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The security week: In-house inaction, and HD CCTV

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo. Hi there. It’s been another week of high octane security news excitement, so let’s dive right in.

First up is old pal Wilson Chowdhry with his take on the licensing – or lack of licensing – of in-house security officers. He thinks it’s a missed opportunity. Yourself?

This morning myself and Security Installer editor Alan Hyder met with a man with one of the coolest surnames in all of security: Todd Rockoff. (Sure, he’s no Roger Vigilance, but who is?) Todd’s the executive director of the HDcctv Alliance, who are advocates of High Definition CCTV, you’ll be shocked to know. This new technology aims to utilise broadcast quality HD images across standard coaxial cable, and looks like it could be an important alternative to megapixel IP CCTV. Here’s a short video of what he had to say. We’ll be running a full exclusive feature interview on I4S next week.

Speaking of HD, Dallmeier’s new series of recorders glories in the ridiculous name of ‘In Memory of Leonardo’. I have nothing more to add to that one.

This week’s Song About Security comes from Public Enemy, and follows in that fine tradition of tunes about escaping from jail. Or gaol. But I assume they probably mean jail.

IFSEC India 2009 is happening in just a couple of months’ time. Why not go there, and also visit Internal Security India, the Counter Terror India conference, and Firex India? Do so! It’s no joke.

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The ‘face time’ edition

Tuesday greetings to you, security fans. We’ve got a number of news stories to point out to you. So let’s not delay, eh?

First up we’ve got Honeywell, who have launched a cost-effective two-door version of its NetAXS access panel. Cheap entry!

And Stewart Hefferman, previously quoted in many TSSI stories, has jumped ship to biometrics folks OmniPerception. He’s their ‘new face‘. That’s an hilarious reference to their facial recognition capabilities. LOL!

Elsewhere there are camera launches from Dallmeier; improved domes from Vicon; compatible DVRs from Lilin; and police excitement over on I4S India.

Make sure you take our CCTV End User Survey. You can win Marks & Spencer vouchers. You also receive 800 points of free street credibility.

Here is a puppy in a drain rescued using CCTV.

Now that’s done, why not visit www.info4security.com?

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New chief for the SIA

An I4S breaking news live-from-the-scene extravaganza today. SMT Online journalistic El Jefe, Brian Sims, gave us the news of Bill Butler’s appointment as chief executive of the Security Industry Authority – and we were live with the story even before the SIA had released the news itself. Scooparama!

That other great pillar of the UK security industry’s media community, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, brings us news of a report on mobile surveillance, which seems to be ‘accelerating’ in popularity. Accelerating! Ha! Amusing transport-based wordplay! Yeah.

In other news, there’s accreditation for Security Design Centre; IFSEC success for Dallmeier; and Commonwealth Games security news.

Do not even consider forgetting to enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009. That would be insane! Enter the awards and reassure the world of your sound-mindedness.

How nice: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk

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Wiseberg departs – and retail security in recessionary times

In breaking news today, Adam Wiseberg, AD Group board director and immediate past chairman of the BSIA, has decided to leave the company he has worked with for 11 years.

I’ve also heard some amazing and controversial suggestions that there could be trouble afoot in the financial sector. These outlandish rumours certainly seem to have influenced Security Installer supremo Alan Hyder, who concentrates on the effect of the phenomenon he is dubbing ‘the recession’ in the first instalment of his SI Editor’s View for 2009.

Elsewhere, Dallmeier have announced their new UK distribution partner, following their split from Norbain in December. And speaking of Norbain, make sure you read our exclusive interview with CEO Alun John. It’s darned good!

Does anyone really know what an ‘enterprise’ is these days? I certainly don’t. Find out how to secure this amorphous concept by reading David Howorth’s article.

The truly global nature of the security business in 2009 is reflected in other parts of our coverage today. A Chinese manufacturer, HikVision, has had its NVRs installed in Iranian bank branches; another Chinese manufacturer, BlueStar, has launched an ‘intelligent’ DVR; and UK company Kane Computing is reselling French firm NexVision’s products.

In a not particularly rollicking tale of piracy, there are pirates doing nasty things with Windows 7. Swashbuckling? Probably not.

Get your eyes here: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Prize Mosquitoes and Unipart Limitations

It’s the Monday after the weekend before, and as usual I4S is jam-packed full of all the security news that’s fit to print all over your computer screen.

So, first up there’s the (in)famous Mosquito young person-annoying device, which has won a Merseyside police award for reducing antisocial behaviour.

And Unipart has decided to make its Security Solutions department a Limited company. Freedom.

The ever-helpful CCTV Doctor, Jon Hill of Siemens Building Technologies Security Products, is back, and this time he’s offering advice on solid state storage. Clinical!

There’s also an award for IndigoVision, the SIA sprinkling a little Cinnamon on door supervisors, and Dallmeier deciding to end its distribution deal with Norbain.

Don’t forget that all of your security job dreams can come true by visiting Jobs for Security, the security jobs website. It’s kind of like a magical kingdom of wonderful delights for security job seekers.

Feel free to stick your security oar in at info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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