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Video analytics in the spotlight

It’s the final Alarmist post of the year. To some, this will come as a devastating blow. To others, blessed relief. To most, it will be of minor significance, merely another indicator that the years are passing, the seasons changing, time marching on. It’s like a fluttering calendar in a movie – but with a link to Bruce Springsteen singing a Christmas carol at the end of it.

There’s definitely a video analytics vibe to this bittersweet final missive. We’ve got a report on Portsmouth City Council’s pioneering central area monitoring. And an ‘Eco-Park’ in South Africa – called ‘Xanadu’ – is using analytics and thermal imaging to make sure no intruders, well – intrude. As far as I am aware, the park contains neither Kubla Khan nor Olivia Newton-John.

We’ve got a special piece that predicts what the major cybercrime threats are likely to be in 2009.

And Salto Systems and Salisbury District Hospital have won a prize. It was for the hospital’s access control installation!

As promised, your seasonal treat: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing a uniquely disturbing version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town at London’s O2. Enjoy?

There’ll be some updates to I4S over the Christmas and New Year break, including a special festive Song About Security. We’ll be back in full swing from Monday January 5. How exciting!

Have an excellent Christmas and New Year. 2009 looks like it should be an interesting year.

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Panasonic and Sanyo alliance – and festive thefts

Welcome to the penultimate Alarmist post for 2008. It’s an exciting time of year!

And with the spirit of giving and human kindness in the air, it’s great to see Panasonic and Sanyo decide to make a go of it as a couple. What that really means is that Panasonic has decided to try and make Sanyo its subsidiary, which is arguably like a marriage. In a way.

Another cheerful festive note comes from G4S, warning us that the credit crunch and rise in cost of living are leading to more and more crime. Hoorah!

We’ve got a response from the BSIA’s David Evans to our recent Wilson Chowdhry-penned piece on security at the 2012 Olympics.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas-time if we didn’t have a story on Sexism in the City. Or the possible lack thereof. What’s that all about? It’s hard to tell unless you click on the link and read the story. That’s my secret aim!

One of the great things about Jobs for Security is the amount of security jobs available on there. It is remit-tastic.

A handy hint: get your ever-lovin’ self over to and You betcha.

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The security week: Cameras, a look back, invective, and sauciness

In our final Friday dispatch for 2008, we’ve got an exclusive article by SIA chairman Baroness Ruth Henig, looking back at what’s been a fairly eventful year for the UK’s industry Regulator.

And we’ve got advice from our dashing doctor in residence – that’s the CCTV Doctor – who helps out a patient with a foggy night time camera problem.

SMT Online boss Brian Sims loads up his opinion-cannon and fires out forthright invective in the shape of his Editor’s View.

And he’s been out to BSIA chief David Dickinson’s retirement dinner. John Bates takes over the top role next year.

Importantly, we’ve got a story from Milestone Systems about their Christmas events, which involved some staff dressing in saucy police outfits. We felt obliged to run the photos in the public interest.

And Milestone has also been involved in a vital security installation at a high priority hotel for pets. This week’s Song About Security is a tribute to this important work.

Brilliantly, BT Redcare’s new boss is called Roger Vigilance – like some kind of mild-mannered security superhero. And it’s a tale of people with almost the same name, as Reid goes to work for G4S, and Reed takes on a new role at VSG. Wow!

Our glamorous Job of the Week is for installation engineers. If you would like a job, this one seems like it may be ideal. Others can be found at Jobs for Security.

The next instalment of The Security Week will hit your screens on January 9, 2009. Have a thoroughly relaxing break. We’ll see you on the other side.

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Financing, an award, and party cops

It’s interesting to see the differing approaches companies are making to trading in these increasingly difficult economic times. Today we’ve got a story about Siemens Building Technologies Security Solutions introducing new financing packages for customers.

Some companies continue to win prizes, even amidst the financial turmoil. Security Excellence Award-winner IndigoVision has walked away with a Scottish export award. Actually, they were given it. They didn’t just grab it off a table and walk away. That’s not what I was suggesting.

There’s also a new H.264 megapixel dome camera release from IQinVision, which that company claims is “the first fully-integrated, vandal-resistant megapixel dome camera line on the market”. Impressive!

I’ve been reliably informed that the so-called ‘festive season’ is well and truly upon us. Evidence for this comes in the form of photos from Milestone’s Christmas bash, which includes imagery of dressing up and getting on down.

In other excellent news, tomorrow is Friday. Hooray!

A small bird said these are good: and Truly.

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Fogging cameras and G4S deal: a dialogue



“Can I spare a few minutes to speak to you about premier security industry website It’s not only informative, it’s also thought provoking and delightful.”

“Really? Well, that sounds like a winning combination. Can you run me through some of the current stories helping to dictate today’s security news agenda?”

“Yes. Yes I can. Look here, for instance: security ‘behemoth’ G4S and global union federation UNI have reached agreement on an Ethical Employment Partnership. That’s good news for employees.”

“It is! What else?”

“Well, if you’re interested in CCTV, you’ll be intrigued by the story on avoiding fogging cameras. It’s a reader question answered by resident celebrity pretend-doctor, the CCTV Doctor!”

“Gee, that’s some useful info. Would you happen to have a story on a report commissioned by CCTV Center on the increasing prevalence of remote IP surveillance?”

“As a matter of fact, we do! If you click the link contained in your own question there, you’ll go right to it.”

“Oh, what a moron I am! It was there all along. Sorry!”

“That’s ok. Just pay a little more attention in future, ok? In the meantime, check out this story by our very own Honorary Fellow Brian Sims on the Security Institute’s Members Evening, which raised money for charity Help for Heroes.”

“Superb. I presume that if I mention Geutebruck securing Spanish solar energy facilities, that’ll be a link to a story as well?”

“Spot on. Oh, you know how you said you were trying to find a website that advertised not only jobs of employment, but jobs specifically in the security industry?”

“I don’t remember saying that.”

“For the purposes of this link to the website Jobs for Security, you did.”

“Fair enough.”

“Also visit and Just because, ok?”

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Dickinson and dogs

Woah. Dude. We’ve got a totally awesome range of stories for you today, bro.

Apologies for that. Today, Brian Sims, SMT Online‘s gourmand-about-town, gives us the inside running on BSIA chief David Dickinson’s retirement dinner. There are photos and insights galore, so tuck in.

We’ve also got the crazy tale of an IP video surveillance installation at that most humble of locales, the luxury hotel for dogs and cats. It’s almost as if the animals’ owners must be insane with wealth or something!

Exclusive to I4S, SIA chairman Baroness Ruth Henig reviews 2008 from the Regulator’s perspective. It’s been a pretty bumpy ride.

But fear not – one of the most excellently named men in all of security has taken over the reins at BT Redcare. Step forward, Mr Roger Vigilance. (Know any other appropriately-named security colleagues? Let me know…)

If you’ve got a great name, or even an average name – or perhaps a downright bad one – it would still look better written on a pay cheque from your place of work. Find (or advertise) a job at Jobs for Security. That’s what it’s there for.

Avast, matey. Yonder or something are the wesbites and Yo ho ho, etc.

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Uzi like Sunday morning

Shoplifting and Uzis. We pride ourselves on being hip, edgy, and exciting here at info4security, so we were very excited to be able to include stories with headlines about submachine guns and insane levels of retail crime for your edutainment today.

First up is the story of the latest British Retail Consortium Report, which suggests that a shoplifting incident is taking place every 90 seconds in the UK. ESPlus, a company that sells products which aim to prevent these incidents, has warned shopkeepers to be vigilant.

Then there’s that Uzis thing. There were some very positive test results for a Cuirazz Body Protection vest, which came up against not only an Uzi, but also a couple of Magnums. Magnums full of bullets, not champagne, mind you.

Some have seen the Onvif and PSIA bodies as being in competition over developing network interoperability standards, but not IndigoVision. They’ve decided to join both. Fair play to ’em.

We’ve also got stories on office openings: Kings has had a successful three-day event for its new HQ and ARC; and VSG has gone ahead and opened a London city branch.

As the cold winter nights draw in, what better way of feeding and clothing yourself and your family than by finding gainful employment? A good place to do that is Jobs for Security.

Seriously good security stuff: and

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