Bench Test and Christmas fraud

It’s one of those glorious days where we unveil a new Bench Test – and this time around it’s the Vidilanz Xtern-Cam, a wireless outdoor number. It’s easy to find out more. Simply click this link here and use your eyes, brain, and literacy powers to read about things. Ace!

We’ve also got some information about how to make your Christmas fun ID fraud-free. It’s like giving yourself the gift of not worrying about someone stealing your identity. (Note: If someone steals your identity, and then you meet them, you are obliged to take on their identity, live in their house, feed their kids, etc. That is my understanding, anyway.)

Also happening today: an integrated solution from Reliance for a Civic Centre; an award for training for a new recruitment firm; some nuclear security excitement; and the formal merger of Axis Security and Temple Security. A delightful twosome.,

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