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The security week: IFSEC 2010 special edition

It’s done. IFSEC, that enormous security hoedown held annually in Birmingham, is over for another year.

This time around the focus seemed to be on High Definition CCTV; the emergence of ‘true’ integration in management systems; and, finally, the acknowledgement that simplicity and ease of use should be priorities for security manufacturers. But more about that next week.

Info4security has been at the show all week, bringing you up-to-the-minute news and images. It’s been interesting, and it’s been rewarding – but at the moment it mainly feels like it’s been tiring. Scroll down and you’ll find links to many of our stories from the show floor.

You’ll find many more on I4S – and eventually they’ll all make their way to our archived IFSEC news page.

Spare a thought for Martin Brown at Milestone Systems, who began his new VP sales role on the first day of the show. Fun!

Our Song About Security this week comes from mutli-pronged hip hop collective the Wu Tang Clan. Delightful.

For real-time news updates follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

So put your feet up and relax. Here’s a nice little video of a rabbit chasing a snake. See you next week.

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The security week: IFSEC, customers and cash

It’s Friday, so it must be time to have a gander at The Security Week. And what a week it’s been, eh chums? Let’s have a little look.

Humungous security industry hoedown and product demonstration party IFSEC 2010 is just 10 days away. Crikey. We’re continuing our unrivalled preview coverage, as you’d expect – head over to our dedicated IFSEC News pages to see what we’ve done so far.

This week we’ve included Honeywell, 2020 Imaging, Hikvision, Navtech Radar, Keeneo, ASL, Tandberg and Clearview, Wavesight, AD Network Video, Promise Technology, Emizon, Videotec, Genie CCTV, Visimetrics, Salto, and Mindtree. Phew. And we’ve got a story about an ADT installation at the LG Arena – part of the NEC, where IFSEC itself takes place! What amazing congruity.

Also this week, our specialist end user channel SMT Online has partnered with Securitas to launch its inaugural Good Customer Award. That’s nice!

G4S Cash Services has renewed its multi-million pound contract with supermarket Morrisons. That oughta keep Richard Hammond’s paychecks safe, thank goodness.

Siemens and the London Borough of Bromley have had a major new outsourced CCTV project go live; a victim of an acid attack has spoken out in favour of CCTV; a new report claims ONVIF members still have a greater market share than those in the PSIA; the National Cyber Security Challenge has been launched; and our old pal The Networker is back, talking about HD CCTV.

Our Song About Security this week comes from one David Bowie. He is reported to be ‘thrilled’ to about his inclusion in this illustrious feature.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

Here’s a video of one hamster running in his wheel while another hamster sleeps – in the same wheel. Exciting!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Profiles, images, and Scottish ninjas


I come to you today in slightly jetlagged state, having been in Japan for the world premiere of Panasonic’s SmartHD concept and product range. I know, poor me. A full report on that will follow next week, but for now, let’s have a bit of a gander at this week’s highlights, shall we? OK, go.

As usual, intrepid SMT Online editor Brian Sims has been busy. He brought us his regular SMT Online Editor’s View column, which this time around focused on the Scottish Business Crime Centre’s parliamentary reception in Edinburgh, and the effective partnerships in security in that part of the world.

Brian also delivered an in-depth, two-part profile of Securitas MD Geoff Zeidler – part one is here, and part two here – as well as a video item from Cougar Monitoring, which has something to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Intrigued? Click here and find out more.

Our regular IP and networking advice column, The Networker, from Phil Doyle of Axis, returned with a focus on image quality, and the difference between HD and megapixel.

The BSIA has published a guide to help employers understand their responsibilities towards lone workers; Peter French looks at salaries in 2010; and Magenta Security is doing its bit to help train its employees.

Rapiscan has sold some of its body scanners to be used at Nigerian airports. No word yet on whether there are concerns about potential nudiness.

One of our regular features is Songs About Security, where we show a music video for a song that has some kind of vague, tenuous link to the security business. This week, hand-selected by new I4S colleague Amy Rowe, is Mark Knopfler’s harrowing tale of his time as a gritty gumshoe: Private Investigations.

And in the same spirit, over on our I4S India channel, there’s a story about Topsgrup providing ‘customised pre-marital investigation services.’ Classy.

Not really connected to anything in particular, here’s a video of a puppy attempting to sleep on some stairs. Enjoy.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Terror threat, and the HD future

It’s Friday, and as a consequence I have Friday on my mind. Astounding! You may also have Friday on your mind, but it is by no means a requirement, or a demand. Approach your life as you see fit.

This week I was very briefly in Munich to hear about Sony’s new HD CCTV launches. There’s an article I wrote about it all here – and something specific about Sony’s new HD camera is here.

Erstwhile and current SMT Online editor Brian Sims covered UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s raising of the terror threat level; he also brought us the details of Terahertz radiation technology being used in scanners to detect explosives.

We had two stories in the ‘spraying some stuff onto things or people’ category – door supervisors are spraying people with Redweb’s stuff; and Dutch train people are spraying metal things with Selectamark’s stuff. Spray!

And a consultancy has claimed that risk management is a “top 10 career move in 2010“. Is it? Is it really?

Three popular things now: a story about the security and legal implications of people accessing online porn at work; private investigators say that business is booming during the economic downturn; and our Song About Security this week comes from way back in 1944, courtesy of the Andrews Sisters. Old school.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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SIA Annual Report report, and HDcctv Standard

Ahoy! Here are some highlights from security wondersite info4security. It’s where I am employed!

First up, it’s SMT Online editor Brian Sims, with his Editor’s View – this time he’s tackling the Security Industry Authority’s Annual Report. It’s a thrill-ride!

Industry group the HDcctv Alliance has ratified version 1.0 of its standard, allowing manufacturers to make compatible equipment. Up the coax!

There’s also Genetec in action at the MCG; a new appointment for DVTel; and the launch of a new thermal imager.


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Bungling thieves, and keyholding responses

If you were a thief, you’d be quite annoyed if you were caught by some detectors that looked like they’d just been chucked on the floor. But that’s exactly what happened to some bungling crims in Leeds, who were caught out by Tag Guard’s IR motion detectors. Bad luck!

Today we’ve also got a response to SMT Online editor Brian Sims‘ recent interview with Securitas Mobile MD Andrew Natt. It comes from NIKARO’s Shaun Cook.

The environment is important. Everyone agrees! It’s why there’s a new Environmental Initiative category in this year’s Security Excellence Awards (entries for which close this Friday, by the way). ADI and Ventcroft have teamed up to provide a green option for their customers – a move which should be applauded. Hoorah!

Elsewhere, Avigilon’s Dave Tynan argues that the future of HD CCTV is in software, not hardware; in India, historical monuments are set to get additional security coverage; and we have a story which is all about lasers. Lasers!

For your final chance to win £200 of Marks and Spencer vouchers, take our CCTV End User Survey. It finishes up this Friday. Get involved.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Olivia Newton-John wins!

Back in the office after a hectic week of IFSEC excitement, and the question on everyone’s lips is – which Song About Security was voted most popular by IFSEC visitors? The second question is – who won the iPod? Was it me? Did I win it?

The answer to the first question is Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’. The answers to the second, third and fourth questions can all be found by reading the article. Get to it!

In crime and punishment-themed news, an ex-director of a security firm has been punished for a crime. To do with licensing. Read all about it right here.

And despite its name, a new digital forensics laboratory is not simply a facility designed specifically for finding severed fingers and toes.

Don’t forget to keep reading I4S for all your post-IFSEC coverage needs. And if you’d like to access our very popular webinar about HD and IP CCTV, register here and you can do so for free. For free!

If you missed it, here’s our gallery of special IFSEC pictures. Very special.

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