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Cash-in-transit at the movies

Ho ho ho, etc. It’s 17 days until Christmas, so here are some security news items. A kind of ‘present‘, if you will.

This is definitely a festive treat – a movie all about cash-in-transit operatives, spelled wrongly by Americans. Let me know your predictions as to its quality.

If you fancy breaking into films and celebrity whatnot yourself, you should purchase a motorhome. Octavian is looking for on-site caravanners to help protect its outside broadcast projects. Seriously.

In addition, there are pieces on monitored alarm systems and also IP signalling (featuring a photo of author Bob Tuck, clearly the friendliest-looking man in the world); VSG protecting a Bosch plant; Axxon on the lessons it has learnt working in Russia, and how they will translate to the UK; and a fraudulent medic. What a plank!

Here is some pie. Merry Christmas.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Video analytics in the spotlight

It’s the finalĀ Alarmist postĀ of the year. To some, this will come as a devastating blow. To others, blessed relief. To most, it will be of minor significance, merely another indicator that the years are passing, the seasons changing, time marching on. It’s like a fluttering calendar in a movie – but with a link to Bruce Springsteen singing a Christmas carol at the end of it.

There’s definitely a video analytics vibe to this bittersweet final missive. We’ve got a report on Portsmouth City Council’s pioneering central area monitoring. And an ‘Eco-Park’ in South Africa – called ‘Xanadu’ – is using analytics and thermal imaging to make sure no intruders, well – intrude. As far as I am aware, the park contains neither Kubla Khan nor Olivia Newton-John.

We’ve got a special piece that predicts what the major cybercrime threats are likely to be in 2009.

And Salto Systems and Salisbury District Hospital have won a prize. It was for the hospital’s access control installation!

As promised, your seasonal treat: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing a uniquely disturbing version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town at London’s O2. Enjoy?

There’ll be some updates to I4S over the Christmas and New Year break, including a special festive Song About Security. We’ll be back in full swing from Monday January 5. How exciting!

Have an excellent Christmas and New Year. 2009 looks like it should be an interesting year.

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Banking and 2012 Olympics

Today it’s all about bad news for security in the banking sector, and asking questions about London’s preparedness for running the Olympic Games. Apparently they’re on in 2012 or something. At least, that’s what I’ve heard about them!

In other news, CST has started a new security division, which they’ve gone ahead and called ‘SST’. It’s a radical move, but it could work.

And in Durham, which is part of England, they’re using ANPR cameras from PIPS to create a ‘Ring of Steel’. It’s not a literal ring, but it is a metaphorical one.

In this Christmassy period, don’t forget to have a job. A great place to get a security job from is Jobs for Security. Go get ’em, buster!

Then visit these sites: info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. It’s a thing!

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Supermarket security and a Pall Mall excursion

Today we’ve got the details of a major installation project carried out between supermarket giant Sainsbury’s (not an actual giant) and distributor Norbain. Reduced shrinkage!

Brian Sims also ventured forth to the badlands of London’s notorious Pall Mall when he bravely accepted an invitation to attend Axis Security’s inaugural Christmas Luncheon. His experiences form the basis of this harrowing report. (Note: report not actually harrowing.)

We’ve also got stories on Ganz cameras being used to test jet engines, and a new ANPR system (with a particularly festive photo), as well as a raft of appointments. And there’s a round up of the stories which attracted the most reader comments last month.

Next week, the Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters conference takes place. I know, it feels like we’ve been looking forward to it forever! Personally, when someone initially suggested we wrap clingfilm around the idea, I’m glad we ignored them. Really glad! There’s still time to get involved, if getting involved is what you so desire. In fact, I would encourage it.

Get down with your bad self by visiting info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Retail challenges and a new distributor

Apparently Christmas is happening soon, much to my surprise. This type of celebration seems kinda tasteless at such a time of serious global economic crisis.

But even though we can’t stop Christmas this year, retailers are still likely to feel a lot of pain thanks not only to a lack of spending, but also to enthusiastic shoplifters. Douglas Greenwell of G4S provides I4S and SMT Online with an in-depth look at the challenges facing the retail sector beyond the festive season.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Not at all! One company, Solutions Group (UK), has set up a brand new CCTV distribution arm with 15 trade counters scattered around the UK for ease of access. And ease of CCTV! A security joke, there.

And in news about partnerships and things of that nature, we bring you the news that MITIE has entered into a partnership with Stirling Assynt. Congratulations to them both! However, ‘Assynt’ is a particularly unattractive word. I’m just saying.

How do you like managing things? Do you like managing unexpected things – such as crises? Would you like to be better at that sort of thing? Yes? Maybe? Well, as luck would have it, there’s a conference called Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. It sounds right up your alleyway!

There are these two websites, right, called info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk, and I, like, thoroughly recommend you give them both an eyeballing.

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