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Milestones, gas, and grinning winners

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

Today I myself bring you a story about the recent Milestone Integration Platform Symposium in Denmark’s famous Copenhagen. That city, I swear to you, is absolutely rife with mermaids, so much so that the government has declared them vermin and licensed practitioners are permitted to trap them and export the fishladies to countries where their novelty value is higher. Also, the Milestone event was very interesting.

We’ve got gas. That’s a story about an IndigoVision project which is apparently deploying the world’s largest wide-area IP system at a gas pipeline. It’s not about anything more base, I promise.

IndigoVision also feature in another great story on I4S today, about the happy winners of last week’s wonderful and superb Security Excellence Awards. If you’re a security company or in the industry you should really consider entering next year’s SEAs. They’re lovely.

And fresh from the pages of Security Installer magazine, Last Orders columnist Orson Carte appears to have had some potential success in his unorthodox quest to find love (or a wife).

Things to do today: visit the world’s most vivacious and attractive security jobs site, www.jobsforsecurity.com. You might get lucky. And further investigate the following conferences: Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, and Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Excellent!

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Redcare contracts and the IFSEC effect

Today we bring you details of BT Redcare’s new flexible contracts for CCTV transmission – a hot topic for installers and BT’s other customers.

There’s also the heartwarming story of Y3K’s success at IFSEC, adding over 100 new trade accounts since the show and its attendant marketing.

And US trade association NAPBS is forming a European group for pre-screening employees.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s Songs About Security day. Don’t forget to visit I4S to find out just which music video has been spuriously reinterpreted as being about the security business. Can you guess which song it will be? I can.

Two other important things. Vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year in the Security Excellence Awards.

And visit www.jobsforsecurity.com. It’s about jobs, and it’s about security, and when you put them both together, you get this exact website. It’s been scientifically proven.

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