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The security week: Physical security and DVR impressions

It’s that time of the week – security news round-up/digest/omnibus funtimes time. Oh yes.

First off the blocks is our latest Bench Test – and it’s a glowing review for Samsung’s SHR 8162 DVR. Read all about it here.

Then there’s a warning that the physical security industry needs a long hard look at itself, and “a major restructure”, according to a survey from Memoori.

This week SMT Online editor Brian Sims looked at the key findings of a review into the Security Industry Authority in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Interesting.

We’ve also got the latest top five tidbits of advice from Iain Cameron of Mirasys – who looks at calculating bandwidth on a local area network. Useful!


Advertisement break: Hey, you – yeah, you! Are you looking for a security job? You are? Tremendous. Here is one that you should apply for: it’s a field sales role for respected industry locking etc types Chubb. Go ahead and apply for it! That way, you may get the job.


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the people behind clothing-specific dating website uniformdating.com have approached I4S with an offer we couldn’t refuse – £10 off any subscription on their site simply by entering the code SECURITY10 on their upgrades page. It’s particularly suitable for security types who wear a uniform, I’d be so bold as to suggest. And are single, ideally.

This week’s Song About Security comes from perennial weirdos Sparks. It was suggested by a reader and everything.

Don’t forget that you can now pre-register for security exhibition jamboree IFSEC right now, for free. And if you’re exhibiting, you can go ahead and enter the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Potential kudos!

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Views from the editor and the US

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder today unclosets his metaphorical opinion broom and savagely and efficiently sweeps the corridors of conventional wisdom in his SI Editor’s View. It features a part-robot person.

Our US correspondent John Honovich brings us his preview of ISC West, as well as a discussion on the role of bandwidth in surveillance.

And there’s a new technology that helps things to self-destruct! Yes! Actually, it just wipes data off memory sticks and the like, but that’s kind of self-destructing, right? Right?

Two items of genuine importance. Item one: the IFSEC Conference 2009. You’re heard it said a million times or more, but you are guaranteed* to have a richer, more rewarding life if you attend this important event. Item two: the Security Excellence Awards. They don’t call the Oscars ‘the Security Excellence Awards of the film industry’, but they ruddy well should.

* Guarantee may be void under certain circumstances

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