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Holography and ticketing scams

It’s a rainy September day here in London – so let’s brighten up our lives with a dose of security news sunshine! That would be the advisable course of action.

It’s rare that we get to use the word ‘holography’ in our day to day lives, so I’m happy to report that it’s in use on I4S today. Fighting counterfeiters, no less. Super!

We’ve also got a web warning about cybercriminals targeting innocent football fans who just want to buy some world cup tickets. That’s not fair!

Also in the online sphere, we’ve got some top tips for secure social networking. LOL! 🙂 etc

And The Security Institute is running an event on avoiding and resolving workplace disputes. Peaceful!

IFSEC India is happening soon. Get yourself there. Somehow. Anyhow!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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