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Blogs, identity, and the BBC

It’s Thursday, and it just so happens to be ‘Blog Action Day‘, which is where people who do blogs write things about a thing. This year’s thing is climate change. You can see my contribution here (or below) – and that of SMT Online supremo Brian Sims here.

Also today, Brian reports on Pilgrims Group’s work with the BBC’s By Any Means 2 programme, hosted by Charlie Boorman, famous for being friends with Ewan McGregor, and riding a motorcycle.

And the BSIA is urging businesses to take identity fraud seriously. That is, to take the threat of identity fraud seriously, rather than try to make it a new revenue stream. I’m fairly sure that’s what they mean.

Additional nuggets of security news gold come in the form of flea-powered access control; door supervisor checks, with one man “found wearing a photocopy” of his licence; and a new look for QED online.

Here are some otters playing basketball.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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