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The security week: Stakeholders, IP, and AC/DC

Hi there. It’s time for another weekly dose of security news goodness. Hold onto your laptops. Here we go.

First up is the UK’s Security Industry Authority, and its annual Stakeholder Conference (not a euphemism for a BBQ, more’s the pity). SMT Online honcho Brian Sims was in attendance. Here’s his report on chairman Baroness Henig’s opening presentation; SecuriGroup MD Russel Kerr on working in the private security industry; and Andrew Nicholls on the realities of buying private security services.

This week we’ve also got Jeremy Kimber from Honeywell, who suggests that the real value of IP video is only now just being found – and exploited. Read the story here.

Our old pal The Networker is back this week. This time around he’s on about public sector investment in surveillance. Check it out right here.

RapidVu says its cameras are bing installed in the homes of famous footballers (apparently there is a football tournament of some description going on at present); there’s a profile of PCL Whitehall’s John Legge; and Brian brings us a report from the Security Institute’s Annual Luncheon. It was on a boat.

This week’s Song About Security comes from inveterate rockers AC/DC. They are concerned about the security arrangements in the afterlife. They also played at Download – the metal/hard rock festival secured by Showsec. Read about their work here.

This year’s Security Excellence Awards are considered to be the single greatest awards to win ever in the history of mankind. If you miss out on entering, you’re only fooling yourself. And embarassing your friends and family. You’ve gotta be in it to win it! And so it goes.

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Here’s a video of some guitar playing superbness to see you through to the weekend.

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The security week: Cybercrime and stadiums

This week on I4S we took time out to consider the motivation behind cybercriminals. These nasty types are absolute rotters, I am reliably informed.

We also pondered stadium security, particularly in the wake of the Beijing Olympics and some event that those in the know are calling ‘London 2012’. And as the article in question deals with the use of sensors, I briefly considered headlining it ‘Sensor Perspective’. But then I came to my senses. Or sensors! Hahaha. Sorry.

In more fun news, you can play an online game with QED that involves flinging dome cameras down London streets, and win one of the Midas domes yourself.

And you can laugh knowingly at the Danish employee who inadvertently tested his firm’s security capacity by setting off their fog system. You silly man.

Brian Sims gave us his SMT Editor’s View on a hero of 9/11, terror suspects, PCSOs, and MI6, in the very same week that Honeywell opened a new installer training centre. Coincidence? I’d imagine so.

But this is no coincidence – we have two lovely conferences coming up, one of which is about Next Generation CCTV, and the other on The Threat Within (which is dastardly employees.) Feel free to attend one or both.

It’s Friday, so it’s Songs About Security day. This week it’s the turn of those lovable scamps AC/DC, and their catchy ditty about prisoners escaping from their place of incarceration. Note: this sort of behaviour is technically illegal.

And for those of you who enjoyed last week’s ridiculously sweary parrot – here’s another instalment. But again, though, be aware that it’s not for the easily offended and it’s not for kids. And it’s possibly not safe to have blaring out in the middle of your office, depending on how blue your workplace is.

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