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The security week: A broker’s view, and airport scanners

Welcome to your weekly injection of security news excitement and wonder, from the online home of all that is wonderful and exciting in the world of security: info4security.com.

Leading us off this week is a special report from Mark Barton, a security industry insurance broker, who gives us the lowdown on just what it is that he does – and the security issues of most interest to insurers. Informative.

Then we’ve got a couple of stories about airport security – human recognition systems in Newcastle, and full body scanners at Heathrow and Manchester.

We also had the news of an Edinburgh security company director fined for failing to provide information. Naughty.


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In other news this week, the UK Home Office has said the security industry is ‘important’ in the counter-terror fight (nice to know); that theft and vandalism top the list of business security fears; and security guarding companies have been urged to go ‘on the offensive’.

Our Song About Security this week comes from Thievery Corporation – literally, a company which steals things. Well, possibly not. But a musical act with a name that suggests anti-security activity, at the very least.

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And if you’re in London tonight and in need of entertainment, why not attend this shindig? It looks fun.

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An editor’s view – and insurance drops?

It’s time for Security Installer supremo Alan Hyder’s take on the security issues that matter in his Editor’s View. Today he tackles the shock of non-shocking crime projections, have-a-go heroes, industry marketing, and even finds time to mention Paris Hilton. What’s not to like?

Elsewhere, insurance broker Aon is predicting a possible 20 per cent drop in insurance cover for large cash in transit security firms.

And we’ve got a couple of lovely new Bench Tests up on the site, from Vista and ezCCTV.com.

Don’t forget to check out the Next Generation CCTV conference – it’s bound to be darned interesting. And watch this space for an imminent announcement on the celebrity host for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. Interesting!

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