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Policing, opinion, and Supertron

We’re in the midst of what might be the entirety of the UK summer this week, and despite having a little time off, tireless Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has submitted his SI Editor’s View column. This time he’s talking about family business, weak and strong security companies, and ID cards for school kids. What a guy!

Alan’s counterpart on the security management side, SMT Online editor Brian Sims, today looks at the Home Affairs Select Committee report into police tactics at April’s G20 protests. He’s also been to the Annual Luncheon of the Association of Security Consultants. Here’s his report.

Also today there’s Mike Lynsky of the NSI on the driving habits of engineers; James Passingham on open source IP network security; and David Ting on the dangers posed to organisations by employee data theft – particularly during the recession.

Excellently, we have a story on our I4S India channel about a company called Supertron. Nothing to do with this guy, apparently.

Go on then: take our CCTV End User Survey. And enter the Security Excellence Awards. Persons of great standing and authority inform me that you need to be ‘in it‘ to ‘win it‘.

So worth your while, man:,

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The definitive word on IFSEC 2009

Today we’ve got the most informative, in-depth overview of trends and happenings at IFSEC 2009. Written by Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, you really cannot find a more useful and bookmarkable article on this even anywhere else. It’s the final word on the topic. Although there’s obviously no way I can stop you talking about it if you really want to.

In addition to this superlative piece of journalism, we’ve also got our old pal the Access Control Doctor. This time he’s talking about attracting access control customers. It makes good business sense!

Today there’s also Andrea Kirkby on the UK government’s CONTEST2 anti-terrorist strategy; Peter O’Connor on overcoming the ‘fear factor’ in using wirefree equipment; and two anti-fraud pieces: one on Control Risks, and one on the NHS. It’s newsgasmic!

If you’re a CCTV end user – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you should go ahead and take part in our CCTV End User Survey. You could win some vouchers!

Also, the deadline for entries to the Security Excellence Awards 2009 is drawing near. So enter it, why not? There’s a brand new Environmental Initiative category for you. Get some green kudos!,

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The security week: The ‘got your goat’ edition

Well hello! Security news has been wildly stampeding all over our computer screens this week, like a man with salad fingers in a building full of rusty spoons. Let’s get informed!

SMT Online‘s prolific and genial editor Brian Sims has been very active this week. His report on the launch of the London Metropolitan Police’s PREFIT initiative – including video interviews! – makes for absorbing reading, as does his interview – or ‘natter‘ – with Securitas Mobile’s Andrew Natt.

Wilson James went out on a limb this week, warning security companies and clients to be aware of the need for compliance with the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter Act.

We’ve also got a discussion on the necessity of licensing for consultants; and details of a London Olympics security workshop. Useful!

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of Jamaica’s Mr Boombastic, Shaggy. Wind your body!

After you’ve done that, why not do this? Complete our CCTV End User Survey – you can win £200 worth of Marks and Spencer Vouchers – and also enter the Security Excellence Awards. It could give you the leg-up you need.


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BSIA appointment, CSR:G4S, and family love

Pyronix boss Julie Kenny has taken on the vice-chairman’s role at the BSIA. That’s just one of the great stories on excellent security news website today. Awesome!

G4S is a big fish in the security world, and today SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility achievements and the examples they set for the wider industry, in his SMT Online Editor’s View.

Brian’s also had the opportunity to do some ‘fact-finding’ in Portugal. Check out his article – it’s a delightful read.

The love of one’s family is clearly important. We have two articles that embrace that concept. One is on the award-winning Coopers from Allcooper Limited; the other is on a proud Dad from QED, whose son is playing at Glastonbury. How cool!

If you don’t take part in our CCTV End User Survey, or enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009, there’s a danger you may not win anything! That would be a shame., (Visit them?)

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Corporate manslaughter and a megapixel hospital

If it’s Wednesday, it must be time for a brand new, cuddly and lovable I4S Daily Digest. Waddaya know? It is. It’s like some kind of security news playground!

Today Wilson James has sent out a warning to security clients and contractors on potential pitfalls following the UK’s first prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act. Be careful!

Hospitals are caring places, so they need to be looked after. Keeping an eye on this Corsican hospital is a bunch of megapixel cameras and some management software. Alright!

Also today there’s a cold camera; voice alarms at a Danish broadcaster; and some illuminated construction.

It’d be really cool if you completed our CCTV End User Survey. Likewise, people will see you as a stunningly successful executive if you win a Security Excellence Award. Go for it!


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Employee fraud and alarm response

Welcome to your ever vigilant Tuesday security news missive, brought to you by the good people of Let’s do this thing.

Today we have a feature on the launch of PREFIT, the new screening and vetting awareness initiative designed to prevent employee fraud. SMT Online editor Brian Sims has all the details, as well as a two-part video interview with chairman David Chernick. Modern media!

Brian also has the rundown on Securitas Mobile, talking to the company’s Andrew Natt about alarm response and more. Delightful!

Young – or not so young – security systems trainees can now become members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and gain professional qualifications. Here’s a story about that.

If you’d like to get involved with the Security Excellence Awards 2009 – you should. They’re great! And if you’re a CCTV end user, you should complete and our CCTV End User Survey and be in with a chance of winning £200 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers.

Thanks! Now it’s time to rest. See you tomorrow.

Oooooh yes.,

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Consultants, thermal imaging, Onvif, and metal

Monday greetings. I trust your weekend was outstanding, or at the very least, tolerable! Also hopefully you got to spend some time with friends.

Today we ask this very question: Is licensing necessary for security consultants? Roy Sutherland and Chris Roberts do the soul searching.

Also today, Samsung Techwin has announced its full membership of Onvif, the network video interface forum. Nice!

Hot stuff – a new handheld thermal camera is being sold by Premier Electronics, helping users to fearlessly protect property and things.

And metal aficionados will be grateful to Showsec for protecting the Download festival. Tip: Frank Beard, drummer for ZZ Top, has no beard. Weird!

I don’t mean to badger anyone, but you should really do this: take part in our CCTV End User Survey, and enter the Security Excellence Awards. Yes.


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