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A veritable security news cornucopia

Monday greetings. We’ve got a veritable cornucopia of security news morsels on I4S today, so tuck in. Tuck in!

Here are some of them things (where ‘things’ = exciting and informative security news items).

Have you ever wanted to know what the best read stories on info4security during January 2010 were? Well, here’s your chance to find out.

What about some information about intruder alarm-style things? Here’s Ray Le Monde on why intruder alarms benefit the police; and Klaxon has been integrated into Texecom.

Hey, registrations are open for IFSEC 2010. It’s free and all.

You like videos? Here is some information on Axis’ new thermal network cameras. Wonderful.

Apprenticeships are useful things. Here is a useful thing about them.

The security industry seems to attract Baronesses like a positively charged magnet attracts a negatively charged magnet. It’s only gone and happened again. Wow!

Will you be in London on Friday February 12? Yes? In that case, you should attend this thing.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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HD, Alan’s views, and risky travel

Security Installer Alan Hyder has put his opinion-generating suit on today, and gone swimming in the metaphorical sea of ideas that surround him, gathering security concepts and views like so many pretend fish in his journalistic thought-net. In other words, he’s gone and written another Editor’s View, and it’s very very interesting indeed. Indeed! Very.

Sanyo has launched its exciting new High Definition camera. Feel free to read about it on lovely website info4security.com. This is where I find the best and most interesting security news usually resides.

Are you in favour of advice about intruder alarms? If you are, and would like some, you can do no better than read Julie Hartley’s stonkingly informative writings on the grading of contacts. Magnetic contacts, that is, not the ones for your eyes! That would be ridiculous.

And if you’re a travelling business-type personage, and you’re going somewhere dodgy, you might like to take advantage of the security consultation service provided by new partnership QCIC and Business Travel Direct. Safe.

If you prefer your buildings impenetrable, and your perimeters fairly similar, there’s a very good chance indeed that you should be attending this conference: Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. It’s on December 10th, and it could be hard to get into if you haven’t registered. Because it’s Impenetrable. Hahaha! That’s an amusing joke!

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