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Sailing the good ship security

There’s a swashbuckling feel to I4S today, as Alan Hyder brings us a story about an historic ship being defended by a Cannon – Cannon Security! Hahaha, it’s a good joke! The humour arises due to the expertly engineered confusion between the security company’s name, and that of a piece of military equipment which itself may have been deployed by navy ships in the olden days. See – hilarious!

Also today, SMT Online editor Brian Sims has been brandishing his opinion truncheon, savagely slapping down any dissenters in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Actually, he’s talking about ID cards, Critical National Infrastructure Security, police pay, and 7/7. Forthright!

Elsewhere there’s information on the BSIA’s new Close Protection section (which is very pleasing to say aloud); assignment instructions for security officers; and a networked CCTV custody solution for Kent police from Visimetrics.

In case you’ve never ever heard of it, there’s this CCTV End User Survey thing we’re running. It finishes up tomorrow, and you can win some vouchers, which is excellent news in the CURRENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE. If you win it, you may choose to purchase up to £200 worth of underwear from Marks and Spencer. You don’t have to buy underwear, obviously, but the choice is available.

Another thing finishing tomorrow is the opportunity to enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009. Enter them!

Websites ahoy! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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