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Ticketing treachery and access assistance

Today I4S takes the ticket touts to task in inimitable fashion via the medium of Brian Sims’ SMT Editor’s View.

There’s also a useful guide available from the good folks at the BSIA with information and assistance on access control installations.

Don’t forget about the opportunity to register for our interesting and wonderful conference which looks at Next Generation CCTV.

And get yourself over to www.jobsforsecurity.com not only for the best security jobs – naturally – but also fantastic advice on furthering your career. Del Hunter of SSR Personnel Services Ltd has written an excellent guide to security careers in the UK which is valuable for anyone looking to get into the business.

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The security week: Conference excitement, fraud, and The Alarm

Yet another week of action-packed fun and adventure at I4S – we’ve brought you the news of an exciting, important, and, crucially, future-proof conference on Next Generation CCTV, taking place in November. One of the great things about it is that it’s supported by info4security.com, so I, for one, suggest that you head along. It’s also very interesting and useful.

It was during this very week that Brian Sims provided us with details of a new Chip and PIN scam that fraudster scum are using to rip us off. I can’t stand those guys.

And Alan Hyder waded into the security swamp and took aim at a number of moving targets, including think tanks, metal theft, and unmanned CCTV in his SI Editor’s View.

It being a Friday, and this being the Weekly Digest, it’s in this paragraph that I mention our regular feature, Songs About Security. See? This week we tackle those titans of blustery rabble-rousing Welsh hair rock, The Alarm.

Over on www.jobsforsecurity.com, there are some superb tips on handling that tricky interview. What do you say? What time do you get there? The careers section has the answers.

Monday is a bank holiday here in England, so, sadly, there won’t be a daily digest that day, if any of you weekly types are also daily subscribers. To counteract the devastating emotional distress that this will undoubtedly cause, I can reassure you that we will be back on Tuesday. And provide you with this: a link to a page of cute animals. Enjoy.

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Important new CCTV conference – and dastardly thieves

Today we bring you details of a new and important conference dealing with the future of CCTV. If I were more of a prat, I’d say it dealt with ‘CCTV going forward’. Or zooming. Anyway, it’s called Next Generation CCTV, it’s in November, and we at I4S are supporting it, so I’d thoroughly recommend you find some way, no matter how difficult, to be there.

Recently, some of our more popular news stories have revolved around megapixel cameras. Others have focused on the modern phenomenon of metal and fuel theft. Another thing is railways. I am very pleased to announce that today we have a story which manages to combine all of these elements. Astonishing!

And importantly for all of us, Cranfield University is spearheading new research into identity theft prevention.

Over on the lovely www.jobsforsecurity.com, there’s some tremendous information on application forms and personal statements in job application situations. There’s no harm in looking!

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SIA licensing news, the megapixel future, and spamspamspam

Today brings news of a new service from the SIA which is designed to speed up licence applications by way of direct link between digital passports and the application process.

There’s also details on a 60 megapixel mobile camera unit being used for mapping purposes – could it point the way forward for evidential quality mobile CCTV?

Marc Boroditsky argues that we could be seeing the death of passwords in IT security tasks, while there’s also a report suggesting that 29 per cent of internet users have purchased products or services from spam emails. That number seems ridiculously high to me – but maybe I’m underestimating the number of gullible fools there are out there. (Apologies if this applies to you.)

The good times and career advice keep coming over at www.jobsforsecurity.com – in addition to yesterday’s CV info, you could do worse than read up on his best buddy, the covering letter. It’s the postal superhighway!

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Chip and PIN badness and opinion artillery

Today industry doyen Alan Hyder uses his Editor’s View to blast out his opinion artillery, taking aim at think tanks, massaged crime figures, metal theft, operator-less CCTV – and the Beatles. Read the Security Installer editor’s column and gain valuable insights.

Chip and PIN was meant to be the solution to card fraud and other nefarious wrongdoings, but our story today covers brazen criminals who pocket card reading machines and install devices that record card numbers and PIN details, before dropping them back at retailers. Sneaky. And quite, quite evil.

There’s a bit of colour on I4S today with coverage of the London Mela, which was secured once again by AP Security.

Over on www.jobsforsecurity.com – which is a really, really great site about jobs for security – there’s been a bit of advice refreshment going on, tailored specifically to the security industry. Thinking of looking for a new job? Have a look at our careers section and get some advice on putting your CV together. That’s useful!

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