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The security week: Physical security and DVR impressions

It’s that time of the week – security news round-up/digest/omnibus funtimes time. Oh yes.

First off the blocks is our latest Bench Test – and it’s a glowing review for Samsung’s SHR 8162 DVR. Read all about it here.

Then there’s a warning that the physical security industry needs a long hard look at itself, and “a major restructure”, according to a survey from Memoori.

This week SMT Online editor Brian Sims looked at the key findings of a review into the Security Industry Authority in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Interesting.

We’ve also got the latest top five tidbits of advice from Iain Cameron of Mirasys – who looks at calculating bandwidth on a local area network. Useful!


Advertisement break: Hey, you – yeah, you! Are you looking for a security job? You are? Tremendous. Here is one that you should apply for: it’s a field sales role for respected industry locking etc types Chubb. Go ahead and apply for it! That way, you may get the job.


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the people behind clothing-specific dating website uniformdating.com have approached I4S with an offer we couldn’t refuse – £10 off any subscription on their site simply by entering the code SECURITY10 on their upgrades page. It’s particularly suitable for security types who wear a uniform, I’d be so bold as to suggest. And are single, ideally.

This week’s Song About Security comes from perennial weirdos Sparks. It was suggested by a reader and everything.

Don’t forget that you can now pre-register for security exhibition jamboree IFSEC right now, for free. And if you’re exhibiting, you can go ahead and enter the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Potential kudos!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Mylene Klass; and DVTel acquires ioimage

Today on I4S Brian Sims offers his take on the Mylene Klass knife-wielding brouhaha – and gives us the lowdown on a protest set to take place this weekend.

There’s also the news that DVTel has acquired prominent Israeli analytics equipment firm and annoying user of lowercase letters ioimage. Owned.

Bosch has launched a new ‘no nonsense’ DVR; Siemens is providing outsourced CCTV for Bexley; IC2 is protecting Maidstone’s park and ride facilities; and IndigoVision is in action in Jordan (the country).

That’s some magnificent security news for you, right there.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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It’s the ‘Wednesday’ edition!

Welcome to this special ‘Wednesday‘ edition of this, your approachable yet authoritative security news information and entertainment service. Hi!

Today we continue with our unrivalled coverage of the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference. This time it’s Graeme McCabe of the Home Office in the spotlight, talking Better Regulation.

And following this week’s edition of the BBC’s Who’s Watching You? (the first episode of which I blathered on about here) which focused heavily on data security and related issues, Jim Watson of Shred Easy looks at how businesses can protect themselves.

We’ve also got a DVR launch from DM, including bonus instructional video; cameras from Samsung Techwin with in-built UTP transmitters; a safer internet; and a new office for SCS Security Design.

As part of this year’s Security Excellence Awards, we’ve introduced a new Environmental Initiative category. It’s your chance to show your company’s green credentials, in any form. If you win this award, everyone will think you are the greatest person ever to walk on the face of the Earth. That’s great!

Kapow: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: A cause for optimism?

It’s Friday. That’s a fact! (Unless you are reading this on any other day of the week.) I sincerely hope the week has not left you exhausted. Or pining for excessive quantities of alcohol. Let’s turn that frown upside down. Let’s get security newstastic!

First up is some breaking news about a survey suggesting there’s some cause for optimism in the UK security and fire industries. Misguided, or realistic?

We had our first look at Norbain’s new budget Xeno range in a Bench Test of the XDR04-250 DVR. How’d it fare? Naughty, or nice? If you read the article you will find out more about this very topic.

It’s good to be green. People believe this. So this solar CCTV installation must be good, right? Right?

Looking for advice? We’ve got it. How about Jon’s Top 5 tips for CCTV types? And some words of wisdom from our Access Control Doctor? That’s useful stuff.

Speaking of useful, the NSI has provided some suggestions for improved home security. It’s information worth celebrating. And it has a picture of an actual burglar-type caught in the act.

There are some things you should do simply because they just make sense. One of these things is to register for our free (sorry, I meant FREE) webinar, which happens next week. It’s all about HD and IP CCTV. The speakers are very informative. And the knowledge you can gain would be a great asset to any security professional. Register now!

Hoorah! www.info4security.com, and www.ifsec.co.uk!

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Budget kit – and the Budget

Being back at work after the weekend is no laughing matter – but we’ve got a wealth of super interesting and exciting security news to add a little sparkle to your week of (possible) drudgery. If my employers are reading this, I’m personally delighted to be back in the office. Honestly.

Having just about got away with that, let’s move on to the topic everyone can’t stop talking about – our new Bench Test. This time around we have our first look at Norbain’s new cost-conscious Xeno line of CCTV equipment, in the shape of its XDR04 DVR. Nice assessment!

And following that look at some budget kit, we’ve got a security-oriented look at the Budget itself, handed down last week by UK Chancellor Alistair Darling. Paula Tallon tells all.

Jon Hill of Mirasys UK begins his regular series of installer advice columns – Jon’s Top 5. This time he’s looking at IP CCTV.

You know, one of the themes of today’s missive has been cost-effectiveness and budgeting. (The others are security, IP CCTV, looking inside digital video recorders, and complaining about having to work.) And you can’t get any more cost-effective than something that is TOTALLY FREE*. An excellent free thing is our new webinar, which focuses on IP and HD CCTV. If you’re reading this, it seems likely that you have a computer. In that case, you should really go and register for it. It’s free!

*Unless someone gave you some money for no reason, I suppose. But that seems unlikely.

In that case – or even if not: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Burning buses and online dangers

You know when you’re waiting ages for a bus, and there’s no bus turning up, and more and more people are gathering at your bus stop, and some of them are lighting cigarettes in an effort to make the bus come, and others are starting to mutter swear words to themselves, and everyone’s just getting really agitated – when suddenly three buses appear? And one of them is on fire? Well, there’s a chance that the cause of the fire may have been caught on CCTV and recorded on a remarkably resilient DVR. Some parts of the above happened in a story we are featuring today.

In his Editor’s View, venerable SMT boss Brian Sims lends his formidable rhetorical skills to the potential dangers of social networking sites, as well as looking back to 9/11 and the effectiveness, or otherwise, of security responses to the event.

Also on the agenda today is the return of highly popular and important conference The Threat Within, which takes place on November 19, and focuses on reducing employee crime. It’s a good’un.

Don’t forget that the Security Excellence Awards are just around the corner. If you’re not sitting at a table there, you won’t have anything to drink yourself under.*

*Please drink in moderation. Also, pay attention to the awards being given out.

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