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Delicious security news smorgasbord

A genuine imaginary mouthwatering smorgasbord of security news tastiness today. There’s a little bit of everything, to moisten the tastebuds of security gourmands around the globe. Exciting!

SMT Online‘s Brian Sims spoke exclusively to Security Institute president Lord Carlile on issues including CCTV, counter-terrorism and policing. Hard-hitting stuff.

Cooperation is lovely. In that spirit, ONVIF has released its test tool and conformance process, so manufacturers can get stuck in, plugging and playing with each other’s devices. Or something like that. Hmm.

Elsewhere, I’ve gone and ranted a bit about the public perception of surveillance and a new BBC documentary series. Cathartic!

Obviously, one of the most serious crime waves ever to hit these shores is that taking place in the world of beekeeping, where thieves are nicking bees and that. Apparently something something ‘abuzz’! Honk.

And if you’re intrigued by that mysterious video compression thingo, H.264, you should read this ‘fact and fiction’-style piece by Arecont Vision’s Dr Michael Korkin, called H.264: Fact and fiction. That’s what it’s called!

Come along, then: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Excellence awards and chips and opinion

We’ve gone crazy with all the security news excitement on info4security today. Crazy!

First up, it’s the exciting news that entries are now open for the 2009 Security Excellence Awards – and there’s a brand new Environmental Initiative Award. Go green. Go on.

Samsung Electronics are launching a bunch of new cameras at IFSEC – powered by their new A1 chipset. DSP!

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has got all het up about the Government’s new counter-terrorism plans. Read his Editor’s View and then have your say!

There’s also some cameras in custody; IFSEC questions for both Bosch and Xtralis; and door supervisors wearing armbands in Norfolk.


Visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Yep.

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