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The security week:Bosch interview, migrant workers, and nuptials

It’s a very special, loving kinda week at I4S – our very own Brian Sims, editor of SMT Online, is tying the knot tomorrow. To celebrate, we’ve gone and dedicated a whole Song About Security to the happy couple. What more could anyone want?

Well, possibly the opportunity to sound off about the state of the security industry – and the state of the nation, really – in your very own SMT Online Editor’s View. Today, this has also occurred.

This week, we also unveiled Security Installer editor Alan Hyder‘s exclusive and intriguing interview with Bosch UK MD Paul Wong, looking at the future of security and the changes Bosch have made.

And we’ve found another excuse to put a picture of Jacqui Smith on I4S. This time it’s to do with the tougher tests for migrant workers in the UK, which is of particular relevance to the security industry – and the SIA.

John Honovich, our man in the US, has provided his weekly update on the security happenings in that part of the world; and we’ve got a behind the scenes look at what goes into preparing for IFSEC, with exhibitor Panasonic.

Don’t forget to visit our new and exciting Indian security news channel – I4S India. Why not get involved? That’s not a threat, that’s an invitation!

If you’ve been sad recently, the very existence of the IFSEC Conference 2009 will make you happy again. It’s where all the best and most important people in security go, not just to discuss matters and the like, but to have a good time. It’s your doorway to a world of security wonder and knowledge!

Come along then:,

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Exclusive Bosch MD interview

News and exclusives galore today on info4security, kicking off with the latest in Security Installer editor Alan Hyder‘s series of incisive and insightful interviews with the movers and shakers in the UK security industry. Following on from his lauded discussion with Alun John of Norbain, this time Alan speaks to Paul Wong, MD of Bosch in the UK, about the state of the industry and what the future holds.

There’s also a piece on the new tougher rules for foreign nationals wishing to work in the UK – this could have a security industry impact, as we saw last year with the SIA’s troubles over illegal workers.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims – a self-confessed heavy metal obsessive – has found an excuse to include Iron Maiden on the pages of I4S once again. This time it’s tied in with Showsec’s work at the Brits. Cheeky.

And in a strange, crazy twist of fate, I4S India editor Verghese Joseph has reported on cyber crime in India – and then Kaspersky Lab has thrust its new crime fighting tool into the public sphere. Uncanny!

Speaking of uncanny, the mysterious magicians behind the IFSEC Conference 2009 have managed to pull several hundred metaphorical rabbits out of the one undersized, tiny hat for this year’s event, with top level speakers and attendees of an unparalleled calibre ready to share their wisdom and knowledge with you. Yes you, specifically. It’s the place to go, even if you are not a fan of overwrought and clumsy segues, such as the one at the start of this paragraph.

OMG this is so cool: and! LOL!!!

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Hello Luton, hello Twickenham

People often get the word ‘highfalutin’ wrong, assuming it’s actually ‘high for Luton’ – something to do with the airport there, perhaps. I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with any kind of drug-fuelled celebration of the town’s existence.

Today on I4S we’re saying ‘Hi to Luton’ in a story about some CCTV that is in the centre of the town. Heck, why not read it and find out more?

Despite the fact that Twickenham does not appear in any kind of common linguistic mix-up scenario, we’ve still deigned to allocate it some space in the security news-sphere. Rugby is popular there, apparently, and now people are being prevented from stealing replica jerseys and the like.

A few deals: ADI has signed on to be the European distributor for Canadian firm Digimerge; and the FSA has signed new training agreements with Tavcom and the FPA.

And while we’re talking deals, a really good one is for the modules that make up the IFSEC Conference 2009. This means you can pay for individual sessions on topics of interest to you. It’s totally modular, dudes!

Come on! and Oh yeah!!

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Vertical market thrills; no spills as yet

Vertical markets. The term evokes images of bustling traders, piled high, one atop the other, with customers clambering over the stalls in search of the bargains they feel must be available at the summit. A vertical market of this kind, then, is a large-scale tragedy waiting to happen, what with the lack of support and people piling higher and higher into the sky and the prevailing winds etc.

Fortunately, that’s not the sense in which we’re using the phrase today. The ‘vertical markets’ featured in beguiling and interest-worthy stories on I4S today include the health and education sectors. In healthcare, one group of UK care homes is investing in iris recognition technology for security improvements.

And in education news, there’s an IP CCTV extension taking place at the University of Sussex thanks to Bosch. It’s all very Sussex-centric today, for some reason.

The SSAIB is helping its members to get cheaper access to BSI standards online. That’s mighty nice of them.

And IndigoVision has been chosen to protect a hospital in Palermo, so that’s another example of the healthcare vertical market, going some way to justifying my somewhat self-indulgent introductory paragraph. Nice work!

Oh, here’s some more evidence/a convenient plug: next week is the conference Securing Educational Establishments. That’s the education market, there. You should go to it, or at least ask some pertinent questions. It would reflect well on you as a human being. Dignified!

Yonder: and

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Knife crime, access action, and the Queen’s panel

We’ve jumped out of the blocks at startling and impressive speed this week here at I4S, with security news stories straining every sinew to get to your computer in world record time. We’ll let you know about the results of any post-race testing.

Steve Collins is in fine form today. The weapons-related criminality expert says it’s time adequate training was given to security officers to help them deal with knife crime.

We reported a little while ago that Pelco was leaving the access control business. Now they’ve gone and sold their Intelli-M access business to Infinias. There’s the exit!

Fire panel company Kentec has gone all posh and fancy. They’ve got a Royal Warrant from the Queen. It’s the panel she insists on installing herself, apparently.

Meanwhile, Honeywell has signed an agreement with Computerlinks to distribute its IP security products in the UK and Ireland; and the BSIA has kindly provided us with another of its regular news round-ups.

Make sure you visit our new, dedicated Indian security channel, I4S India. Today there’s an article on tackling terrorism on the railways.

Then go ahead and book yourself a place at the IFSEC Conference 2009. If you’re not there, there is a slight chance that you will fall into a deep depression that will preclude your involvement in any joyful or celebratory moments in the lives of your friends, family and colleagues, due to your unpopular and anti-social moroseness. A slight chance!

Whatsamatter you? Eh?, Hey!

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The security week: Going Indian, ACS action, and a view from the US

It’s been a positively effervescent week here at I4S, with small bubbles of metaphorical news gas popping all over the joint. Kind of.

We celebrated the official launch of I4S India, the thrilling new channel that is a vital resource for anyone interested in the state of security in India – and the opportunities it provides. Launchtastic!

Mick Lee stirred up some emotions with his tale of experiences at the Approved Contractor Scheme front line. People responded. Perhaps you’d like to, also? Then IPSA’s Justin ‘P’ Bentley added his voice to something of a growing chorus with concerns about the state of the SIA.

New regular contributor John Honovich kicked off his IP view from the US column with stories and links to the latest happenings on the technological front across the pond. Have a nice day!

Also this week, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder strapped on his opinion pack and ignited the analysis jets with the flaming torch of clear-headed observation, jetting off towards the mixed metaphor horizon in his SI Editor’s View. Something like that, anyway.

This week’s Song About Security comes from The Reverend Horton Heat. It’s pretty good!

While you’re visiting I4S, you should shuffle your eyes across to the right hand side of the page, and the unique ‘Industry Focus‘ feature. This is the all-singing, all-dancing ‘related content’ whatchamacallit that allows companies to provide additional information about their products and services which is relevant to the editorial content that you’re reading. It was invented by some kind of crazy genius or something! So I am reliably informed. Have a click or three, anyway. Go on. It’ll be fun.

Speaking of fun, our Job of the Week on security jobs website Jobs for Security is for a Security Systems Administrator at the University of Bristol. It’s an absolute corker!

Once you’re calmed down, seriously consider attending the IFSEC Conference 2009. It will involve the true heavyweights of the industry wrestling with the big issues of the day – and emerging triumphant. Yeah!!

Express your feelings with and

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The penal system, football on telly, and India

Prison. It’s one of those places you’d prefer not to go if you had any choice in the matter, unless, perhaps, you’d gone completely mad in the brains. But that hasn’t stopped 2020 Vision – who, I hasten to add, are not mad, and are possibly a little above average in the IQ stakes, if anything – from agreeing a four year contract to maintain CCTV in 14 different prisons. Chilling. But rewarding.

The prisoners currently doing time in those establishments probably have a reasonable amount of time to fritter away (hello to any prisoners who may be reading! I’m afraid I cannot condone your illegal and/or antisocial behaviour, unfortunately, but it’s nice to have you on board), so they could do worse than watch tonight’s special episode of UK documentary series CCTV Cities, on Channel Five. It’s about football security at a Leeds v Millwall match, which is likely to have passed without incident.

Here’s some other news: Halma has opened a new India hub, and made an appointment there. Read all about it on our brand new I4S India channel. Do so!

And IP megapixel camera folks Basler have integrated their products with video management system LuxRiot – one of the most rock and roll sounding company names in all of security. Can anyone think of anything more rock?

The most rock and roll security conference on the annual calendar takes place at IFSEC. Appropriately enough, it’s called the IFSEC Conference 2009. Rock on.

Zing! Zang!

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Introducing I4S India – and attacking the SIA

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the info4security family – I4S India.

That’s right, it’s an exciting new development – a spiffing new channel on I4S, edited by dedicated and charming Bangalore-based Verghese V Joseph. Read my introductory piece – then send him all of your lovely India-centric news.

Also today, Justin ‘P’ Bentley, chief executive of IPSA, has come out swinging against the SIA in the wake of its Delivery Review. Youch! In the same neck of the woods, thematically, is Mick Lee’s take on the flaws of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme. It’s already generating discussion – have your say and leave a comment on the article.

In technology news, OmniPerception is working with BAE Systems to improve facial recognition technology for CCTV systems. Lovely.

And this story, set in Fleetwood, includes a picture of a delightful-looking group of young men.

Don’t forget to conference: Securing Educational Establishments and the IFSEC Conference 2009 are your best bets. For sure.

And once more into the breach/websites:,

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Opinion, successful CCTV, and silver linings

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder takes out his opinionoscope today and surveys the arid landscape for signs of security excitement, in his SI Editor’s View. And guess what? He finds some! This is very good and interesting news.

Also today, a re-deployable CCTV solution in Carlisle is helping to curb the antisocial tendencies of some members of the community. More goodness.

And speaking of good things, SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us a story of a CIPD report which suggests there may be a ‘silver lining’ to the recession. Sort of. Good!

Protecting churches is a nice thing to do, whatever your religious convictions. BRE Global has published a new guide to it. And there’s a technical report on biometrics out now, too. But from ISO and IEC, those old pals.

There are only two weeks to go until the intriguing and very necessary conference Securing Educational Establishments takes place. If you decide to get involved, a whole generation of school children will thank you with their smiling, happy faces. Well, maybe not you, specifically, but you get the idea.

Smile at and Smile!


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Compression, recession, digressions

Happy Monday! Hopefully. Here’s all the security news that fits on the internet.

First up there’s a piece on video compression from Dr Alan Hayes of AMG Systems. He’s into alternative transmission systems. But not necessarily alternative lifestyles. Nope!

And Sony, Milestone and Agent Vi have entered into a bit of a three-way pact, offering up video analytics in a complete solution stylee. Interesting!

In these harsh economic times, it’s interesting to see the approach of different companies in catering to the needs of their customers – today, Honeywell has introduced a ‘cost-effective’ range of CCTV cameras to provide additional options for users and installers.

Don’t forget to read SMT Online editor Brian Sims‘ exclusive interview with SIA chief Bernard Herdan, which we featured on Friday.

And make sure you check out the IFSEC Conference 2009. It’s where all the juicy security issues will get discussed, mark my words.

And so, to and Huzzah!

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