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The security week: Argos, Sainsbury’s, and IFSEC India

It’s Friday, so in many cases it’s the end of the working week. Hooray! And apologies if not. Here’s some security news to cheer you up!

It’s not often we get to talk about Argos, the UK’s premier great value but slightly depressing retail experience provider. They’ve teamed up with VSG for some security provision excitement. Lovely.

Speaking of retailers, Loomis is working with Sainsbury’s. That’s an effective partnership!

And IFSEC India 2009 is taking place right now. Our I4S India editor, Verghese Joseph, spoke exclusively to Delhi’s chief minister, the delightfully named Sheila Dikshit, at the event’s opening. Check out I4S India for more stories direct from the show.

This week’s Song About Security is the sublime and powerful ‘Girls on Film’ by Duran Duran. Click through to find out why.

Don’t forget, if you missed it last week, that you can find all of the winners of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards here. Then have a look at these galleries of the winners themselves, and the glamorous folks what attended. Beautiful!,

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IFSEC India begins…

Hi everybody! It’s the first day of IFSEC India 2009! Great!

Our I4S India editor, Verghese Joseph, is on the scene. Here he reports on the event’s excellent start; and he has an exclusive interview with the Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit (no sniggers please). Nice work!

We’ve also got the latest SMT Online Editor’s View from – you guessed it – SMT Online editor Brian Sims. He’s talking about CCTV compliance and that kinda thing. Respect!

If you look around the site today, you’ll notice I4S is awash with security news goodness. Here is some: Secureseal is protecting Tesco fleet vehicles from baddies; Clear Image is hosting a seminar on how security can help customers save money; and ESPlus has introduced some new tagging systems. Right on!,

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IFSEC India and MITIE Griffins

Honk. It’s another security news missive from the security news massive at I4S.

As you may or may not know – I can’t go around ensuring that everyone comprehends everything that is occurring at all times, ever, much as I may like to – IFSEC India is JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Read about the way they’re putting the finishing touches on the event, and also about what Sony is planning to launch there.

Then, LOOK ON IN AWE at this story about a MITIE team undertaking Project Griffin training. That’s the anti-terror Project Griffin, not the security team at the BBC’s Question Time last week. Topical!

Check out the BSIA’s guide to education sector access control; a trip to the National Business Awards finals for Corps Security; and Ingersoll Rand gets busy at the Bullring. Yeehaa!

And, despite my successful efforts to sabotage myself yesterday, here are the links to the Security Excellence Awards winners; the gallery of winners; and the gallery of beautiful, delightful attendees etc. Simply gorgeous.,

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Argos and pickles

Ahem. It’s time for some security news wotsits.

First up today is much loved UK catalogue-based small-pencil-and-waiting-on-plastic seats-with-people-you-hope-won’t-speak-to-you retailer Argos. VSG has signed a contract to do security stuff for them!

Then there’s good old Dave Pickles. Guess what he’s in? That’s right: it’s the managing director’s chair at Siemens Security Solutions.

There’s also Rachel Bowler picking up a Young Entrepreneur’s award; a distribution deal between 802 Global and ACTi; and just how secure are you and your organisation?

Don’t forget that IFSEC India is just around the corner. If it’s at all geographically feasible, you should attend. It’s likely to be ace.

And here’s another chance to look at the galleries from the Security Excellence Awards 2009 – here’s the winners (and an accompanying list of them) and the beautiful people who attended. Super good stuff.,

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Fingerprints and market leadership

Good Monday! I’m back in the office after last week’s Security Excellence Awards shindig hootenanny extravaganza. In case you missed it, here’s the full list of winners, here’s a gallery with them in it, and here’s another gallery of images from the event.

In today’s security news awesomeness we have not just a video, and not just a photo, but a video, photo and words all about a new fingerprint technology that is designed to scan its way through muck and scars and all that sort of malarkey. Check it out!

Then there’s Bosch’s claim to be the market leader in the EMEA CCTV market – which isn’t, sadly, a huge covered market that happens in The Hague or somewhere between Thursday and Sunday each week.

We’ve also got a new face to introduce: it’s Martin Jefferson, of Western Digital, who takes up the newly created post of Storage Doctor. Read all about him – then send through your digital video storage questions. FAQtual!

There’s also cash in transit experts Loomis with their Sainsbury’s contract; Smart Guard’s plans for IFSEC India; and terror security for Number One Poultry – a building, rather than an excellent chicken. Though a prize winning chicken could be the target of an attack, so best to keep vigilant.,

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The security week: Security Excellence Awards 2009 special

Well, it’s the day after the night that was. What was that night? That was last night – only the night of the Security Excellence Awards 2009, that’s all!

The event was a spectacular success, hosted by none other than British comedy legend, Ronnie Corbett. Ronnie bleeding Corbett, that’s who. You can see him as part of our gallery of winners, right here.

Who were those winners? Why not click on this link to a full list of them, and find out?

And when you’re done with that, have a look at this slideshow of all the glamorous people who lit up the security industry’s night of nights. You won’t regret it.

Then re-live Ronnie’s glory days in this special Security Excellence Awards themed Song About Security. It’s a right old larf, as I believe the expression goes.

The awards also raised over £12,000 for the designated charity, The Bobby Moore Fund for bowel cancer research. Sir Bobby’s widow Stephanie was on hand last night, as was former West Ham star Tony Gale.

Other things: a video of a somewhat inebriated man caught on CCTV. It’s beautiful in its own way.

And a nice person has said very nice things about my blog, The Alarmist, where all these missives go to spend their retirements.

I need a coffee. Bye!,

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SEA anticipation, boozy CCTV, and an editor’s view

The day has finally arrived! Yes, it’s Thursday. That also means that the Security Excellence Awards 2009 are happening this very night! Wow. I am literally crying with anticipation. Not only will I be there, presenting an award and that – I’ll also be updating my Twitter account – – live from the event, so you can read about the category winners as they’re announced, as well as whatever other pithy bits and pieces I can think of.

To get you in the mood, we have a fantastic video of CCTV in action. It’s a drunk man attempting to buy some beer. It’s very amusing. You should watch it.

It’s also that time of the fortnight when Security Installer editor Alan Hyder strips down to his metaphorical undergarments and dives headlong into the murky pond of security issues, emerging only when he has located and retrieved the valuable, muddy nuggets of opinion and analysis hidden therein. In other words, it’s his SI Editor’s View column. Yes!

Also not far off is the beginning of IFSEC India. Our I4S India editor Verghese Joseph chats to organiser Nigel Brown.

And in addition to all of this untrammelled excitement, there’s hard drive destruction; a big contract win in China for BlueStar SecuTech; and some access control for luxury Hong Kong flats. Hoorah!,

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