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Nudity, courses and internet protocol

It’s Tuesday, and you’re looking particularly foxy. Hey, no problem, you’re very welcome indeed.

When people look back on today in history, it will be remembered as the day the media talked about airport security because an element of nudity was involved. In that spirit, here is my blog post.

In slightly more clothed news today, the BIIAB has released details of some new qualifications available for security officers and public space CCTV operators. Educational.

And the excellently-named Lodewijk van Ommeren says there are many advantages to the latest generation of IP alarm systems. Lovely.

There’s more IP stuff today – IndigoVision’s Barry Keepence on storage; CCTV Center’s roadshows; TDSi on 21CN testing – it’s all there.

And don’t forget the Security Excellence Awards take place next Thursday. You’ll be able to get live updates by following my Twitter feed – and of course all the winners will be up on I4S before the end of the night. Fantastic. Fantastic indeed.

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The security week: Cisco, Pelco, BSIA, and locks

Hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to your weekly digest of all that’s going down in the security news world.

Here’s Cisco and Pelco getting together, having fun, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, and then signing a strategic technology agreement on IP CCTV. Way to go? Maybe!

The BSIA has released the results of its BT 21CN testing stuff. Read all about it and check it out and this sort of thing!

Here is a story: it’s about well hung locks. In a sense.

Oh, also, there are some new qualifications going from G4S and some university academical types. Do you want some? Do you? You might need to contact them, in that case.

This week’s Song About Security is a special request for a very special industry figure. What is it? Click the link to find out. It’s my way of trying to make you visit our website.

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SIA report, and Cisco loves Pelco

A big day of security news – so no time to waste. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Security Industry Authority has been reported on. Find out what the reporters had to say about ’em. Here is where the story is. Click it!

Then there’s the coming together of two big players in a technological marriage of CCTV proportions: Cisco and Pelco. Both of these firms have names which finish with the letter ‘o’.

Everybody likes some video analytics. Do security officers? Perhaps! Geoff Thiel tells us about this.

BT Redcare called off their big 21CN switchover recently. Now they’re talking to customers and other folks at a series of events. Details? Oh, certainly.

And fast-rising Chinese CCTV manufacturer Hikvision has released some new PSIA-compliant cameras. Good value? They certainly have standards.

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Focus on 21CN – and cause for alarm

An enormous news day here at info4security. That’s wonderful! Read on, pals.

First up is a topic you’ll be hearing a lot more about soon, particularly if you’re a UK installer – it’s BT’s 21st Century Network, or 21CN. Security Installer editor Alan Hyder does the word wrangling here.

And in conjunction with Security Installer magazine, we’re happy to present the first clinic from our new resident Alarms Doctor, David Grant of ACT Meters. He’s talking about false alarms causes today.

Chinese firm CSST is the latest to join the new HDcctv Alliance. If all goes according to plan, I’ll finally manage to get my promised feature interview with the organisation’s executive director Todd Rockoff online tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Mark Fullbrook also takes us through five steps for security managers in dealing with staff who may be tempted to steal secure company data. Contentious!

That’s it. I’m outta here. Well, I’m on holiday until the 17th. Occupying the hot seat during my absence will be SMT Online’s very own Brian Sims. See you in a couple of weeks.

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The security week: Police under scrutiny in our G20 footage

I4S Weekly Digest readership: are you ready to rock? What’s that? I can’t hear you! I said: Are you ready to rock? Well alright!

First up is the ongoing saga of police actions during the G20 protests in London. Brian Sims reports on the IPCC’s use of our images in its investigation – and unveils more footage which does not necessarily show the police in their best light.

Brian was also busy this week with his Editor’s View column. This edition featured a call for qualifications for security consultants. Heavy.

Over at the SIA, Andy Drane has been appointed as the interim chief. They’re still on the lookout for someone to take up the role permanently.

CCTV watchdog CameraWatch is advocating better CCTV operator training as a means of retaining public trust. That seems wise.

Elsewhere, we’ve got blimps; the BSIA and BT’s 21CN implementation; Arctic Monkeys in Songs About Security; and bandits in the fog.

In order to celebrate the fact that I have secured tickets to see Spinal Tap play at Wembley Arena in June, here is a somewhat rare video of them performing ‘Christmas with the Devil’ on Saturday Night Live in 1984. Oh yes indeed.

All aboard: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Welcome to the 21st Century!

ADI-Gardiner, along with Pyronix and Castle Care-Tech, is welcoming installers to the 21st Century. That’s BT’s 21st Century Network, not the actual century! Ha! That would be around nine years out of date if it was actually the case. Which it is not.

In the United States of America, where there has been some recent leadership reshuffle or something, ADT Security Services has won a court ruling that bans ‘The Tag Company’ from making or selling its anti-theft products in the US. The court judged that it was guilty of patent infringement against ADT’s Sensormatic EAS systems.

We’ve got an interesting piece from Alan Hayes on the changing role of security consultants; and there’s a gloomy story on the jobs situation which backs up Alan Hyder‘s musings in his SI Editor’s View from yesterday.

There’s also a guard dogs standard which has been issued for comment, though presumably not by the dogs themselves. However, this is the 21st century, so letter-writing dogs are not entirely out of the question. Or are they? Perhaps.

Nicely done. Now have a gander at www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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