that your IP CCTV offered more ROI? Well, a report on a system installed by AC (Axis Communications) suggests TTMVWBTC (that this might very well be the case). Read for yourself and assess. Why not?

You may well be aware of the Weird Work section of the Jobs for Security website that I have been banging on about recently. You will be as pleased as I am, then, that I have received an actual contribution! Thanks, Gerry. You’re a star.

Do you know how I quite often mention the interesting and informative conference Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters? I do it exactly like this. It’s in Birmingham!

Also, get your website visiting thang on at and Yowsa!

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The security week: Woolworths, The Smiths, answers and retirement

In the security headlines this week was a thieving so-and-so convicted for one of the worst offences imaginable – crimes against Woolworths – with evidence from SmartWater. The only positive for the crim was the ravetastic nature of his trainers, as seen in the pictures accompanying the story. Techno!

As a direct consequence, this week’s Song About Security is The Smiths’ Shoplifters of the World Unite. It’s a classic.

We also had a couple of question and answer features – Sanyo’s David Markland gave us the rundown on High Definition CCTV, and our Access Doctor, Adam Stroud, discussed integrated access systems.

It was also the week we ran the final Last Orders column. That’s right, after several years of minimal work and passive-aggressive one-upmanship, installation sector guru Orson Carte is hanging up his pen. He’ll be missed.

One way to get over his departure is by attending the Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters conference, which is sure to be full of not only valuable insights, but also amusing japes and witty banter. And refreshments.

Our Job of the Week on Jobs for Security is a top-notch opportunity to venture into the wilds of Essex as a sales manager for a major installation firm. Don’t let this one pass you by! You will regret it! For the rest of your life! Probably.

And as you can see by the overwhelming number of new and hilarious entries to the Jobs for Security Weird Work section, this new feature has proven to be, possibly, the single most popular new feature on all of the world wide web. Join in!

Then watch this video of a monkey doing sit-ups while a dog sits on his legs. It’s Japanamazing! The dog is very lazy.

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A show of strength and a fraud award

Sheer unadulterated security excitement today, with Professor Howard “About” Schmidt of the ISF urging companies and organisations to strengthen their security during this time of “economic uncertainty”. Good going, Prof!

Also appearing in the headlines today is the heartwarming and enriching tale of the little bank-funded police unit that could – if only they truly believed in themselves. Or something. That’s right – it’s the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit! They walked away with the coveted 2008 European Investigation Unit of the Year award. Nice work!

And Axis Communications is doing very well for itself – a new report reckons it has increased its network camera market share. That’s pretty decent, especially with these times of “economic uncertainty” currently descending upon us like a particularly threatening and money hungry duvet or some other more appropriate simile!

You know that Weird Work section on excellent security jobs website Jobs for Security? No? Yes? If not and if so, you should look at it again and then send in your crazy and zany working tales. Crazy!

Also, make sure you go to the conference Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. It’s easier to “get into” than it sounds! Ha ha ha! (Because it is a conference and not actually held in an impenetrable fortress or something.)

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