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The security week: Terror threat, and the HD future

It’s Friday, and as a consequence I have Friday on my mind. Astounding! You may also have Friday on your mind, but it is by no means a requirement, or a demand. Approach your life as you see fit.

This week I was very briefly in Munich to hear about Sony’s new HD CCTV launches. There’s an article I wrote about it all here – and something specific about Sony’s new HD camera is here.

Erstwhile and current SMT Online editor Brian Sims covered UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s raising of the terror threat level; he also brought us the details of Terahertz radiation technology being used in scanners to detect explosives.

We had two stories in the ‘spraying some stuff onto things or people’ category – door supervisors are spraying people with Redweb’s stuff; and Dutch train people are spraying metal things with Selectamark’s stuff. Spray!

And a consultancy has claimed that risk management is a “top 10 career move in 2010“. Is it? Is it really?

Three popular things now: a story about the security and legal implications of people accessing online porn at work; private investigators say that business is booming during the economic downturn; and our Song About Security this week comes from way back in 1944, courtesy of the Andrews Sisters. Old school.

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The security week: Dutch video, crime bill, Beyonce, Shakira, and Glastonbury

It’s Friday, and I’ve got Friday on my mind. Lucky, really. Let’s do this security news thing, before we indulge in weekendly leisure activities.

So – first up is a bit of Dutch video. You like that, don’t you? It’s of some UK gangsters robbing an ATM in a shop in the Netherlands. A dangerous way to bring home the bacon.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has gone ahead and had a look at the Government’s Crime and Security Bill. Read what he wrote by clicking here!

It’s not often that we use pictures of Beyonce and Shakira in our pages, but there was one of each this week. Why? Read the story for further enlightenment.

And for more exciting Glastonbury-based security news, you could do a hell of a lot worse than reading this story all about it. At least Bosch’s involvement, anyway.

This week’s tenuously justified Song About Security comes courtesy of one of my favourite ever bands, the Jesus and Mary Chain. They’re noisy, and/but utterly brilliant. It’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. Of course, you are perfectly entitled to hold the wrong opinion. That is your right.


www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Financing, an award, and party cops

It’s interesting to see the differing approaches companies are making to trading in these increasingly difficult economic times. Today we’ve got a story about Siemens Building Technologies Security Solutions introducing new financing packages for customers.

Some companies continue to win prizes, even amidst the financial turmoil. Security Excellence Award-winner IndigoVision has walked away with a Scottish export award. Actually, they were given it. They didn’t just grab it off a table and walk away. That’s not what I was suggesting.

There’s also a new H.264 megapixel dome camera release from IQinVision, which that company claims is “the first fully-integrated, vandal-resistant megapixel dome camera line on the market”. Impressive!

I’ve been reliably informed that the so-called ‘festive season’ is well and truly upon us. Evidence for this comes in the form of photos from Milestone’s Christmas bash, which includes imagery of dressing up and getting on down.

In other excellent news, tomorrow is Friday. Hooray!

A small bird said these are good: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Truly.

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The security week: Olympic guards and ID cards

[Hello. I’m currently writing this on Wednesday, as I’m about to be away from I4S Towers for a few days, and I will be pretending from here on in that it is Friday.]

Well, what a week it’s been for info4security.com.

There’s been a heck of a lot of security-related news, I can certainly tell you that! Every day, it seems like the majority of stories we cover are related to the field of security in some way. Hopefully this week is not wildly different to any other!

Early in the week we featured Alan Hyder‘s provocative and powerful SI Editor’s View. There was also an interesting article on G4S’s plan to train locals to help with guarding the Olympic Park development.

There were also Bench Tests on a Panasonic dome and a Lilin DVR. Incisive. And useful!

Importantly, the design of the already infamous and hotly debated UK national identity cards was revealed. Contentious.

Later in the week, a whole host of interesting and vital security-related stories occurred. You’ll be able to read some of them by clicking the links below!

I hope you have enjoyed this Weekly Digest, and are looking forward to the weekend like I am! Haha. Seriously, though, I am happy in my work. Here is a video of a man struggling with technology.

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