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The security week: Security Excellence Awards nominees announced!

It’s time for some monster security news today, as we reveal the nominees for the prestigious 2009 Security Excellence Awards! In order to find out if your company is among the contenders; or to bitterly discover your competitor has been listed; or if you’re a fan of a particular company, to see if they’re a nominee; or simply to gawp open-mouthed at the sheer security talent on display – head over to the story now.

And don’t forget – today is the final day to vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year category. Make your voice heard!

Illegal dumping is terrible, horrible and obscene. Flytipping is just as bad! Hahaha, they are the same thing. Here’s a story about catching some of the bad guys. Nice.

We’ve also got a debate about analogue and IP CCTV; the might and majesty of the SI Editor’s view; some tips on contracting for the UK’s Ministry of Defence; and expert advice on every angle.

Today’s Song About Security comes from titans of thrash metal, Metallica. They’ve penned this ditty in honour of the new European Standard on information destruction. Powerful!

Have a lovely weekend. Oh, and I’m away for the next two editions of this weekly missive. Sitting in for me will be mild-mannered SMT Online editor Brian Sims.,

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ID card images, and MoD jobs

Hello! Welcome to a big day of security news excitement. Let’s dig in.

First up is the images of the somewhat reviled UK ID cards, which have been unveiled by Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Will anyone ever actually use one?

We’ve also got a very interesting piece on how to go about getting work from the UK’s Ministry of Defence if you are a guarding company. And let’s face it, so many of us are nowadays. Possibly.

Things that move can often be useful. That’s one reason why TSS is putting CCTV in car wing mirrors. Others are outlined in the article. So feel free to read that.

Elsewhere, we’ve got an Indian appointment for ADT Security; some information destruction standards exhilaration; and pay-as-you-go home IP security. Delightful!

You have precisely one day left in which to vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year as part of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards. It’s one way to make your favourite stand out from the crowd.

Also, here’s a weird man blowing a raspberry on a cat’s stomach.,

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Perimeters and analytics

Greetings, on this most Wednesday of afternoons. Time flies, huh? Let’s crack on!

Today we’ve got some expert advice – it comes from Julie Hartley of ADI Global and it concerns perimeter detection. Lovely!

Honeywell is making a song and dance about its new video analytics product, Active Alert v4.7, being given UK Home Office approval. Nice work!

Elsewhere, we’ve got an IFSEC winner; the Security Institute’s conference; a conference for consultants; and ISO certification for Salto. All good, clean fun.

And here’s today’s most important piece of CCTV news.

There’s still an opportunity for you to make a difference in the Security Excellence Awards 2009. You can vote in the Security Manufacturer of the Year category – but hurry. Voting closes on Friday. Go for it!,

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Having a Housego at in-house

We’ve matched the author’s surname to the story today, as lawyer Paul Housego puts the boot in to the SIA’s decision not to license in-house security officers. It’s precision stuff.

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has donned his metaphorical dancing shoes and hat and bootscooted all over the security opinion dancefloor in his SI Editor’s View. Impressive.

Those helpful folks at the British Security Industry Association have published a guide to video content analysis, or video analytics, as most folks like to say.

And we’ve also got an inside view on using the Approved Contractor Scheme to choose a security provider. It’s very exciting!,

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Illegal dumpers; and Butler does it

Hello, and welcome to the first of this week’s I4S highlights missives, crammed full of delicious security news morsels.

It’s the day that Bill Butler takes over the reins at the UK’s Security Industry Authority. Tuck in!

There are also some concealed cameras catching illegal dumpers. Of rubbish!

Controlware are encouraging you to have your say in the debate that’s igniting the CCTV world, when IP faces up to analogue for the right to be claimed world champion. Who will emerge victorious, and who will take a pounding?

There’s also guarding market consolidation; a warm welcome for the security smoke standard; and more on the knife crime epidemic.

India is a wonderful country. Now it is even better, because IFSEC India is taking place there. It’s life enhancing stuff!

Thus: Nevertheless:

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The security week: In-house inaction, and HD CCTV

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo. Hi there. It’s been another week of high octane security news excitement, so let’s dive right in.

First up is old pal Wilson Chowdhry with his take on the licensing – or lack of licensing – of in-house security officers. He thinks it’s a missed opportunity. Yourself?

This morning myself and Security Installer editor Alan Hyder met with a man with one of the coolest surnames in all of security: Todd Rockoff. (Sure, he’s no Roger Vigilance, but who is?) Todd’s the executive director of the HDcctv Alliance, who are advocates of High Definition CCTV, you’ll be shocked to know. This new technology aims to utilise broadcast quality HD images across standard coaxial cable, and looks like it could be an important alternative to megapixel IP CCTV. Here’s a short video of what he had to say. We’ll be running a full exclusive feature interview on I4S next week.

Speaking of HD, Dallmeier’s new series of recorders glories in the ridiculous name of ‘In Memory of Leonardo’. I have nothing more to add to that one.

This week’s Song About Security comes from Public Enemy, and follows in that fine tradition of tunes about escaping from jail. Or gaol. But I assume they probably mean jail.

IFSEC India 2009 is happening in just a couple of months’ time. Why not go there, and also visit Internal Security India, the Counter Terror India conference, and Firex India? Do so! It’s no joke.,

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Access reports and editor’s views

Here’s an optimistic prediction for those of an access control persuasion – a new report says the market will pick up next year. That’s a relief!

Intrepid SMT Online editor Brian Sims has stuck his metaphorical oar deep into the security news rapids and emerged with a glistening, opinion-soaked SMT Online Editor’s View. This time around he tackles criminal laws, the British Crime Survey, knife attacks, fraud, and more.

Do you like money? Well, even if you don’t, you probably still need some of it. Why not enter this new competition for a chance to win a cash grant? That sounds reasonable.

The shortlisted finalists for the Security Excellence Awards 2009 will be announced next week – but you’ve still got a chance to have your say in the Security Manufacturer of the Year award, which is voted by the public. Make your voice heard – but hurry. It closes soon. Hurry!,

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