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The security week: Awards, technology, and security dogs

Welcome to this somewhat premature I4S Weekly newsletter. We’re early this week because of the Good Friday public holiday here in the UK, and quite possibly wherever you are too. Nice.

The finalists for this year’s IFSEC Security Industry Awards have been announced. Click here to find out who made it, and to book your table for the event. Skills for Security is running its Apprentice Skills Challenge at the show. Check out the details here.

We’ve also got IFSEC preview information from Integrated Design, Grandstream, Commend, Barix, Winsted, iLoq, and many more, on our dedicated IFSEC news pages. Extensive stuff.

And in a bumper week of show news, IFSEC organisers UBM Live announced a brand new exhibition: IFSEC South India, taking place next March in Bangalore. It follows the success of IFSEC India. That’s just super.

The Home Office is using a £2m cash injection to help catch burglars with new technology – including so-called ‘trap houses’; G4S has signed a major contract with GlaxoSmithKline; and FM giant MITIE has launched a security profile and risk calculator, imaginatively called SPARC.

Our CCTV Doctor Alistair Enser popped in to answer a reader question on shed surveillance – and our IP expert Phil Doyle was back in his guise as The Networker.

Also today we’ve got an important, landmark article on canine security and the possible implications of its unionisation.

Security charity Hear4U has been relaunched – wisely, in my opinion – as the Security Benevolent Fund. Read about the good work it does here.

Make sure you head over to Jobs for Security for all the latest security jobs – and to advertise your own vacancies. It’s tremendous fun for all the family.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

And here’s a panda taking revenge on a tree which done him wrong, or something.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: 2010 Vision, back lighting, and looking back

Hola! That’s Spanish for ‘howdy‘. It’s also the first word in this week’s security news missive, packed to the gills full of informative and interesting stuff, things, and whatnot.

First cab off the rank is SMT Online editor Brian Sims, who reports direct from Turkey on Samsung’s Vision Conference – and their plans for 2010. This report features video content. Video!

Brian also supplied us with his SMT Online Editor’s View – this week he examined a BBC documentary looking at the goings on in the UK Home Office. Salient!

Also in residence is our CCTV Doctor, providing advice this time around on CCTV back lighting. That’s some useful info, right there.

For many years Mike Lynskey has been a respected and experienced figure in the UK installation sector, most recently working for the NSI, and writing often for Security Installer magazine. Here, as he prepares for retirement, he looks back on his time in the industry – and the changes that have taken place in that period.


Important! Time is running out to get your entries in for the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Click this link here to get involved. Most categories are open to companies exhibiting at the show – but there are also three open to non-exhibitors as well. You’ll receive mega-kudos if your company gets nominated, let alone wins. So do it. Do it!


Also in the news this week was Siemens at school in Newcastle; a Port Glasgow security boss fined; a starring role for Hikvision at Universal Studios; and a vote of confidence in manned guarding from Magenta Security boss Abbey Petkar.

Our Song About Security this week comes from little-known conservative singer songwriter Elton John. It says some important things about the modern world, despite being 37 years old.

And if you’re looking for a job in security, I recommend visiting Jobs For Security. It’s a security jobs website! Great.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Curbing boozing and double doctor time

Monday greetings, and welcome to your first I4S missive of the week. This one is short and sweet, like a well-mannered nephew, or something. Nothing at all like an angry dog.

We kick off with the door supervisor community and their pledge to help curb underage drinking this festive period. Good work, chaps!

Then we have the return of two of our favourite doctors – Dr CCTV, and Dr Alarms. They are covering hybrid video recorders and tamper false alarms respectively. Stunning.

There’s also CameraWatch’s call for annual audits of public space CCTV; an acquisition for G4S; an ESPlus Christmas warning; and a Park Royal award.


www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Fraud, advice, and naked scanning

It’s the end of another week of security news explorationboldly going where no other security information portal would ever dare, or try, discovering new security stars and planets, and just generally expanding humanity’s knowledge base. So that’s good.

Appropriately enough, we kicked off the week with an article with the word ‘kickstart’ in its headline! How gloriously suitable. It was about National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. To tie in with the theme, SMT Online editor Brian Sims wrote his SMT Online Editor’s View around the same subject, and the BSIA also weighed in with their thoughts.

Away from fraud, it was the week that the doctors took control of I4S. Our CCTV Doctor addressed the subject of entry-level IP systems, while our Alarms Doctor looked at Radio Frequency Interference. If they were a band, or part of the police, I would call them The Advice Squad.

At the start of the week, a lot of the mainstream British media decided to report on Manchester Airport’s new scanners, which apparently can see right through your clothes to provide a blurry image of the outline of your saucy, saucy body. I wrote a blog piece about it – and now this week’s Song About Security is dedicated to the same subject. It’s from X-Ray Spex. Clever!

This time next week, we’ll have the results of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards available for you. They take place on Thursday night – and if you really want to be the first in the know, follow me on Twitter. I’ll be providing live updates direct from the Park Lane Hilton in London. Technological!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Doctors and fraud

High! It’s time for the first of this week’s daily digestible news chunklets. More words to follow.

And here they are! We’ve gone Doctor crazy today, with not one but two advice-giving medicos on hand to help out with all of your security ailments. First up is our CCTV Doctor, who is looking at entry-level IP gear. Then there’s the Alarms Doctor, with wise words on Radio Frequency Interference.

It’s also National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, as if you didn’t know. Why not investigate further by reading the story which this is a link to?

Then there’s the countdown to big event IFSEC India 2009. Join the counting down party!

And Colin Rogers says the best way for manufacturers to attain success in security is through a closer alliance with installers. Is he right?

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Doctors and Bench Tests

Welcome to the very first August 2009 edition of these newslettery things.

In case you missed it on Friday, the nominees for the 2009 Security Excellence Awards have been announced. Go have a look – then feel free to book your place at the big event.

Also on the site today is our latest Bench Test. This one comes from Honeywell, and is the latest development in their Galaxy range. There’s also a piece on new Honeywell video management software.

The CCTV Doctor is back in the house – he’s offering softly-spoken words of wisdom on the concept of zoom. Exhilarating!

There are also some intriguing false statements; looking after festival types at Camp Bestival; and a megapixel solution for perimeter protection. Totally informative!

I’m off on holiday from after tomorrow’s missive – back on the 17th. The incomparable Mr Brian Sims will be sitting in whilst I’m away.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: The wild west edition

Yeehar, pardners. It’s time to saddle up etc and mosey or somesuch into The Security Week. Giddy up.

First cowpoke off the rank (I believe this is the correct expression) is London’s Metropolitan Police, who are launching their PREFIT Forum today, to aid in reducing employee theft.

There’s also a bunch of chaps in this company, UKB Security, who are claiming that the recession has actually boosted sales of domestic security gear.

Our new apothecary, the CCTV Doctor Enser, is fixin’ to help folks with his video advice – this time on image resolution.

And our Song About Security this week comes courtesy of wild young gunslinger Jimi Hendrix. If he was wearing spurs he’d probably use them to play his guitar with. Or something.

Taking our CCTV End User Survey is like striking gold on your own claim. If by ‘gold’ you mean ‘the potential to win £200 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers’.

And winning a Security Excellence Award is like being elected mayor, or sheriff, or some other glamorous role, in a really cool town full of lovely ladies and groovy cowboys and horses and all that other stuff. It’s good.

I’m going to ride off into the lunchtime sunset and start moving house. Enjoy the weekend, hombres.

Go for it!!!! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Sharks, MI6, doctors, swine flu

Info4security is packed to the rafters today with quality security news action. It’s causing the same levels of excitement as would occur if a shark were let loose in the canals of Venice.

Let’s begin with national security, shall we? OK then. How about a story on the new chief of MI6? That seems to fit the bill.

And UKB Security is claiming that the current recession has seen an increase in demand for domestic security installations. Remarkable!

The CCTV Doctor is in the house – and this time he has regenerated. Meet Dr Enser, who is concentrating on image resolution in his virtual surgery.

We’ve also got some advice for security managers on how to deal with swine flu. Here are some pigs on a road.

Two important things: make sure you take part in our CCTV End User Survey; and enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009, for your chance to be a winner. You know it makes sense.

Then: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: A free webinar – and security on the move

OMG! A week of security news thrills, excitement and out of this world informations! Good Friday kept us out of your inbox last week, but we’re now back, baby. Back!

First up: we’re giving away a free webinar! That’s right, FREE. A webinar is like an internet (‘web’) seminar (‘inar’), and is one of the uglier made up words known to man. But that doesn’t matter, because if you’ve got a computer that emits sound you can get involved. It’s about High Definition and IP CCTV. They’re hot button issues!

Our CCTV Doctor has come to the rescue this week, answering a reader question about cars equipped with cameras. And LandRover has introduced a new Armoured Discovery 4×4 vehicle. Macho!

Schools security is an important topic, which is why we have a story with the headline Securing our schools. Go ahead and read it. Responsible!

If you enjoy this newsletter, and you are interested in the Indian security industry, then you really really should subscribe to our I4S India Weekly Update. It makes a ridiculous amount of sense. Ridiculous!

A musical giant (and sometime alleged moral midget) in this week’s Song About Security. Last week featured some other musical legends. Tuneful!

The I4S Industry Focus service is like a miracle made flesh, or something. It was hand built by a genius so that when stories appear on our website, a few related articles from companies in a similar sector magically appear to the right of the page. It’s astonishing! But completely legal.

Honk – www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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CCTV Doctor, and Swedish analytics

Hello. Our shapeshifting CCTV Doctor is back in action today – this time he’s answering a reader question on CCTV being used in a publicly parked car. Whatever next?

Video analytics and Sweden go together like trampolining dwarves and the avoidance of yawning hippopotami. So, unsurprisingly, here is a story about video analytics being used there – for the forces of good!

We’ve also got a story about the German embassy in Moscow; Advance Security’s work in Scotland; the Indian security spectrum; and remote monitoring with Crown and Siemens.

A reminder: enter the Security Excellence Awards. These awards are so prestigious that winning one – according to legend – allows you five magical wishes, redeemable with any supernatural being.

Come on! www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Thanks.

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