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Views from the editor and the US

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder today unclosets his metaphorical opinion broom and savagely and efficiently sweeps the corridors of conventional wisdom in his SI Editor’s View. It features a part-robot person.

Our US correspondent John Honovich brings us his preview of ISC West, as well as a discussion on the role of bandwidth in surveillance.

And there’s a new technology that helps things to self-destruct! Yes! Actually, it just wipes data off memory sticks and the like, but that’s kind of self-destructing, right? Right?

Two items of genuine importance. Item one: the IFSEC Conference 2009. You’re heard it said a million times or more, but you are guaranteed* to have a richer, more rewarding life if you attend this important event. Item two: the Security Excellence Awards. They don’t call the Oscars ‘the Security Excellence Awards of the film industry’, but they ruddy well should.

* Guarantee may be void under certain circumstances

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Cheggers and Scantronic

It’s Monday, so it must be time for a story about Keith Chegwin being protected by security guards from onlookers keen to get their hands on his ‘Coat of Cash’. What a surprisingly tasteless stunt!

We’ve got a new Bench Test on the site – it’s the i-on 16 control panel from Scantronic. It deserves to be a success, apparently!

Simon Wright of Panasonic has subjected himself to Ifsec Question Time with SMT Online editor Brian Sims. He is persuaded to talk about a wide range of things, all of which are interesting!

Speaking of interesting things and the like – entries are now open for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. These awards are excellent, and also about security. In this way, they are the ideal awards for the security industry. Enter them!

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The security week: Contests, awards and rewards

Well. Well well well. We’ve gone awards nutty this week on info4security – and that’s a very good thing indeed.

This was the week that the IFSEC Awards finalists were announced. Good luck to ’em. And Norbain was announced as the headline sponsor. It’s good to get involved with IFSEC, that’s the lesson there.

Of course, the other exciting awards news was that the super glamorous Security Excellence Awards are now open for entry. And there’s a new Environmental Initiative category.

To celebrate all this awards action, I’ve dedicated our Song About Security to this very subject. Seminal. So to speak.

This was also the week when the Home Office released its counter-terror plans in CONTEST 2. SMT Online editor Brian Sims added his thoughts in his Editor’s View.

Thankfully we’ve found space for a story on prison breaks in Botswana. And video analytics. Oh yes.

Are you finding that your security conversation skills have hit the wall? That you have lost your bounce and spring? You need to get to the IFSEC Conference 2009. It’s full of security professionals exhibiting zing and zest and pizzazz. Also, knowledge of security.

Cop a load of these: and

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Excellence awards and chips and opinion

We’ve gone crazy with all the security news excitement on info4security today. Crazy!

First up, it’s the exciting news that entries are now open for the 2009 Security Excellence Awards – and there’s a brand new Environmental Initiative Award. Go green. Go on.

Samsung Electronics are launching a bunch of new cameras at IFSEC – powered by their new A1 chipset. DSP!

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has got all het up about the Government’s new counter-terrorism plans. Read his Editor’s View and then have your say!

There’s also some cameras in custody; IFSEC questions for both Bosch and Xtralis; and door supervisors wearing armbands in Norfolk.


Visit and Yep.

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Forest concerts, chairmen and mergers

It’s festival season. Well, not really. But you’d be forgiven for thinking so if you looked at I4S today (please look at I4S today). On there is a picture of people watching an outdoor musical concert in the rain. That’s summertime fun right there! The story is about AP Security. And forests.

There’s also a piece on Mike Bluestone, who has just been elected the new chairman of the UK’s Security Institute. It’s informative stuff!

Security company merger news: Axis Security and Temple Security have merged their guarding operations.

Elsewhere, there’s a neighbourhood acquisition, with some imposing looking chaps; Axis Communications takes us behind the scenes at IFSEC – like a magician revealing his tricks, only infinitely more exciting; and India gets tough on maritime security. Hit the deck.

Something you’re possibly completely unaware of, due to the fact that I have neglected to mention it so often, is the IFSEC Conference 2009. This superlative conference is truly the apex of all things security discussiony. If you’re not there, well – in some ways you’d have to question the validity of your own existence. Yes!

I’ll ask again politely: please, please visit And

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Counter-terror re-match – and biometrics

Feel free to gorge yourself on today’s feast of gourmet security news. It’s factual, and nutritious. That’s info4security for you.

First up, it’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the counter-terror plan that almost no one is calling ‘Contest 2‘. The re-match?

Then there are British Standards – not the ones about queuing, and customer service, but the ones governing security. There’s a new website about biometrics from the BSI.

We’ve also got the lowdown on the Indian Premier League and Commonwealth Games; Milestone opening offices in Spain and Australia; and a partnership deal for Computerlinks and Netgenium.

Don’t forget to get involved in the IFSEC Conference 2009. This rabbit forgot, sadly.

For your edification, homies: and


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Prison breaks, and finalists announced

Good morrow! It’s all fast and furious today on info4security. Seriously! Check this out.

It’s about time we had a prison break story on I4S. So here is one! It’s also about video analytics. Timely and thrilling!

Mark this down in your book of historical notes: today’s the day the finalists of the IFSEC 2009 Security Industry Awards were announced. Find out who’s in the running. Go on!

Here is a picture that I am trying to suggest has some kind of satirical merit. Does it? I’m not sure!

We’ve also got stories on IFSEC India, a theatre installation, a medical museum secured – and a heck of a lot more. Visit info4security and have a bit of a browse. There’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t. None.

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