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The security week: The goodbye Alan issue

Welcome to December, weekly security news digest aficionados. It’s great to see your smiling faces. Even yours.

Today’s missive is, in part, a tribute to Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, who leaves us today after 15 years at the helm of the magazine. Alan is well-loved and respected throughout the security industry, and will be missed greatly – not least by myself.

I’ve worked with Alan for over five years now, firstly as assistant editor on Security Installer, and now on info4security. He has always been a great source of advice and encouragement, and always ready with a joke in a stressful situation. Also in a non-stressful situation. He is also irresistible to ladies. Fact.

Here’s Alan’s last SI Editor’s View column – and, as a very special mark of respect, I’ve allowed him to select this week’s Song About Security. Tributes don’t come any more spectacular and glamorous than that.

In other news this week, we’ve had our latest Bench Test hit the site. This time it’s the Vidilanz Xtern-Cam outdoor wireless camera. How did it fare etc? Find out by clicking and reading!

And why not check out some CCTV footage of a meteor in the South African night sky? It’s dead impressive.

You can also investigate the best read stories on I4S in November; the Home Office releasing its policing white paper; and ADI and Pelco working together in an IP kinda fashion. Heavyweight security news for the discerning professional.

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Bungling thieves, and keyholding responses

If you were a thief, you’d be quite annoyed if you were caught by some detectors that looked like they’d just been chucked on the floor. But that’s exactly what happened to some bungling crims in Leeds, who were caught out by Tag Guard’s IR motion detectors. Bad luck!

Today we’ve also got a response to SMT Online editor Brian Sims‘ recent interview with Securitas Mobile MD Andrew Natt. It comes from NIKARO’s Shaun Cook.

The environment is important. Everyone agrees! It’s why there’s a new Environmental Initiative category in this year’s Security Excellence Awards (entries for which close this Friday, by the way). ADI and Ventcroft have teamed up to provide a green option for their customers – a move which should be applauded. Hoorah!

Elsewhere, Avigilon’s Dave Tynan argues that the future of HD CCTV is in software, not hardware; in India, historical monuments are set to get additional security coverage; and we have a story which is all about lasers. Lasers!

For your final chance to win £200 of Marks and Spencer vouchers, take our CCTV End User Survey. It finishes up this Friday. Get involved.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Hello Luton, hello Twickenham

People often get the word ‘highfalutin’ wrong, assuming it’s actually ‘high for Luton’ – something to do with the airport there, perhaps. I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with any kind of drug-fuelled celebration of the town’s existence.

Today on I4S we’re saying ‘Hi to Luton’ in a story about some CCTV that is in the centre of the town. Heck, why not read it and find out more?

Despite the fact that Twickenham does not appear in any kind of common linguistic mix-up scenario, we’ve still deigned to allocate it some space in the security news-sphere. Rugby is popular there, apparently, and now people are being prevented from stealing replica jerseys and the like.

A few deals: ADI has signed on to be the European distributor for Canadian firm Digimerge; and the FSA has signed new training agreements with Tavcom and the FPA.

And while we’re talking deals, a really good one is for the modules that make up the IFSEC Conference 2009. This means you can pay for individual sessions on topics of interest to you. It’s totally modular, dudes!

Come on! www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Oh yeah!!

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