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The security week: Shock survey result, and South African crime

Well, that’s surprising. The big story of this week was the results of our CCTV End User Survey – carried out in conjunction with CCTV in Focus – which revealed that almost half of CCTV end users don’t know if their systems comply with Home Office guidelines. Heck.

Also this week we featured a story on the state of commercial crime in South Africa, and the methods being used to combat it. Nice work!

And Andy Drane is to step down from the Security Industry Authority at the end of September. Brian Sims looks back at his career.

Madstock, the Madness-skafest, took place in July – and AP Security were working there. This article has already had a few comments from gig attendees – see what they have to say. And say something yourself, if you so desire.

Our Song About Security this week comes from Mr Fats Domino. Contrary to popular belief, this is not his actual name – it’s a stage moniker. It was bestowed upon him due to his habit of dipping his dominoes in lard before entering major dominoes tournaments. He said it was done simply ‘for luck’ – but fellow competitors claimed it was cheating.

Here is a cat keen to eat a fish in a tank.

It’s a public holiday here in England on Monday, so the Daily Digest service will resume on Tuesday. See you then!,

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CCTV survey shock result

It’s like security news nirvana today on I4S, what with all the interesting and provocative stories we have published. Seriously!

The big news is that our CCTV End User Survey, which we ran in June and July in association with CCTV In Focus, has revealed that almost half of respondents didn’t know if their systems complied with UK Home Office guidelines. Half! And that’s just the result of one question. Have a look at today’s article, and keep checking I4S for more in-depth analysis.

Also today, Brian Sims reports on G4S’s warnings over the Climate Camp protests in London, due to start today. A genuine threat or media scare-mongering? Read the article, and feel free to make up your own mind. Why not?

Summer in Europe is all about music festivals these days. Today we’ve got stories on event staff licensing at the V Festival; and the work done by Showsec and The Security Company at the Dutch Lowlands Festival.

Happily for them, IMS Research has named Axis as the market leader in the network cameras category of its 2009 world market survey.

And in a delightful coincidence, we’ve also got stories on both information destruction, and a guide on information protection. It’s like yin and yang or something!,

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Drane to go, and Pilgrims Afghan training

Hi all – a sparklingly good day of security news at I4S. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights.

First up is the announcement of the retirement of the Security Industry Authority’s Andy Drane. Brian Sims gives us his take on Drane’s career.

Then there’s Pilgrims Group, who have been training BAE staff in preparation for assignments in Afghanistan. That’s a dangerous place.

The BSIA have also weighed in on the ‘Is CCTV actually cutting crime?’ debate begun over at Sky News; while we’ve got a data security warning that suggests you shouldn’t annoy your IT staff.

There’s also a prediction of global biometrics growth; a major installation for Brivo; and ISC helps protect The Boodles – which is a tennis thing.

It’s amazing stuff!,

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Young crims, Madstock, and Swansea

Today’s security news round-up kicks off with a story about a university study claiming that a non-jail programme for young offenders is ‘too soft’.

Then there’s AP Security, at it again – this time they’re looking after ska survivors at Madness-fest Madstock.

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has once more metaphorically disrobed and donned his suit of opinion armour, using his shining sword of news analysis as he does battle with the invading hordes of security-related issues, in his SI Editor’s View. Today he looks at Onvif, car clamping, ID cards, and plenty more besides.

Have you always wished Swansea was safer? Here is a story about a scheme which is making that dream a reality.

If you’ve got an itch to investigate security in India, you should definitely go to IFSEC India 2009. It is bound to be simply lovely.,

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South African crime, and free registration

Well hello, delightful person. Here’s your rapid fire Monday Daily Digest security news missive. Enjoy!

We’ve got a special report today on the state of commercial crime in South Africa and the measures being taken to combat it.

There’s also the opportunity to register for free as a visitor to IFSEC India 2009 – the single greatest security show in all of India. Ever. True, that.

I was surprised to discover The Edge has taken on the deputy chief executive role at Skills For Security, but it turns out that it was the other Edge. Bono is quite strict about taking work outside of your main job.

Also today there’s more spam; an SIA briefing for CCTV operators; an ACS survey for end users; and facial recognition training for police.,

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The security week: Rollercoasters and resignations

What a week of security news! It’s been like an enormous security news rollercoaster of fun, excitement, trepidation, mild nausea, and exhilaration. Wow!

This was the week that British Security Industry Authority chief executive John Bates stood down, less than a year into his job. Curious! SMT Online editor Brian Sims spoke to some leading industry figures about the incident; and we’ve dedicated this week’s Song About Security to Mr Bates.

Brian also brought us his fortnightly SMT Online Editor’s View. In it, as well as scrutinising the work of the SIA and the ACS, he asked where the BSIA’s response to the decision not to licence in-house security officers was. Then, yesterday, that very response was issued. Spooky!

Nude crowdsurfing. It’s a phrase I’ve always wanted to be able to include on I4S, and finally, today, there is a reason. Read the article about some of G4S Events’ weirder experiences.

To balance out that frivolity, here’s an article that mentions Peter Mandelson.

Have a recuperative and/or intoxicating weekend. See you next week.,


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In-house licensing, and investment win

Today the BSIA answers Brian Sims‘ query, posed yesterday in his SMT Online Editor’s View – where’s your response to the in-house licensing issue? Looks like they are after submissions to have the issue looked at by the SIA again. Responsive!

It seems Peter Mandelson isn’t always a harbinger of doom. He visited KeTech – now they’ve got some investment funding. Mmm, delicious funding.

Olympic news: the SIA has inspected security staff at the Olympic Park development. They were all licensed. That’s a relief.

In other news, Paul Goggins, the Minister of State for Northern Ireland, is set to speak at the Skills for Security National conference; Panasonic has released a network recorder for megapixel applications; and Bosch has launched ‘smart technology‘ for its CCTV cameras.

Why not enjoy a relaxing holiday break in India after attending IFSEC India 2009? It’s worth a shot.,

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