Blog Action Day 2009: The security industry goes green

[This blog entry is in honour of Blog Action Day, taking place today, on the subject of climate change.]

The most important awards in the UK security industry calendar are presented next week here in London. The Security Excellence Awards 2009 take place at the Hilton Park Lane, and the cream of the crop in the UK and international security industry will be there.

 The awards are run by my employer, UBM Live, and myself, Brian Sims and Alan Hyder chair the judging panels that decide the winners. It’s always a big event, both in terms of news interest in the industry, and as a social happening on the night itself.

For the first time this year, we’ve introduced a new award category: Environmental Initiative of the Year. I’d like to take a little credit for it, ‘cos it was my idea and everything innit, but what’s most impressive has been the response to it.

We were inundated with excellent entries, and all of those that made it through to the final shortlist were massively impressive to the judges. All sorts of efforts were shown to be happening right across the security sector, with some truly innovative initiatives really leading the way.

It’s important that the industry starts embracing green working practices now – from small-scale installers using hybrid vehicles, to big companies reducing waste and recycling, to manufacturers pledging to minimise packaging and damaging factory practices.

The benefits aren’t simply the obvious ones, either – to the planet and to the cause of combating climate change. There’s a genuine competitive advantage for businesses who are seen to be working in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way, not just in being prepared for the future, but in terms of marketing and public perception.

The time has come where to be seen as being green is to be seen as being a responsible corporate entity. It’s sustainable for the environment – but it’s sustainable for businesses who want to have a future too.

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