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ID card images, and MoD jobs

Hello! Welcome to a big day of security news excitement. Let’s dig in.

First up is the images of the somewhat reviled UK ID cards, which have been unveiled by Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Will anyone ever actually use one?

We’ve also got a very interesting piece on how to go about getting work from the UK’s Ministry of Defence if you are a guarding company. And let’s face it, so many of us are nowadays. Possibly.

Things that move can often be useful. That’s one reason why TSS is putting CCTV in car wing mirrors. Others are outlined in the article. So feel free to read that.

Elsewhere, we’ve got an Indian appointment for ADT Security; some information destruction standards exhilaration; and pay-as-you-go home IP security. Delightful!

You have precisely one day left in which to vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year as part of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards. It’s one way to make your favourite stand out from the crowd.

Also, here’s a weird man blowing a raspberry on a cat’s stomach.

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Interoperability and Alan Johnson

Hello you. Welcome to the start of the security week – which, interestingly enough, coincides with the start of the conventional working week. How fortuitous!

Today we have a story that’s heavy on the acronyms, with IMS claiming that members companies signed up to ONVIF have an overall larger market share than those who are members of the PSIA. What’s all that about? Read the story and find out.

We’ve also got a story that features a quite unflattering photo of UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who has launched a website to tackle anti-social behaviour.

There’s success for IFSEC’s South African adventure; RemGuard, perhaps unsurprisingly, advocating the use of remote monitoring; a little bit of corporate fraud excitement; and a chance to use a Chinese flag to illustrate a story that uses the words ‘command centre’ and ‘operational’ in its headline. Macho.

Did you know that the next big security show that deserves your attention takes place in India? It’s called IFSEC India. But that’s not all! Not by a longish shot. There’s also Internal Security India, and Firex India. How useful!

Squonk: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: The fear of gosh edition

Hi there buddies! This is one of those tremendously exciting editions where I pretend that I’m in the office when actually (shh) I’ve got Friday off. Let’s do it!

This week SMT Online editor Brian Sims put the fear of gosh into incoming Home Secretary Alan Johnson in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Careful how you go, Alan!

And Securitas has gone and extended its Approved Contractor Status to cover Northern Ireland. How do you like them apples?

The BSIA has also been talking about Northern Ireland. Here is something about their guide to licensing there. Timely – and stylish!

The Millennium Stadium. Hewn over centuries from the living rock itself. A magical, mystical place. And now it has some new CCTV gear.

You know that CCTV End User Survey we’re running? I think, personally, that if you’re a CCTV end user, you should get involved with it. Not just because you could win £200 of Marks and Spencer vouchers – also because it’s the right thing to do. And you, in particular, are a really decent person.

Have an excellent weekend. Here is some video footage of kittens belonging to a long-time supporter and colleague.

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Homing Secretary, and Northern Ireland licensing

Due to reasons beyond my control, today’s missive will be brief and to the point – like some kind of undergarment. I hope that doesn’t sound too scary.

So first up we’ve got SMT Online supremo Brian Sims with his Editor’s View. He waves a fond farewell to former UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. Kind of.

Then there’s the BSIA’s advice for Northern Ireland businesses: prepare yourselves for licensing. They’ve published a helpful guide. Lovely!

In addition we have an NVT Hybrid Video application guide; a deal for Bold and Crimewatch at IFSEC 2009; and an IndigoVision appointment for a man with a very excellent name: Ivo Drent.

Don’t forget to take part in our CCTV End User Survey. You could win £200 of Marks and Spencer vouchers. That’s just great!

Si: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Counter-terror re-match – and biometrics

Feel free to gorge yourself on today’s feast of gourmet security news. It’s factual, and nutritious. That’s info4security for you.

First up, it’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and the counter-terror plan that almost no one is calling ‘Contest 2‘. The re-match?

Then there are British Standards – not the ones about queuing, and customer service, but the ones governing security. There’s a new website about biometrics from the BSI.

We’ve also got the lowdown on the Indian Premier League and Commonwealth Games; Milestone opening offices in Spain and Australia; and a partnership deal for Computerlinks and Netgenium.

Don’t forget to get involved in the IFSEC Conference 2009. This rabbit forgot, sadly.

For your edification, homies: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.


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Crime secretary, and Porsche analytics

Have you locked your doors and windows? Does your house even have doors and windows? No? Well, Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary extraordinaire, has pledged £20m towards local crime reduction efforts, with a focus on locking your doors and windows. They might even buy you some, which would help with the draught. Practical!

(Side note: do the Home Secretary and other assorted parliamentary secretaries and under-secretaries receive gifts from the their colleagues on Professional Secretary’s Day? No? What a disgrace.)

More public funding is also available, but this time private firms can benefit; it’s the Technology Strategy Board looking for help with information security.

In South Africa, a swanky Porsche dealership is being protected by video analytics from ioimage. Fancy.

Mitie has gone ahead and released its Interim Management Statement; and charity the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is offering a number of ‘challenges of a lifetime‘ for security professionals. At number one is: getting into work after some snow has fallen in a city in the UK. Only kidding – that’s not an option an at all! Hahaha.

In that spirit, or some other kind of spirit, you should visit these conferences: Securing Educational Establishments, and the IFSEC 2009 Conference. Yes!

Now go for it! Visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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