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Antiques Roadshow and armoured cars

It’s the clash of the titans: the BBC’s aging warhorse Antiques Roadshow versus the nimble, spry and youthful Safer Doors conference. Why are these two important national institutions at loggerheads? Brian Sims puts his own personal safety to one side and wades into the conflict to provide the answers.

And following yesterday’s news of forthcoming battery-based responsibilities for installers, Dedicated Micros chips in with some more uplifting information on an extension to its dome giveaway promotion.

There’s also the details of the buyout by Loomis of US cash handling firm EM Armoured Car Service.

Don’t forget to get involved with the I4S-supported Next Generation CCTV conference. And pop over to www.jobsforsecurity.com, where you can read a very useful guide to working in the UK security sector.

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