It’s webinar time!

As well as being one of the uglier pretend words bestowed upon us during the internet age, a ‘webinar’ is also a fantastic – and, crucially, FREE – educational and discussional opportunity. And your chance to take part in our free HD and IP CCTV webinar takes place tomorrow, May 6, at 3pm BST (that’s 1400 GMT, accuracy fans). Register now, and get involved!

Also offering high quality free content is QED, who will be presenting two seminars at IFSEC, both focused on helping installers sell and market their way through the recession. Totally worthwhile!

Oh yeah – apparently IFSEC is happening next week as well. You could visit the official website to browse through all of the exhibitors and educational features – as well as the high spec conference. Special.

And if you’re on newfangled 140-character excitement generation behemoth Twitter, you could follow me (Anthony Hildebrand – hi) or SMT Online editor Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder – or even the official IFSEC folks. You’ll never miss a thing about anything ever! It’s like magic!

Also please visit It’s a job, man.

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