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PleaseRobMe website makes point about online security

The BBC has reported that a website called PleaseRobMe has been set up to highlight the dangers of revealing personal details online – revealing the location of empty homes.

Read the article here.

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IFSEC India and MITIE Griffins

Honk. It’s another security news missive from the security news massive at I4S.

As you may or may not know – I can’t go around ensuring that everyone comprehends everything that is occurring at all times, ever, much as I may like to – IFSEC India is JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Read about the way they’re putting the finishing touches on the event, and also about what Sony is planning to launch there.

Then, LOOK ON IN AWE at this story about a MITIE team undertaking Project Griffin training. That’s the anti-terror Project Griffin, not the security team at the BBC’s Question Time last week. Topical!

Check out the BSIA’s guide to education sector access control; a trip to the National Business Awards finals for Corps Security; and Ingersoll Rand gets busy at the Bullring. Yeehaa!

And, despite my successful efforts to sabotage myself yesterday, here are the links to the Security Excellence Awards winners; the gallery of winners; and the gallery of beautiful, delightful attendees etc. Simply gorgeous.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Blogs, identity, and the BBC

It’s Thursday, and it just so happens to be ‘Blog Action Day‘, which is where people who do blogs write things about a thing. This year’s thing is climate change. You can see my contribution here (or below) – and that of SMT Online supremo Brian Sims here.

Also today, Brian reports on Pilgrims Group’s work with the BBC’s By Any Means 2 programme, hosted by Charlie Boorman, famous for being friends with Ewan McGregor, and riding a motorcycle.

And the BSIA is urging businesses to take identity fraud seriously. That is, to take the threat of identity fraud seriously, rather than try to make it a new revenue stream. I’m fairly sure that’s what they mean.

Additional nuggets of security news gold come in the form of flea-powered access control; door supervisor checks, with one man “found wearing a photocopy” of his licence; and a new look for QED online.

Here are some otters playing basketball.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Nude! Nude! Nude! Nude! Nude! Manchester Airport scanners in the nudes (news)

The new powerful x-ray scanners at Manchester Airport are all over the news today. Why? Because they can see your bits!!!!! Apparently.

I like the way it’s mentioned in the BBC report that ‘faces won’t be shown’. As if that’s a consideration for any self-respecting pervert.

Here’s the BBC coverage.

And on the Guardian’s site.

Can it see as far as where the attempted Saudi assasin was storing his weaponry, though?

Here, also, is a relevant picture:

Powerful scanning technology in action

Powerful scanning technology in action


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It’s the ‘Wednesday’ edition!

Welcome to this special ‘Wednesday‘ edition of this, your approachable yet authoritative security news information and entertainment service. Hi!

Today we continue with our unrivalled coverage of the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference. This time it’s Graeme McCabe of the Home Office in the spotlight, talking Better Regulation.

And following this week’s edition of the BBC’s Who’s Watching You? (the first episode of which I blathered on about here) which focused heavily on data security and related issues, Jim Watson of Shred Easy looks at how businesses can protect themselves.

We’ve also got a DVR launch from DM, including bonus instructional video; cameras from Samsung Techwin with in-built UTP transmitters; a safer internet; and a new office for SCS Security Design.

As part of this year’s Security Excellence Awards, we’ve introduced a new Environmental Initiative category. It’s your chance to show your company’s green credentials, in any form. If you win this award, everyone will think you are the greatest person ever to walk on the face of the Earth. That’s great!

Kapow: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Conference frenzy, and BBC opinion

It’s been an absolute cracker of a week here at info4security. There’s been more security news and opinion excitement than you could point an exceptionally angry cat at. As I believe the saying goes.

So. SMT Online‘s indefatigable editor, Brian Sims, has gone conference crazy in recent times. Here’s his SMT Online Editor’s View about ACS discussions at the SIA Stakeholder Conference; Dr Adam White on the journey to regulation; a look behind the scenes at the SIA event; and David Greer at yesterday’s Skills for Security conference.

Brian’s also found time to interview Security Institute president Lord Carlile and its new chairman Mike Bluestone. What a newshound.

Elsewhere, I went on a bit of an opinion-binge after watching a documentary about CCTV on the BBC; in ONVIF news, it went and released its testing tool and conformance process; and Security Installer editor Alan Hyder brought us important news about the theft of bees. Bees! Geez.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of 70s rockers Golden Earring. They’re Dutch. Unexpected!

The one thing that simply everybody’s doing these days is entering the Security Excellence Awards. Why? Because winning one means you and your company will be immortalised, like the legendary heroes of story books and the like. Dramatic!

And: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk

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Delicious security news smorgasbord

A genuine imaginary mouthwatering smorgasbord of security news tastiness today. There’s a little bit of everything, to moisten the tastebuds of security gourmands around the globe. Exciting!

SMT Online‘s Brian Sims spoke exclusively to Security Institute president Lord Carlile on issues including CCTV, counter-terrorism and policing. Hard-hitting stuff.

Cooperation is lovely. In that spirit, ONVIF has released its test tool and conformance process, so manufacturers can get stuck in, plugging and playing with each other’s devices. Or something like that. Hmm.

Elsewhere, I’ve gone and ranted a bit about the public perception of surveillance and a new BBC documentary series. Cathartic!

Obviously, one of the most serious crime waves ever to hit these shores is that taking place in the world of beekeeping, where thieves are nicking bees and that. Apparently something something ‘abuzz’! Honk.

And if you’re intrigued by that mysterious video compression thingo, H.264, you should read this ‘fact and fiction’-style piece by Arecont Vision’s Dr Michael Korkin, called H.264: Fact and fiction. That’s what it’s called!

Come along, then: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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