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Hard-hitting thoughts and a top 5

Today Brian Sims reports from the Security Institute’s Annual Conference. He’s been right productive, too. There’s the hard-hitting assessment of regulation from MP Bruce George; the address from chairman Mike Bluestone that announced a new Chartered Status Steering Group; and a new framework of CPD qualifications called ‘Securing the Future’. Skills!

There’s also the reappearance of Jon’s Top 5 – this time, Jon himself has five points to make about video analytics. Listy!

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder also has some exciting news for installers – get a black box for your van. What’s that all about? Read the story and find out, whydontcha?

Don’t forget that two major events on the security calendar are just around the corner: the Security Excellence Awards 2009, and IFSEC India 2009. Get involved!,

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X-rays and editor’s views

No time to waste today – let’s get stuck into some high-octane security news thrills and spills.

First up is Security Installer editor Alan Hyder. He has unleashed his metaphorical opinion beast on hordes of unsuspecting villagers (representing various different security issues in this particular metaphor), ripping them apart bodily with its teeth made of pure wit and analysis. That’s all (kind of) in his SI Editor’s View column. Check it out.

Also today – x-rays. And not just any x-rays. (X-radiation (composed of X-rays) is a form of electromagnetic radiation. X-rays have a wavelength in the range of 10 to 0.01 nanometers, corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz (3 × 10 to the power of 16 Hz to 3 × 10 to the power of 19 Hz) and energies in the range 120 eV to 120 keV. They are shorter in wavelength than UV rays. In many languages, X-radiation is called Röntgen radiation after Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who is generally credited as their discoverer, and who had called them X-rays to signify an unknown type of radiation. Awesome.) This is x-ray baggage screening at mass transport hubs. Get some!

There’s also the Wilf Knight Award, which will be presented at the 2009 Security Excellence Awards; claims over the carbon footprint of IT security hardware; and a school installation for 2020 Vision.


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Norbain’s Alun John on CCTV

A big exclusive for I4S today, with SMT Online editor Brian Sims interviewing Norbain honcho Alun John about the current state of CCTV – and the outcome of our recent CCTV End User Survey. The only place you can read the interview is right here. Yep!

Also today the one and only Gerard Honey is talking apprenticeships and training for security installation engineers. Check out his words of wisdom here.

And Mitie has just increased the scope of its work with giant Cable & Wireless. That’s some big buckaroos there.

Elsewhere there’s a hard rockin’ hotel; a look at IT outsourcing, recession-style; and some added security for a listed building. Also, there’s more!

I4S: it’s the world’s most trusted source of delicious and nutritious security information.,

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The security week: CCTV performance, video analytics, and football violence

What a week of security news it’s been, eh? It was crazy!

How’s this? It’s a bit of an in-depth look at one of the questions in our CCTV End User Survey – this time dealing with performance expectations. Wow!

SMT Online editor Brian Sims this week looked at the security implications following the latest bit of football violence following the West Ham/Millwall match, in his SMT Online Editor’s View. And this week’s Song About Security focuses on that very topic as well.

We’ve also got a couple of articles on the furore surrounding the London Met Police report into the effectiveness of CCTV for crime solving – here’s take one; and here’s take two. Double fun!

Don’t forget to check out our latest Bench Test; get some words of advice from the Access Control Doctor; and find out about the debate surrounding using video analytics at the edge or centre of a CCTV system. Mind blowing!

Don’t forget to register for IFSEC India 2009, Internal Security India, and the one day Counter Terror India event. You’ll have the time of your life.,

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Video analytics and football violence

Ahoy! It’s time to get stuck into some meaty issues of the security kind. So let’s do that, shall we?

First up is Geoff Thiel of VCA Technology, who looks at the thorny issue of whether video analytics is best used at the edge or the centre of CCTV systems. Gripping stuff!

Then SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at the re-emergence of football hooliganism and violence in his SMT Online Editor’s View – focusing on the riots at the recent West Ham/Millwall match.

Elsewhere there’s a guide to key management in car dealerships; Visimetrics and IndigoVision providing IP video solutions for two different Glasgow sites; and AVG Technologies expanding its partner network. Charming!,

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Raytel Bench Test, Access Doctor, and top stories

Guess what? It’s time for the latest in our line of acclaimed and influential Bench Tests. This time around it’s Raytel’s AR-716E-Ray two door controller. How did it fare under the Bench Test spotlight? There’s only one way to find out. That is by reading the article.

For everyone who likes lists and links and the like, today we have the rundown of the top 10 best read stories on I4S during August. What tickled readers’ fancies last month? There’s only one way etc.

Our Access Control Doctor is back in the metaphorical building as well, and this time he’s talking about web controlled access systems. It’s useful stuff!

Registrations are now open for the Internal Security India conference, which takes place alongside IFSEC India. Get involved with those things. Go ahead.,

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CCTV in the news, PoE, and defence

And we’re back. It’s post-holiday excitement time here at I4S Towers, so let’s get the security news cascading into the public domain like some kind of beautiful information waterfall. Or something.

First up is the CameraWatch organisation, chipping in with their thoughts on the recent story about a London Met Police report that said it solved one crime for every 1000 CCTV cameras in the city. And Nick Smith of Scyron is urging commonsense over the report as well.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at two major new reports from the Defence Industries Council on what it believes is the “vital nature” of the defence industry.

We’ve also got a story from Iain Crouch of Veracity on how to get the most out of our old pal, Power over Ethernet. It’s like Edgar Allan PoE. Possibly.

There’s also more! Get stuck into our unrivalled news coverage. Click on the stories below to get your fix.,

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