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The security week: IFSEC, customers and cash

It’s Friday, so it must be time to have a gander at The Security Week. And what a week it’s been, eh chums? Let’s have a little look.

Humungous security industry hoedown and product demonstration party IFSEC 2010 is just 10 days away. Crikey. We’re continuing our unrivalled preview coverage, as you’d expect – head over to our dedicated IFSEC News pages to see what we’ve done so far.

This week we’ve included Honeywell, 2020 Imaging, Hikvision, Navtech Radar, Keeneo, ASL, Tandberg and Clearview, Wavesight, AD Network Video, Promise Technology, Emizon, Videotec, Genie CCTV, Visimetrics, Salto, and Mindtree. Phew. And we’ve got a story about an ADT installation at the LG Arena – part of the NEC, where IFSEC itself takes place! What amazing congruity.

Also this week, our specialist end user channel SMT Online has partnered with Securitas to launch its inaugural Good Customer Award. That’s nice!

G4S Cash Services has renewed its multi-million pound contract with supermarket Morrisons. That oughta keep Richard Hammond’s paychecks safe, thank goodness.

Siemens and the London Borough of Bromley have had a major new outsourced CCTV project go live; a victim of an acid attack has spoken out in favour of CCTV; a new report claims ONVIF members still have a greater market share than those in the PSIA; the National Cyber Security Challenge has been launched; and our old pal The Networker is back, talking about HD CCTV.

Our Song About Security this week comes from one David Bowie. He is reported to be ‘thrilled’ to about his inclusion in this illustrious feature.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

Here’s a video of one hamster running in his wheel while another hamster sleeps – in the same wheel. Exciting!

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The security week: 2010 Vision, back lighting, and looking back

Hola! That’s Spanish for ‘howdy‘. It’s also the first word in this week’s security news missive, packed to the gills full of informative and interesting stuff, things, and whatnot.

First cab off the rank is SMT Online editor Brian Sims, who reports direct from Turkey on Samsung’s Vision Conference – and their plans for 2010. This report features video content. Video!

Brian also supplied us with his SMT Online Editor’s View – this week he examined a BBC documentary looking at the goings on in the UK Home Office. Salient!

Also in residence is our CCTV Doctor, providing advice this time around on CCTV back lighting. That’s some useful info, right there.

For many years Mike Lynskey has been a respected and experienced figure in the UK installation sector, most recently working for the NSI, and writing often for Security Installer magazine. Here, as he prepares for retirement, he looks back on his time in the industry – and the changes that have taken place in that period.


Important! Time is running out to get your entries in for the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Click this link here to get involved. Most categories are open to companies exhibiting at the show – but there are also three open to non-exhibitors as well. You’ll receive mega-kudos if your company gets nominated, let alone wins. So do it. Do it!


Also in the news this week was Siemens at school in Newcastle; a Port Glasgow security boss fined; a starring role for Hikvision at Universal Studios; and a vote of confidence in manned guarding from Magenta Security boss Abbey Petkar.

Our Song About Security this week comes from little-known conservative singer songwriter Elton John. It says some important things about the modern world, despite being 37 years old.

And if you’re looking for a job in security, I recommend visiting Jobs For Security. It’s a security jobs website! Great.

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Added value and strident views

Genuinely fast-paced security news snippets for you today. Get a load of ’em!

Here’s SMT Online editor Brian Sims with his latest SMT Online Editor’s View – taking aim at Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, an update from RUSI, and paying tribute to colleague Alan Hyder. Check it.

Gary Fletcher-Moore from Samsung Techwin is talking about installer purchasing decisions. Wise.

And don’t forget to get involved with intercoms – at least, that’s the advice from Commend UK. Also: there’s some IPSA praise; and a number 12 ranking for Hikvision.


www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Popular and opinionated

It’s a bit of a landmark today – we’ve got the final instalment of Alan Hyder‘s wry and incisive columns, the SI Editor’s View. This time, Alan straps on a metaphorical laser blaster and takes aim at the invading hordes of security issue aliens, exploding their green and noxious bodies with the power of opinion and analysis. Metaphorically. Just read it.

Speaking of just reading some things, here are some things some people have read. They’re all articles on I4S in November – and popular ones, to boot!

Today’s also the first day that SIA licensing takes effect in Northern Ireland. Brian Sims, genial honcho of SMT Online, does the reporting thing in this instance.

We’ve also got the BRC launching new guidelines for cash couriers; Hikvision establishing a Russian joint venture; the NHS tackling anti-social behaviour; and Uxbridge College helping the security fraternity.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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SIA report, and Cisco loves Pelco

A big day of security news – so no time to waste. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Security Industry Authority has been reported on. Find out what the reporters had to say about ’em. Here is where the story is. Click it!

Then there’s the coming together of two big players in a technological marriage of CCTV proportions: Cisco and Pelco. Both of these firms have names which finish with the letter ‘o’.

Everybody likes some video analytics. Do security officers? Perhaps! Geoff Thiel tells us about this.

BT Redcare called off their big 21CN switchover recently. Now they’re talking to customers and other folks at a series of events. Details? Oh, certainly.

And fast-rising Chinese CCTV manufacturer Hikvision has released some new PSIA-compliant cameras. Good value? They certainly have standards.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Wiseberg departs – and retail security in recessionary times

In breaking news today, Adam Wiseberg, AD Group board director and immediate past chairman of the BSIA, has decided to leave the company he has worked with for 11 years.

I’ve also heard some amazing and controversial suggestions that there could be trouble afoot in the financial sector. These outlandish rumours certainly seem to have influenced Security Installer supremo Alan Hyder, who concentrates on the effect of the phenomenon he is dubbing ‘the recession’ in the first instalment of his SI Editor’s View for 2009.

Elsewhere, Dallmeier have announced their new UK distribution partner, following their split from Norbain in December. And speaking of Norbain, make sure you read our exclusive interview with CEO Alun John. It’s darned good!

Does anyone really know what an ‘enterprise’ is these days? I certainly don’t. Find out how to secure this amorphous concept by reading David Howorth’s article.

The truly global nature of the security business in 2009 is reflected in other parts of our coverage today. A Chinese manufacturer, HikVision, has had its NVRs installed in Iranian bank branches; another Chinese manufacturer, BlueStar, has launched an ‘intelligent’ DVR; and UK company Kane Computing is reselling French firm NexVision’s products.

In a not particularly rollicking tale of piracy, there are pirates doing nasty things with Windows 7. Swashbuckling? Probably not.

Get your eyes here: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Obama and security and superheroes

A global focus for I4S today, as Brian Sims, in conjunction with John Honovich, reports on the possible security effects of Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential election. I am contractually obliged to describe the event as ‘historic’.

And East meets Scandinavia in the latest piece of conclusive proof that the world is shrinking, with Chinese video surveillance firm Hikvision teaming up with Danish IP software experts Milestone to do some business.

Tomorrow is the day that the much anticipated Next Generation CCTV conference happens. It really does! We’ll have some reports and presentations available for your delectation over the ensuing days. Great!

And if you fancy getting involved in some conference action of your very own, why not make it a day or two out and attend Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters? It might well be the single best thing ever in the history of events based around the concept of impenetrability – and that includes superhero conferences about the secret lairs of their evil adversaries!

Fell free to visit these sites: info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk It’s almost as if they have something to do with The Alarmist! (They do.)

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Enviro-friendly CCTV

There’s an Irish-Indian flavour to today’s news missive, for no reason other than that is what we felt like. And also where the news was.

So here goes. An Irish company is distributing a wind and solar-powered CCTV system. This uses the actual environment to power itself. It totally dominates nature. But in a non-destructive way. So everyone’s happy! Good one.

Over in India, Chinese digital video firm Hikvision has been doing deals with Indian distributor Prama Technologies. This is hot on the heels of their appearance at IFSEC India. It’s a rapidly growing market!

And at a Reliance Security Services event in Northern Ireland, the SIA has told the local industry that it needs to get ready for regulation. This makes sense, as regulation will begin to be phased in at the end of this year. So urging those affected to be ready for these inevitable changes strikes me as very sensible, logical advice. I believe it was shorts enthusiast Lord Baden-Powell who said: “Be prepared for security industry regulation and licensing.” Sound.

In my mind, I imagine that an ‘impenetrable building’ would resemble something like a supervillain’s lair. At the very least it would have not many windows. But what do I know? You can find out more about impenetrable buildings (and perimeters) at this conference: Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. Informative!

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