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Protecting Christmas and weathering the storm

Identity thieves are a despicable bunch at the best of times – even at the annual Identity Thieves Ball and Charity Casino In Aid of Sick or Starving Children – but at Christmas time, well, they are absolutely reprehensible. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find your identity has been stolen. You don’t know who you are. No one does. And then you see yourself walk past your own window. That’s a fairly extreme and surreal example of identity theft – but online shopping could still pose a threat this festive season. Read all about how it could go down.

Security Installer commander-in-chief Alan Hyder has done the noble thing today, sticking his metaphorical opinion-thumb in the issues-dyke, preventing soggy issues from dampening and drowning the news agenda. If you found this sentence confusing and possibly misguided, rest assured: the SI Editor’s View is neither. It’s very interesting!

And it’s always nice to be able to use the word ‘holistic’, particularly when it doesn’t apply to medicine or therapies. It fits pleasantly in the headline to this story, which is about SGW Security Consulting and Griffin Security Group.

Hey! Do you have an interesting story about some ridiculous thing that you have done or has happened to you in the course of your working life? Send it in to Weird Work, part of the universally applauded security jobs website Jobs for Security.

Then go and register for the Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters conference. It’s one of the little things that makes life worth living.

Also make a pilgrimage to ifsec.co.uk and info4security.com. They are good.

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Important new CCTV conference – and dastardly thieves

Today we bring you details of a new and important conference dealing with the future of CCTV. If I were more of a prat, I’d say it dealt with ‘CCTV going forward’. Or zooming. Anyway, it’s called Next Generation CCTV, it’s in November, and we at I4S are supporting it, so I’d thoroughly recommend you find some way, no matter how difficult, to be there.

Recently, some of our more popular news stories have revolved around megapixel cameras. Others have focused on the modern phenomenon of metal and fuel theft. Another thing is railways. I am very pleased to announce that today we have a story which manages to combine all of these elements. Astonishing!

And importantly for all of us, Cranfield University is spearheading new research into identity theft prevention.

Over on the lovely www.jobsforsecurity.com, there’s some tremendous information on application forms and personal statements in job application situations. There’s no harm in looking!

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