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Mylene Klass; and DVTel acquires ioimage

Today on I4S Brian Sims offers his take on the Mylene Klass knife-wielding brouhaha – and gives us the lowdown on a protest set to take place this weekend.

There’s also the news that DVTel has acquired prominent Israeli analytics equipment firm and annoying user of lowercase letters ioimage. Owned.

Bosch has launched a new ‘no nonsense’ DVR; Siemens is providing outsourced CCTV for Bexley; IC2 is protecting Maidstone’s park and ride facilities; and IndigoVision is in action in Jordan (the country).

That’s some magnificent security news for you, right there.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Flying school, police pledge, and bendy bollards

Hello hello – time for more security newsology. Let’s delve.

Here’s a flying classroom, protected by some Vista CCTV gear. what’s all that about, then? The answer lies here, my friend.

Then there’s the Home Office, which has gone ahead and launched an ad campaign on citizen rights under the police pledge. Right on!

Have you got bendy bollards? These people have. They’re bendy!

IndigoVision has shown its new ONVIF-compliant video management software; the new Skills for Security training centre has been opened; and we’ve got stories on Luton Airport, a new bodyworn camera system, and for some reason, Eastenders. Enjoy these wonderful tales!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Nudity, courses and internet protocol

It’s Tuesday, and you’re looking particularly foxy. Hey, no problem, you’re very welcome indeed.

When people look back on today in history, it will be remembered as the day the media talked about airport security because an element of nudity was involved. In that spirit, here is my blog post.

In slightly more clothed news today, the BIIAB has released details of some new qualifications available for security officers and public space CCTV operators. Educational.

And the excellently-named Lodewijk van Ommeren says there are many advantages to the latest generation of IP alarm systems. Lovely.

There’s more IP stuff today – IndigoVision’s Barry Keepence on storage; CCTV Center’s roadshows; TDSi on 21CN testing – it’s all there.

And don’t forget the Security Excellence Awards take place next Thursday. You’ll be able to get live updates by following my Twitter feed – and of course all the winners will be up on I4S before the end of the night. Fantastic. Fantastic indeed.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Security alert, and safer long johns

It wouldn’t be a Monday if we didn’t feature a story about a new breed of knife proof long john underwear. This is an actual story.

And Brian Sims reports on the recent assassination attempt in Saudi Arabia and its security implications. Apparently the doomed would be assassin “inserted around half a kilo (just over a pound) of explosives plus a detonator into his anus. As far as border security agency Borderpol knows, this is the first time an attack using this method has been made.” I’m not surprised.

Hold on just a second! IFSEC India 2009 is approaching! Here is a story about it.

Also, we’ve got a Bold port security solution; record results for IndigoVision; Bosch on the road; and some help for those poor redundant executives.


www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Video analytics and football violence

Ahoy! It’s time to get stuck into some meaty issues of the security kind. So let’s do that, shall we?

First up is Geoff Thiel of VCA Technology, who looks at the thorny issue of whether video analytics is best used at the edge or the centre of CCTV systems. Gripping stuff!

Then SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at the re-emergence of football hooliganism and violence in his SMT Online Editor’s View – focusing on the riots at the recent West Ham/Millwall match.

Elsewhere there’s a guide to key management in car dealerships; Visimetrics and IndigoVision providing IP video solutions for two different Glasgow sites; and AVG Technologies expanding its partner network. Charming!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Homing Secretary, and Northern Ireland licensing

Due to reasons beyond my control, today’s missive will be brief and to the point – like some kind of undergarment. I hope that doesn’t sound too scary.

So first up we’ve got SMT Online supremo Brian Sims with his Editor’s View. He waves a fond farewell to former UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. Kind of.

Then there’s the BSIA’s advice for Northern Ireland businesses: prepare yourselves for licensing. They’ve published a helpful guide. Lovely!

In addition we have an NVT Hybrid Video application guide; a deal for Bold and Crimewatch at IFSEC 2009; and an IndigoVision appointment for a man with a very excellent name: Ivo Drent.

Don’t forget to take part in our CCTV End User Survey. You could win £200 of Marks and Spencer vouchers. That’s just great!

Si: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Sims opinion, and Commonwealth embarrassment

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has pulled no punches today in his forthright analysis of the recent killings in Northern Ireland and anti-military protest in Luton. Read his arguments in his SMT Online Editor’s View.

Over on our I4S India channel, there’s a story about the security plans for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games being stolen. That’s ridiculously embarrassing!

We’ve also got the latest from our CCTV Doctor – he’s the Florence Nightingale of the CCTV surgery world, if Florence Nightingale was male, a doctor, interested in surveillance, and still alive. Today’s specialist topic: all-in-one camera/lens combos.

Another very interesting thing on info4security today is our newest piece on video analytics, courtesy of those kind souls at ioimage. However, their ignorance of the use of capital letters for proper nouns is frustrating.

Whatever you do, don’t forget about IFSEC! My superiors will assume my continual hectoring has come to nothing, and I may end up homeless, unshaven, and distraught. Possibly. Anyway, two IFSEC things: IndigoVision is running some IP roadshows; and Genie is launching all-new ranges of CCTV and access control products.

So go ahead and visit www.ifsec.co.uk, and also www.info4security.com. I need work!

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Vertical market thrills; no spills as yet

Vertical markets. The term evokes images of bustling traders, piled high, one atop the other, with customers clambering over the stalls in search of the bargains they feel must be available at the summit. A vertical market of this kind, then, is a large-scale tragedy waiting to happen, what with the lack of support and people piling higher and higher into the sky and the prevailing winds etc.

Fortunately, that’s not the sense in which we’re using the phrase today. The ‘vertical markets’ featured in beguiling and interest-worthy stories on I4S today include the health and education sectors. In healthcare, one group of UK care homes is investing in iris recognition technology for security improvements.

And in education news, there’s an IP CCTV extension taking place at the University of Sussex thanks to Bosch. It’s all very Sussex-centric today, for some reason.

The SSAIB is helping its members to get cheaper access to BSI standards online. That’s mighty nice of them.

And IndigoVision has been chosen to protect a hospital in Palermo, so that’s another example of the healthcare vertical market, going some way to justifying my somewhat self-indulgent introductory paragraph. Nice work!

Oh, here’s some more evidence/a convenient plug: next week is the conference Securing Educational Establishments. That’s the education market, there. You should go to it, or at least ask some pertinent questions. It would reflect well on you as a human being. Dignified!

Yonder: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Financial meltdowns and luxury hotels

Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year. While I’d say that’s pretty northern hemisphere-centric, we’re here to cheer up any morose readers with an injection of fun-filled and exciting security news.

First up is a very interesting piece on the potential impact of the global global finafinancial instability on issues of security and risk around the world. It’s timely, and it’s totally, like, considered.

In these perilous financial times it might be wise of a new luxury hotel in Qatar to equip itself with state of the art security systems. I’m just saying.

We’ve also got a story which contains a ‘dirty little secret‘. Filthy. You’ll be titillated to know it’s about passwords, and IT, and that sort of thing. Phwoar.

And speaking of IT, if you missed it, our special feature on the potential impact of Cisco in the security field is bound to be of unending interest. You will never grow tired of it. Never!

That reminds me of a funny story about Securing Educational Establishments. It’s this conference, right, and anyway, it goes up to Birmingham on the 5th of March, and has all these interesting discussions about security for educational establishments, and in the end, something amusing happens. Ha! You’ll probably have to be there.

Also worth your visual attention are these things: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Yowsa!

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The top 10 of 2008

It’s list time on I4S today, with our countdown of the best-read stories to feature on the site during the last year. That’s 2008, calendar fans! You, our discerning and attractive readers, seemed very interested in video analytics – but it wasn’t a video analytics story that took the top spot. As usual, there’s only one way to find out all of the exciting details.

Alessandro Hatami also offers his advice for loss prevention experts on how to build consumer trust in e-commerce. Sage!

There’s a little bit of an anniversary celebration going on between Cooper Security and Norbain – it’s one year since they first got together. Aww. How delightful. Join in the celebrations by reading our exclusive interview with Norbain CEO Alun John. It’s about the state of the industry!

Another distributor, QED, has decided to tackle the current economic crisis by changing the focus of its business. Also, they are the self-proclaimed ‘king’.

Brilliantly, Anvil Group has gone right ahead and attained a couple of ISO quality marks. Nice work.

And over in freezing cold Penang, Malaysia, IndigoVision has had its IP video system used for crime prevention purposes. That is really great. Really!

Finally, I haven’t suggested that you visit excellent security jobs website Jobs for Security for a while. You should visit Jobs for Security. You should.

Then feel free to stick your nose in where it belongs: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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