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Fresh faces and lowlife scumbags

We welcome a new face to the info4security family today, in the form of Andrew Seldon, editor of South Africa’s Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine. Andrew will be providing us with regular updates on security news in the south of the African continent. Here’s his first instalment.

We’ve also got the National Security Inspectorate’s reaction to the £5m grant fund for UK small retailers to improve security. In a nutshell? Cautious!

Everyone likes the environment, apart from evil criminals. TSS has helped to nab some of these lowlife scumbags. Useful.

And an armed criminal (as opposed to an amputee criminal, perhaps) has been convicted with help from Identicom and G4S ARC. Bad criminal.

We’ve also got Secured by Design accreditation for CCTV in Focus; an acquisition for CFS; and some security excitement in Oman. Oh man.,

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Politics, acquisitions, and pets

I’m back in the I4S driver’s seat today, after SMT Online editor Brian Sims’ splendid deputations yesterday (though I believe he attempted to tar me with his Iron Maiden-shaped brush – regular readers will know that I have far too much self respect and dignity for that.)

Today, Mr Sims himself looks at the inevitable UK election, and asks what the major parties are likely to be offering the business community. He also begins a series of profiles on the parties’ security policies, starting with the Conservatives.

Kingdom Security has just made some acquisitions. What the heck has it acquired? You should read the story, for the good of us all.

Elsewhere, IDM has gone ahead and helped some Pets at Home; Samsung Techwin has launched a new chipset which it rather cockily calls ‘Winner’; and Skills for Security has accredited a course for door supervisor trainers. That’s some tasty newsli!

Don’t forget that you can follow me (, Brian Sims (, and Alan Hyder ( on exciting social brevity machine Twitter, if that’s your bag.,

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The security week: Cisco, Pelco, BSIA, and locks

Hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to your weekly digest of all that’s going down in the security news world.

Here’s Cisco and Pelco getting together, having fun, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, and then signing a strategic technology agreement on IP CCTV. Way to go? Maybe!

The BSIA has released the results of its BT 21CN testing stuff. Read all about it and check it out and this sort of thing!

Here is a story: it’s about well hung locks. In a sense.

Oh, also, there are some new qualifications going from G4S and some university academical types. Do you want some? Do you? You might need to contact them, in that case.

This week’s Song About Security is a special request for a very special industry figure. What is it? Click the link to find out. It’s my way of trying to make you visit our website.,

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A sweet suite, and like for like

Welcome to this, the latest missive from security news wonderland It truly is a delight to land in your inbox. Thanks for the opportunity!

Today SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us the story of a sweet new suite of qualifications from G4S and the denizens of academia.

And Security Installer honcho Alan Hyder tells of Vista’s new ‘like for like’ replacement guarantee. This doesn’t mean that if you see something you like, you can just have it. That would be an idiotic policy.

In addition to these scrumptious news dumplings, there’s also a piece on Optex supplying detectors for a metals company; a new IP CCTV range for Genie; and a revamped website for Skills for Security. Interesting.

Don’t forget about IFSEC India 2009. That’s happening soon. You should go to it.,

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Biometrics, knife crime, and an editor’s view

Wednesday! That’s the day of the week it is. No surprises there then, I’d imagine. And it’s no surprise at all that I4S is chock-full of security news wonderfulness. Here’s some. Look!

We’ve got Stewart Hefferman opining on those twin thingos, banking and biometrics. He thinks they should hang out together more.

There’s also this award-winning video on the ramifications of knife crime. Way to go, feller!

Once again Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has donned his opinion wetsuit and analysis flippers and dived headfirst into the murky waters of the security world, in his fortnightly SI Editor’s View column.

In addition to this magnificence, we’ve got another video for you, of a more instructional nature – it’s someone installing an Axis camera. Nice!,

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SIA report, and Cisco loves Pelco

A big day of security news – so no time to waste. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Security Industry Authority has been reported on. Find out what the reporters had to say about ’em. Here is where the story is. Click it!

Then there’s the coming together of two big players in a technological marriage of CCTV proportions: Cisco and Pelco. Both of these firms have names which finish with the letter ‘o’.

Everybody likes some video analytics. Do security officers? Perhaps! Geoff Thiel tells us about this.

BT Redcare called off their big 21CN switchover recently. Now they’re talking to customers and other folks at a series of events. Details? Oh, certainly.

And fast-rising Chinese CCTV manufacturer Hikvision has released some new PSIA-compliant cameras. Good value? They certainly have standards.,

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Recruitment security, a new van, and smart alecs

Hi there, sweetcheeks. It’s time for today’s security news missive. Let’s get informed.

First up is a piece on the security issues surrounding recruitment. It’s some important stuff, y’see.

Then there’s this all-new surveillance-equipped prisoner cell van. Check it out. It seems good, for that sort of thing.

Recently, smart card smart alecs gathered in Royal Holloway, London, to conduct some high-level smart card business. Seems smart.

Feel free to investigate some IP border cameras; cutting theft at the renowned House of Fraser; and the new boss of BOSS. It’s delicious news!

Did you know? The Security Excellence Awards are just around the corner. Who will win? You’ll find out first on Yes you will.


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The security week: Company re-launch, CCTV training, and an angry rant

Security news is the name of the game (actually, I call it ‘The Security News Game’) so let’s get talking about some security news! OK.

So we’ve got a security pro coming out of retirement to relaunch his business and maybe, just maybe, create a few jobs in the process! A bit of a hero? Possibly.

There’s also the latest look at our CCTV End User Survey – this time we’re examining the responses to the training provided by installers or manufacturers. Fascinating.

I went and had a bit of a rant about US-based moron Tim Larkin, who is planning to teach ‘How To Kill’ classes in the UK. In a nutshell: I think he’s a bit of a wally!

Elsewhere, we’ve got SMT Online editor Brian Sims with his SMT Online Editor’s View; the much-feared massive rise in tractor and quad bike theft; and a little bit o’ holography for ya. Holla.

I’m afraid I am to blame for this: it’s our Song About Security. And it’s Whitney Houston. You know the one. And speaking of ‘legends’, here’s something involving Chris de Burgh.

And in case you missed it yesterday: a very entertaining video of some karaoke fun. Have a top notch weekend.,

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Shadowy security, and VoIP surprise

Hi ho! Thursday’s security news is right here, right now. Let’s go!

Today we’ve got SMT Online editor Brian Sims with his SMT Online Editor’s View – ruminating on the shadowy security words of Shadow Security Minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones.

We’ve also got a surprising story coming out of our I4S India channel, where there’s talk that Voice over IP may be banned out of concerns over its security, or lack thereof. What?!?

We’ve also got a round-up of some recent security-centric books; a security manufacturer is acquired; special students benefit from access; and RemGuard talks winter CCTV tips.

Don’t forget to get along to IFSEC India 2009 if you possibly can. You’d be insane to miss out!,

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Video collaboration and Onvif support

Good day, buddies. Today we have a very interesting story for you about the way that Scyron and the West Midlands Police have been working together to improve evidential video management. It’s a refreshing collaboration.

Lilin has launched a new Onvif Support Programme, following its release of the world’s first range of Onvif-compliant CCTV products. Unique!

Due to the pressures of modern living, many people have forgotten about the importance of car security. But don’t fear! We have a story about that sort of thing.

There’s also the two minutes that saved Tesco a million pounds. How? Read the story and find out.

And we’ve also got the heartwarming story of a former security bigwig who has come out of retirement to create a thousand new jobs. Possibly. It’s worth a try!

Have fun.,

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