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The security week: Cisco, Pelco, BSIA, and locks

Hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to your weekly digest of all that’s going down in the security news world.

Here’s Cisco and Pelco getting together, having fun, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, and then signing a strategic technology agreement on IP CCTV. Way to go? Maybe!

The BSIA has released the results of its BT 21CN testing stuff. Read all about it and check it out and this sort of thing!

Here is a story: it’s about well hung locks. In a sense.

Oh, also, there are some new qualifications going from G4S and some university academical types. Do you want some? Do you? You might need to contact them, in that case.

This week’s Song About Security is a special request for a very special industry figure. What is it? Click the link to find out. It’s my way of trying to make you visit our website.

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