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Blog Action Day 2009: The security industry goes green

[This blog entry is in honour of Blog Action Day, taking place today, on the subject of climate change.]

The most important awards in the UK security industry calendar are presented next week here in London. The Security Excellence Awards 2009 take place at the Hilton Park Lane, and the cream of the crop in the UK and international security industry will be there.

 The awards are run by my employer, UBM Live, and myself, Brian Sims and Alan Hyder chair the judging panels that decide the winners. It’s always a big event, both in terms of news interest in the industry, and as a social happening on the night itself.

For the first time this year, we’ve introduced a new award category: Environmental Initiative of the Year. I’d like to take a little credit for it, ‘cos it was my idea and everything innit, but what’s most impressive has been the response to it.

We were inundated with excellent entries, and all of those that made it through to the final shortlist were massively impressive to the judges. All sorts of efforts were shown to be happening right across the security sector, with some truly innovative initiatives really leading the way.

It’s important that the industry starts embracing green working practices now – from small-scale installers using hybrid vehicles, to big companies reducing waste and recycling, to manufacturers pledging to minimise packaging and damaging factory practices.

The benefits aren’t simply the obvious ones, either – to the planet and to the cause of combating climate change. There’s a genuine competitive advantage for businesses who are seen to be working in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way, not just in being prepared for the future, but in terms of marketing and public perception.

The time has come where to be seen as being green is to be seen as being a responsible corporate entity. It’s sustainable for the environment – but it’s sustainable for businesses who want to have a future too.

If you would like to read similar posts on this subject from some of my colleagues, please click on any of the links below:

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It’s webinar time!

As well as being one of the uglier pretend words bestowed upon us during the internet age, a ‘webinar’ is also a fantastic – and, crucially, FREE – educational and discussional opportunity. And your chance to take part in our free HD and IP CCTV webinar takes place tomorrow, May 6, at 3pm BST (that’s 1400 GMT, accuracy fans). Register now, and get involved!

Also offering high quality free content is QED, who will be presenting two seminars at IFSEC, both focused on helping installers sell and market their way through the recession. Totally worthwhile!

Oh yeah – apparently IFSEC is happening next week as well. You could visit the official website to browse through all of the exhibitors and educational features – as well as the high spec conference. Special.

And if you’re on newfangled 140-character excitement generation behemoth Twitter, you could follow me (Anthony Hildebrand – hi) or SMT Online editor Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder – or even the official IFSEC folks. You’ll never miss a thing about anything ever! It’s like magic!

Also please visit www.info4security.com. It’s a job, man.

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Bosch commits to IFSEC, and security boss foils robbery

A big day on I4S today, with major industry player Bosch confirming its commitment to IFSEC, the industry’s number one exhibition and conference. Commendable!

There’s also the amazing story of G4S Gurkha Services boss John Whitwam foiling a real-life street robbery in London’s Piccadilly. Heroic!

It’s Security Installer maestro Alan Hyder‘s turn today to stun readers with his opinion taser – in the form of the SI Editor’s View. Arresting!

And I saw fit to include a round up of January’s best read stories on I4S. How enthralling!

Don’t forget to get fully involved with these upcoming conferences: Securing Educational Establishments, and the mighty IFSEC Conference 2009. They’ll learn ya.

Hey: www.info4security.com. Also: www.ifsec.co.uk.

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The security week: IP opinion, CCTV advice, and hitting the headlines

Ah, Friday – glorious, wonderful, ever-lovin’ Friday. It’s a sure sign the weekend’s on its way – and it means the thrill of reading The Security Week is here once more.

First up, it’s me. Hooray. I’m going on about the need for a change in the outlook of those involved with IP security, and I’d describe it as ‘a particularly incisive piece of opinionating’ if I were not too modest to do so.

We’ve also got our old pal the CCTV Doctor providing some advice on the legality of having your CCTV images viewed by any old Tom, Dick or Harry in your organisation. Useful!

Oh yes – it’s trumpet blowing time. Brian Sims, illustrious and respected editor of SMT Online, has been sought out by the London Evening Standard to provide some industry perspective on the appointment of Paul Stephenson as Met Police Commissioner. Kudos, to you, Brian. Kudos.

There’s a fascinating story on a truly superb conference, fully endorsed by I4S, and going by the name of Securing Educational Establishments. You’ll be intrigued to know that it is all about securing educational establishments. If it was a tin, it would do what it said on itself. Kind of.

Today’s Song About Security comes courtesy of The Clash. You may have heard of them. Enjoy the delicious dubtasticness. It’s a personal favourite.

And this week’s Job of the Week comes courtesy of delightful and effervescent security jobs website Jobs for Security. The job itself is for a Security Systems Engineer. Who’d have thunk it?

As a reward for making it through the week, here are two things you may or may not feel are appropriate gifts. One is an example of refrigerator-based alcohol humour. The other is simply a small Mexican wrestler doing cool stuff. Enjoy!

Now point your web thing in these directions: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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IP mind change, and mobile fingerprinting

Cripes! It’s another thrilling edition of the world’s best-loved and most respected daily security news service blog thing. Except for yesterday, which I missed. Sorry.

Today, I shoot my mouth off about the state of IP security and the increasing need for hybrid systems. Classy!

We’ve also got a very interesting piece from John Elliott on the mobile fingerprinting schemes becoming popular with police forces.

Our CCTV Doctor tackles a question from a reader which deals with the legalities of access to CCTV images within an organisation. Just who can watch it?

And as an exciting bonus, if you happen to be in London today, make sure you pick up a copy of the Evening Standard newspaper. Within it – on page 47 of early editions – is a comment piece by SMT Online editor Brian Sims about the appoint of Paul Stephenson to the Commissioner’s role at the Metropolitan Police. We’ll link to it when it appears on that publication’s website.

Yoink. Head over to www.info4security.com, and also www.ifsec.co.uk. Wahey!

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The security week: Securiplan fined, future CCTV, and Weird Work

A big ol’ week of news on info4security, kicked off with the announcement of Securiplan being fined for 19 counts of employing unlicensed officers, and ordered to pay the SIA’s legal costs. Dr Bernard Herdan has also been named interim SIA chief, following Mike Wilson’s sudden departure.

We also featured reports from the Next Generation CCTV conference. These included a look at video analytics by Patrick Meaney, and discussion of the Onvif group by Sony’s Simon Nash. Interesting! Also interesting will be upcoming conferences The Threat Within (next week!) and Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters (slightly later!)

Let me tell you this: Videoswitch has gone shopping and bought Quick CCTV. And G4Tec has partnered with Imprivata. Synergy!

Security Installer head honcho Alan Hyder has left an opinion-deposit all over the web in the form of his SI Editor’s View. It features valuable information about two intriguing subjects: booze and movies. Also, other topics are covered.

It’s Songs About Security day, so it must be Friday. I’m sorry to report that today’s offering comes from the abysmal Hard-Fi. Enjoy!

Finally, here is some important and exciting news. Excellent security jobs site Jobs for Security has not only provided us with a Featured Job – this time, it’s the coveted chance to be an Assistant Facilities Manager with delightful Essex County Council – they’ve gone ahead and allowed me to launch a new and potentially amusing section of the site.

It’s called Weird Work, and it’s your chance to let us know about the stranger or more unusual things you’ve been asked to do in the course of your working life. I’ve kicked it off with a bit about my encounter with an Icelandic halibut, and Jobs for Security advertising manager Jo Lancaster has contributed a tale of delivery misadventure. I’d love to make it the number one resource for ridiculous work-related stories, but that can only happen with your help. Read what we have to say, and then send your stories to webeditor@info4security.com.

You can remain anonymous if your story is hilariously humiliating. That’s a personal promise. Humiliation!

Visit info4security and ifsec.co.uk. And that Weird Work site I just mentioned. Go on.

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Mosquitoes, water and firetrucks

It’s mosquito season again. The estimable Security Installer editor Alan Hyder gives us the lowdown on a new report by Belgian experts into the medical effects of the ‘Mosquito’ teenager repelling device. We’ve reported on it in the past – here, and also here – and I threw in my whining workshy liberal opinion for good measure as well, way back when in the day. If you were working in television news, you might say that this story had something to do with “having a sting in the tail”, or that there’ s “a real buzz about the product” or something equally as incisive.

Also in the news today is a story by handsome and charming correspondent Anthony Hildebrand about the Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue Service, which has become the first fire service in the country to safeguard its trucks and equipment with the SmartWater forensic tagging system. “This is certainly a hot topic,” our newsreader friends might wink.

And the British Security Industry Association, which is responsible for promoting the interests of the British security industry, has responded to remarks by the Information Commissioner on data losses by suggesting that CEOs should prioritise security.

A very very good way of preventing people from entering buildings or zones of various types is by creating Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. And as luck would have it, this is the name of a conference being held in December! Who’d have thunk it? You should go to it, by the way.

In these times of economic crisis, also, don’t forget about the exciting world of employment. It helps to pay your bills. Visit www.jobsforsecurity.com for more on this exciting topic.

Feel free to go ahead and visit info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk. They pay my bills!

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Milestones, gas, and grinning winners

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

Today I myself bring you a story about the recent Milestone Integration Platform Symposium in Denmark’s famous Copenhagen. That city, I swear to you, is absolutely rife with mermaids, so much so that the government has declared them vermin and licensed practitioners are permitted to trap them and export the fishladies to countries where their novelty value is higher. Also, the Milestone event was very interesting.

We’ve got gas. That’s a story about an IndigoVision project which is apparently deploying the world’s largest wide-area IP system at a gas pipeline. It’s not about anything more base, I promise.

IndigoVision also feature in another great story on I4S today, about the happy winners of last week’s wonderful and superb Security Excellence Awards. If you’re a security company or in the industry you should really consider entering next year’s SEAs. They’re lovely.

And fresh from the pages of Security Installer magazine, Last Orders columnist Orson Carte appears to have had some potential success in his unorthodox quest to find love (or a wife).

Things to do today: visit the world’s most vivacious and attractive security jobs site, www.jobsforsecurity.com. You might get lucky. And further investigate the following conferences: Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, and Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Excellent!

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Redcare contracts and the IFSEC effect

Today we bring you details of BT Redcare’s new flexible contracts for CCTV transmission – a hot topic for installers and BT’s other customers.

There’s also the heartwarming story of Y3K’s success at IFSEC, adding over 100 new trade accounts since the show and its attendant marketing.

And US trade association NAPBS is forming a European group for pre-screening employees.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s Songs About Security day. Don’t forget to visit I4S to find out just which music video has been spuriously reinterpreted as being about the security business. Can you guess which song it will be? I can.

Two other important things. Vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year in the Security Excellence Awards.

And visit www.jobsforsecurity.com. It’s about jobs, and it’s about security, and when you put them both together, you get this exact website. It’s been scientifically proven.

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