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Meteors and cyclists

Greetings, security newsmates. It’s Monday afternoon, and thus time for your regular dose of security news excitement. Here goes!

CCTV has been in the news in South Africa – catching a meteor lighting up the sky above Gauteng (and, if we’re being honest, probably some other places as well). Have a look at it here.

AP Security have been busy this year – and their work at Glastonbury has been one of our most read stories – and now we’ve got another thing about what they did for the Tour of Britain. Cycling!

There’s also an IP distribution deal for EMEA between ADI and Pelco; a big RFID deal in Germany; Flir thermal cameras to be distributed by Videor in the UK; and a big chunk of extra recording capacity for a Samsung Techwin DVR. Bulging!

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The security week: Dutch video, crime bill, Beyonce, Shakira, and Glastonbury

It’s Friday, and I’ve got Friday on my mind. Lucky, really. Let’s do this security news thing, before we indulge in weekendly leisure activities.

So – first up is a bit of Dutch video. You like that, don’t you? It’s of some UK gangsters robbing an ATM in a shop in the Netherlands. A dangerous way to bring home the bacon.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has gone ahead and had a look at the Government’s Crime and Security Bill. Read what he wrote by clicking here!

It’s not often that we use pictures of Beyonce and Shakira in our pages, but there was one of each this week. Why? Read the story for further enlightenment.

And for more exciting Glastonbury-based security news, you could do a hell of a lot worse than reading this story all about it. At least Bosch’s involvement, anyway.

This week’s tenuously justified Song About Security comes courtesy of one of my favourite ever bands, the Jesus and Mary Chain. They’re noisy, and/but utterly brilliant. It’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. Of course, you are perfectly entitled to hold the wrong opinion. That is your right.


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Bills, SmartWater, warning, events

Good Thursday! Here’s a piece of trivia for you: Thursday was named after the Norse god Thur, famous for his ability to cheat at golf. Fact!

The security newsathon begins here: with Brian Sims‘ look at the Government’s Crime and Security Bill, revealed yesterday. Insightful!

There’s also an update on SmartWater and its forensic evidence gloop. Crimebusting!

Axis Communications puts the fun back into Christmas with a warning/gentle encouragement for retailers based around avoiding shoplifting by using high tech surveillance.

Here are three exciting things: Bosch goes to Glastonbury; and also grand prix racing; and ICTS provides access at Lord’s cricket ground. Eventastic!

Tomorrow is Friday. It’s Songs About Security day. What will tomorrow’s be? You will have this answer, and many more – some to questions you never thought worth asking – on your friendly neighbourhood security news hub, info4security.

See you then.

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Spacemen and festivals

Time’s short (or it can be, in any case – just think about the length of a microsecond!) so we’re directly into the security news goodness today.

Here’s Veracity, working with Axis – and they’re both helping NASA to train astronauts. That’s mighty nice of ’em!

Then there’s AP Security. A story we ran on their work at Glastonbury work has proven very popular – will today’s details about their Leeds Festival and London Mela assignments be as well read? Perhaps!

As is his wont every second week, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has plugged in his opinion blender and filled it with the latest security issues and stories, before holding down the lid and pressing go – resulting in the delicious analysis smoothie that is his SI Editor’s View.

And if you’re a CCTV end user who’d like a bit of cash – Mitsubishi is offering some.


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Industry responds to Bates resignation

More on the departure of BSIA chief executive John Bates today (apologies to Stuart Lowden for referring to Bates as the Association’s chairman yesterday – it was an honest slip of the brain, guv). SMT Online supremo Brian Sims spoke to some of the industry’s luminaries on their thoughts about the sudden decision.

Brian also graced us with his SMT Online Editor’s View today, focusing primarily on the SIA – and asking the pertinent question: where is the BSIA’s response to the decision not licence in-house security guards for the next three years?

After a massive response to our story on their work at Glastonbury, we’ve also got an article on AP Security’s protection of the Henley Festival – aimed at a slightly more hoity toity crowd.

There’s also an access system for a mighty big shopping mall; new faces at CSL DualCom; the revolting sounding concept of ‘data leakage‘; and an Avigilon megapixel system for a building in the United States of America, or USA.


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BSIA appointment, CSR:G4S, and family love

Pyronix boss Julie Kenny has taken on the vice-chairman’s role at the BSIA. That’s just one of the great stories on excellent security news website info4security.com today. Awesome!

G4S is a big fish in the security world, and today SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility achievements and the examples they set for the wider industry, in his SMT Online Editor’s View.

Brian’s also had the opportunity to do some ‘fact-finding’ in Portugal. Check out his article – it’s a delightful read.

The love of one’s family is clearly important. We have two articles that embrace that concept. One is on the award-winning Coopers from Allcooper Limited; the other is on a proud Dad from QED, whose son is playing at Glastonbury. How cool!

If you don’t take part in our CCTV End User Survey, or enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009, there’s a danger you may not win anything! That would be a shame.

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