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IFSEC 2009 – Day Two

So, that’s Day 2 of IFSEC 2009. And there are stories galore! Have a look at some below. Go on.

Most importantly, the IFSEC 2009 Security Industry Awards were held last night, hosted by John Sergeant. We’ve got all the winners and a gallery of photos for your viewing enjoyment.

If you’re at IFSEC tomorrow, why not head along to the IFSEC 2009 Conference? It’s all about technology and that. It sounds totally awesome!!!

Keep on keeping on. Anon.

IFSEC 2009 Video: Vista PowerDome Pro

IFSEC 2009 Video: Kelly Carlberg of Cisco Systems

IFSEC 2009 Video: Martin Cottle of Samsung Electronics talks A1

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It’s webinar time!

As well as being one of the uglier pretend words bestowed upon us during the internet age, a ‘webinar’ is also a fantastic – and, crucially, FREE – educational and discussional opportunity. And your chance to take part in our free HD and IP CCTV webinar takes place tomorrow, May 6, at 3pm BST (that’s 1400 GMT, accuracy fans). Register now, and get involved!

Also offering high quality free content is QED, who will be presenting two seminars at IFSEC, both focused on helping installers sell and market their way through the recession. Totally worthwhile!

Oh yeah – apparently IFSEC is happening next week as well. You could visit the official website to browse through all of the exhibitors and educational features – as well as the high spec conference. Special.

And if you’re on newfangled 140-character excitement generation behemoth Twitter, you could follow me (Anthony Hildebrand – hi) or SMT Online editor Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder – or even the official IFSEC folks. You’ll never miss a thing about anything ever! It’s like magic!

Also please visit www.info4security.com. It’s a job, man.

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Brief but informative edition

Keeping it brief. That is the thing that’s happening today. Why? Lack of time!

So, we’ve got a story about detectors ‘dramatically’ reducing car dealership crime. Possibly by acting tough.

Visitors to IFSEC can also earn ASIS CPE credits by attending the IFSEC Conference 2009. Mmm, learning.

There are also record results for IntelliQ; and a story which features a lady holding a rubber chicken.

Our exciting webinar about HD and IP CCTV takes place next week. Register now! It’s totally free and everything.

Yerp: www.ifsec.co.uk, www.info4security.com

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Opting in to the opt-out

Bouncing into view, arms laden with succulent security news melons – it can only be the I4S Daily Digest, disguised as some sort of buxom farm girl.

Today we’ve got a story on the UK retaining its ‘opt-out’ status on the EU Working Time Directive – a stance that SMT Online editor Brian Sims had previously argued may not be good for standards in the security industry.

Our Access Control Doctor, Adam Stroud from Paxton Access, is in – and he’s talking about access tokens. How groovy!

SMT Online is also backing the National Pubwatch ‘Court Not Caution’ campaign which is seeking to provide security for UK pub staff.

And Skills for Security has approved the revised National Occupational Standards for the electronic security systems sector. Good.

Make sure you sign up for the I4S Webinar. And the IFSEC Conference 2009. And enter the Security Excellence Awards. You will enjoy each and every one of them. That is my solemn promise to you.

Oi! Sorry. I meant: www.info4security.com, and www.ifsec.co.uk

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A smorgasbord of security

Alrighty – here’s today’s security news for your delectation, courtesy of the information kitchen at I4S. Dig in!

The first delicious morsel comes courtesy of CBC, whose energy-efficient lighting is helping to provide CCTV security for an historic fort. Tasty!

This is followed by the tantalising and scrumptious news of security companies doing us proud in the Queen’s Awards. Nothing to do with Brian May!

For a delicious metaphorical dessert, you can’t go past the IFSEC Conference 2009. It’s sweet, and gloriously wicked. Or perhaps it’s just useful and interesting. Get involved!

The perfect digestif comes in the form of faddish social media thingo Twitter! You can follow my I4S ‘tweets’ (eurgh) at http://twitter.com/info4security, and you can see what SMT Online editor Brian Sims has to say at http://twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. When we’re talking about IFSEC, we’re gonna go right ahead and use the #ifsec tag. Does that sound insane to you? Get with it, granddad!

Apologies, granddad: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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CCTV operator training – and more!

Security news: go! That’s right. It’s Monday, and we’re filled to the brim with security newsy goodness.

One of the most searched for topics on info4security.com is CCTV training. Now compliance watchdog Camera Watch says “fears over the wrong use of CCTV could be allayed by proper operator training“. SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us the juicy details.

We also have a picture of a cathedral. It’s pretty nice looking. Find out why the picture of a cathedral is on I4S by clicking this link to the story. Go on. It’s free.

In addition to these already amazing security newsicles, we’ve got a plea to step up security in these recessionary times; a Leipzig library installation; the static nature of corporate security pay; and a query – does remote monitoring spell the death of low-end analogue CCTV?

And you should really get yourself along to the IFSEC Conference 2009. It will be interesting and informative. And it will prepare you for the future.

As Winston Churchill always said: “Please visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Homies.”

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Google opinion, and Indian newsletter excitement!

Warm, sultry greetings – it’s time for another blast of I4S security newsiness.

Today, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder repeatedly smashes the metaphorical brick wall of security issues with his enormous opinion-hammer, tearing it a new analysis-hole in the process. All this and more is available in his SI Editor’s View, where he talks quite a bit about Google Street View.

We’ve also got the opportunity for you to sign up for our I4S India Weekly Update – a revolutionary concept whereby a polite, handsome and impressively skilled editor introduces the news highlights from an excellent and informative website in the form of an email newsletter. This time around the editor is Verghese Joseph, and the website is I4S India. Wildly inventive!

In other news, 2020 Vision has won a prize; Norbain has hosted an IP open day; a college has cleaned its toilet walls; and BT has opened a security centre in India.

Don’t go forgetting about the IFSEC Conference 2009. That level of forgetfulness would reflect badly on you as a human being, and would go down on your permanent record. Remember the name! And dates. (May 11-13).

Remember to click on these also, please: www.info4security.com, and www.ifsec.co.uk

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