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The security week: Physical security and DVR impressions

It’s that time of the week – security news round-up/digest/omnibus funtimes time. Oh yes.

First off the blocks is our latest Bench Test – and it’s a glowing review for Samsung’s SHR 8162 DVR. Read all about it here.

Then there’s a warning that the physical security industry needs a long hard look at itself, and “a major restructure”, according to a survey from Memoori.

This week SMT Online editor Brian Sims looked at the key findings of a review into the Security Industry Authority in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Interesting.

We’ve also got the latest top five tidbits of advice from Iain Cameron of Mirasys – who looks at calculating bandwidth on a local area network. Useful!


Advertisement break: Hey, you – yeah, you! Are you looking for a security job? You are? Tremendous. Here is one that you should apply for: it’s a field sales role for respected industry locking etc types Chubb. Go ahead and apply for it! That way, you may get the job.


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the people behind clothing-specific dating website uniformdating.com have approached I4S with an offer we couldn’t refuse – £10 off any subscription on their site simply by entering the code SECURITY10 on their upgrades page. It’s particularly suitable for security types who wear a uniform, I’d be so bold as to suggest. And are single, ideally.

This week’s Song About Security comes from perennial weirdos Sparks. It was suggested by a reader and everything.

Don’t forget that you can now pre-register for security exhibition jamboree IFSEC right now, for free. And if you’re exhibiting, you can go ahead and enter the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Potential kudos!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Security Swann time

A swan, yesterday (not involved in security industry, sadly)

A swan, yesterday (not involved in security industry, sadly)

Well yes indeed – it’s Monday, and there are a whole swag of stories on I4S just hanging around seductively, waiting for you to devour them with your eyes. Or something.

Because there are so darned many, I’m going to go ahead and kinda list ‘em, highlights-style.

–         There’s a Salto access system for a blind care home

–         A G4S report says crime against large retailers is perceived as ‘victimless’

–         Data Protection Act breaches of up to £500,000 to be ratified

–         Paxton and Pelco enter integration partnership

–         Mobotix and Dalycom help protect school

–         Axis begins 2010 with triple product launch

–         Swann accepts senior appointment at Chiron (that’s a man whose surname is Swann – if an actual swan had taken on a senior role at a security firm, you better believe I’d be giving it blanket coverage. And by that I don’t mean covering it with a blanket etc.)

–         ASIS Foundation publishes CRISP report on burglary prevention

–         Chubb sports advanced CCTV at Wright Robinson College

–         Magenta wins green award

–         Westminster Group contract to supply UK prisons

Exciting, huh? Yes.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Win stuff by completing our survey!

Are you a CCTV end user? Do you know any CCTV end users? Would you or they or either of your loved ones fancy upping the ante by winning £200 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers? You/they would? Well – I’d be delighted if you or they took part in our CCTV End User Survey, which we are running in conjunction with CCTV In Focus. It takes almost no time to complete, and your responses will allow us to report thoroughly on the end user experience. Useful!

This week, in news to warm the cockles of Joanna Lumley’s heart, we reported on the G4S Gurkha Services and their work in protecting a fancy greenhouse. Run along and read it, y’hear? Then sate your appetite for G4S stories by finding out about all the summer events they are protecting.

Also: Security Installer editor Alan Hyder pulled up in his metaphorical analysis truck, connected his enormous opinion hose, and sprayed commentary all over the blazing security issues of the week, in his SI Editor’s View. Insightful!

Do you like videos of people smacking and bashing door entry systems? The people at Paxton Access do – we’ve got footage of a man doing just that in this very story.

This week’s Song About Security comes from The Police. Feel free to bounce and groove along with it.

Are you interested in romance and adventure? Yes? Then you may be interested in the glamorous Bond Museum in Cumbria, which celebrates all things James Bond and is protected by Chubb. Nice!

Ta-da! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Lethal robots, SmartWater and gorillas

Robots with machine guns taking out intruders? It’s no longer the cool fantasy of a 14-year old. Lethal robots are here, ladies and gents, as Samsung Techwin are showing with their SGR-1. It’s possibly a little extreme to work in a shopping centre or something like that, though.

There’s always interest in forensic splishy substance SmartWater – today we report on its use in protecting the Tyne and Wear Metro from cable theft.

Gorillas are funny to look at. That’s a universal truth. Helping visitors to gawp at gorillas in comfort and security is Chubb, who have helped strengthen security at London Zoo’s gorilla enclosure. I was actually there recently, and have to report that I felt very safe indeed, and at no stage was I attacked by any form of gorilla or ape.

Also today, Dedicated Micros is giving away free cameras to installers who purchase its SD4 DVRs; and on our I4S India channel, we’ve got an update on security arrangements for the super-rich Indian Premier League cricket tournament.

There’s plenty more besides. You should definitely visit info4security and investigate further. Here is a short song about locating cheese for your pleasure.

Seriously, I recommend visiting www.info4security.com. Oh, and also www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Introducing I4S India – and attacking the SIA

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the info4security family – I4S India.

That’s right, it’s an exciting new development – a spiffing new channel on I4S, edited by dedicated and charming Bangalore-based Verghese V Joseph. Read my introductory piece – then send him all of your lovely India-centric news.

Also today, Justin ‘P’ Bentley, chief executive of IPSA, has come out swinging against the SIA in the wake of its Delivery Review. Youch! In the same neck of the woods, thematically, is Mick Lee’s take on the flaws of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme. It’s already generating discussion – have your say and leave a comment on the article.

In technology news, OmniPerception is working with BAE Systems to improve facial recognition technology for CCTV systems. Lovely.

And this story, set in Fleetwood, includes a picture of a delightful-looking group of young men.

Don’t forget to conference: Securing Educational Establishments and the IFSEC Conference 2009 are your best bets. For sure.

And once more into the breach/websites: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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