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Politics, acquisitions, and pets

I’m back in the I4S driver’s seat today, after SMT Online editor Brian Sims’ splendid deputations yesterday (though I believe he attempted to tar me with his Iron Maiden-shaped brush – regular readers will know that I have far too much self respect and dignity for that.)

Today, Mr Sims himself looks at the inevitable UK election, and asks what the major parties are likely to be offering the business community. He also begins a series of profiles on the parties’ security policies, starting with the Conservatives.

Kingdom Security has just made some acquisitions. What the heck has it acquired? You should read the story, for the good of us all.

Elsewhere, IDM has gone ahead and helped some Pets at Home; Samsung Techwin has launched a new chipset which it rather cockily calls ‘Winner’; and Skills for Security has accredited a course for door supervisor trainers. That’s some tasty newsli!

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