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The security week: The year-end one (with BSIA new chief exec news)

It’s been a monster week of security news here on I4S – so let’s dive straight in to our last Weekly Digest of 2009.

First – some breaking news. The BSIA has announced the appointment of its new chief executive. It’s James Kelly, formerly of the Direct Marketing Association. All the details are here.

There’s also a new lobby group – Big Brother Watch. You’ll be shocked, like I was, to discover that they are interested in CCTV and privacy, rather than encouraging people to view more reality television. Here’s what they have to say.

In other CCTV news, the Home Office has established a National CCTV Oversight Body; the University of Leeds has opened a new control room; and a report not only suggests that this has been a bad year for the CCTV industry – next year is likely to be tough as well. Cripes.

To add a bit of cheer, why not have a look at these videos – one, from Videofied, a clever parody of the Buggles; the other a festive-themed product preview from BriefCam (with a very special guest).

And this week’s Song About Security comes from early 90s rave pioneers Kick Like A Mule. Feel free to do yourself a favour and check it out.

This is our last weekly round-up newsletter for 2009. We’re off for a bit of a break over the Christmas/New Year period, and will be back in January. Later in the month we’ll have some exciting newsletter developments to report. There will also be regularly updated content on I4S. Have an excellent festive couple of weeks. We’ll see you on the other side.,

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Thursday is surveillance day

A big day of news here at info4security – with a focus on surveillance. Intriguing.

Firstly, we’ve got our report on the UK’s Home Office establishing a National CCTV Oversight Body. What does this mean, and how will it affect you? Brian Sims has the details. We’ve also got the reaction from the BSIA’s Pauline Norstrom.

There’s also a new report into the CCTV market in 2009. It wasn’t great, apparently. Read all the gloomy news here.

Elsewhere in the CCTV sphere, the University of Leeds has opened its new control room; Phil Doyle of Axis Communications discusses outdoor surveillance; Lancroft has integrated CCTV and access control in a London IP installation; and Samsung Techwin have released a new dome camera.

This is the last Daily Digest for 2009 – tomorrow’s Weekly Digest will be our final newsletter of the year. It’s been a pleasure nestling in your inbox. There will be some changes to our newsletter output in the early part of next year – watch this space for further details.


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Wintery Wednesday newsy things

A slightly snowy Wednesday in London. Here is a decent whack of security news to help warm you up.

First off the rank is the SIA and Home Office’s consultations on training for door supervisors. Educational, like.

Then there’s the whole argument around ID theft. This article seeks to ‘depoliticise’ the issue.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has some new powers. What are they? Read the article and find out. Though I doubt, sadly, that they include x-ray vision and superhuman strength.

We don’t often mention famous shopping place Harrods on I4S – but today we have. It’s got some access barrier stuff going on, thanks to APT. I’m not for one instance suggesting that it is a tacky temple to mindless consumerism. That’s for you to decide.


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Banishing the Monday Blues (on Tuesday)

Hello! I am back in the news-missive saddle for the last week of 2009 (security news missive-wise). Let’s do this thing.

First up is some very creative marketing from Videofied. They’ve gone and taken the tune of the Buggles ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ and changed the words to promote their wireless alarm system. Clever.

Then there’s Dave Tynan from Avigilon, talking about the capabilities of ultra wide angle surveillance cameras. Visionary.

Then there’s a whopping big university contract for VSG; some door examinations; and an interesting access installation in the City of London. All good stuff.


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The dangers of photography

Greetings security newsbuddies. A day chock full of informative items etc, so let’s crack on, shall we?

First up is the story of the top photographer who felt the full fury of the anti-terror laws (kind of) – for taking some photos. Yikes.

We’ve also got a couple of stories from the BSIA – there’s one on security as an important investment for UK businesses; and another on Nigerian export opportunities.

In the week that the plight of the environment has been high on the world news agenda, MITIE has launched its CarbonCare programme. Green!

Pub goers are being asked to dob in an unlicensed doorman this festive period; and Flir’s Christiaan Maras asks if thermal cameras can be damaged by solar radiation? It’s possible. It really is!,

(PS: If you’re in London tomorrow night and in need of comedy/music-based entertainment, you should come to this. No particular reason.)

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Added value and strident views

Genuinely fast-paced security news snippets for you today. Get a load of ’em!

Here’s SMT Online editor Brian Sims with his latest SMT Online Editor’s View – taking aim at Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, an update from RUSI, and paying tribute to colleague Alan Hyder. Check it.

Gary Fletcher-Moore from Samsung Techwin is talking about installer purchasing decisions. Wise.

And don’t forget to get involved with intercoms – at least, that’s the advice from Commend UK. Also: there’s some IPSA praise; and a number 12 ranking for Hikvision.


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Cash-in-transit at the movies

Ho ho ho, etc. It’s 17 days until Christmas, so here are some security news items. A kind of ‘present‘, if you will.

This is definitely a festive treat – a movie all about cash-in-transit operatives, spelled wrongly by Americans. Let me know your predictions as to its quality.

If you fancy breaking into films and celebrity whatnot yourself, you should purchase a motorhome. Octavian is looking for on-site caravanners to help protect its outside broadcast projects. Seriously.

In addition, there are pieces on monitored alarm systems and also IP signalling (featuring a photo of author Bob Tuck, clearly the friendliest-looking man in the world); VSG protecting a Bosch plant; Axxon on the lessons it has learnt working in Russia, and how they will translate to the UK; and a fraudulent medic. What a plank!

Here is some pie. Merry Christmas.,

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Curbing boozing and double doctor time

Monday greetings, and welcome to your first I4S missive of the week. This one is short and sweet, like a well-mannered nephew, or something. Nothing at all like an angry dog.

We kick off with the door supervisor community and their pledge to help curb underage drinking this festive period. Good work, chaps!

Then we have the return of two of our favourite doctors – Dr CCTV, and Dr Alarms. They are covering hybrid video recorders and tamper false alarms respectively. Stunning.

There’s also CameraWatch’s call for annual audits of public space CCTV; an acquisition for G4S; an ESPlus Christmas warning; and a Park Royal award.


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The security week: The goodbye Alan issue

Welcome to December, weekly security news digest aficionados. It’s great to see your smiling faces. Even yours.

Today’s missive is, in part, a tribute to Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, who leaves us today after 15 years at the helm of the magazine. Alan is well-loved and respected throughout the security industry, and will be missed greatly – not least by myself.

I’ve worked with Alan for over five years now, firstly as assistant editor on Security Installer, and now on info4security. He has always been a great source of advice and encouragement, and always ready with a joke in a stressful situation. Also in a non-stressful situation. He is also irresistible to ladies. Fact.

Here’s Alan’s last SI Editor’s View column – and, as a very special mark of respect, I’ve allowed him to select this week’s Song About Security. Tributes don’t come any more spectacular and glamorous than that.

In other news this week, we’ve had our latest Bench Test hit the site. This time it’s the Vidilanz Xtern-Cam outdoor wireless camera. How did it fare etc? Find out by clicking and reading!

And why not check out some CCTV footage of a meteor in the South African night sky? It’s dead impressive.

You can also investigate the best read stories on I4S in November; the Home Office releasing its policing white paper; and ADI and Pelco working together in an IP kinda fashion. Heavyweight security news for the discerning professional.,

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Bench Test and Christmas fraud

It’s one of those glorious days where we unveil a new Bench Test – and this time around it’s the Vidilanz Xtern-Cam, a wireless outdoor number. It’s easy to find out more. Simply click this link here and use your eyes, brain, and literacy powers to read about things. Ace!

We’ve also got some information about how to make your Christmas fun ID fraud-free. It’s like giving yourself the gift of not worrying about someone stealing your identity. (Note: If someone steals your identity, and then you meet them, you are obliged to take on their identity, live in their house, feed their kids, etc. That is my understanding, anyway.)

Also happening today: an integrated solution from Reliance for a Civic Centre; an award for training for a new recruitment firm; some nuclear security excitement; and the formal merger of Axis Security and Temple Security. A delightful twosome.,

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