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The security week: Surveillance predictions for 2010

Hello there, security newsfolks. It’s time to dish the dirt on the juiciest security news stories of the week, all courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood security newsportal, info4security. Let’s crack on.

First up is IMS Research’s top 10 video surveillance predictions for 2010. Do you agree with their conclusions? Or do you think they’ve gone and got it all wrong? Vent your spleen – or offer words of support – once you’ve read the article.

We’ve also been blessed with two pieces of opinionising from security news dynamo and gentleman editor Brian Sims: there’s his SMT Online Editor’s View, focusing on the SIA’s Annual Report; and his take on the Mylene Klass knife-wielding ballyhoo.

Brian also spoke exclusively to BSIA chairman Stuart Lowden about the appointment of James Kelly as the association’s chief executive.

In other news this week, DVTel has acquired ioimage; a West African edition of IFSEC is set to launch next year; photographers are planning a protest this weekend (thanks to these sorts of incidents); and Honeywell has gone all wireless on us.

And our Song About Security this week comes from Australian rock revivalists Wolfmother, who have big hair. Yikes!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Mylene Klass; and DVTel acquires ioimage

Today on I4S Brian Sims offers his take on the Mylene Klass knife-wielding brouhaha – and gives us the lowdown on a protest set to take place this weekend.

There’s also the news that DVTel has acquired prominent Israeli analytics equipment firm and annoying user of lowercase letters ioimage. Owned.

Bosch has launched a new ‘no nonsense’ DVR; Siemens is providing outsourced CCTV for Bexley; IC2 is protecting Maidstone’s park and ride facilities; and IndigoVision is in action in Jordan (the country).

That’s some magnificent security news for you, right there.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Conference reports and an analytical camera

Today SMT Online’s intrepid editor Brian Sims has more reports from the Security Institute’s annual conference, where Andy Williams discussed the in-house versus outsourced options for manned security provision; and the SIA’s Ruth Henig talked about training in regard to licensing. Weighty stuff.

Recently Geoff Thiel of VCA discussed ‘edge’ versus ‘centre’ uses of video analytics software. Now ioimage has released its latest ioicam, which features video analytics capabilities hosted within the camera.

ESPlus have gone and been very nice corporate citizens – assisting a Cancer Research shop by providing security equipment. That’s nice of them!

And in Australia, RemGuard has helped a bowling club to ward off criminals. Groovy.

Don’t go forgetting about IFSEC India. It’s happening soon.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Vulnerabilities and regulations

We’re back. It’s been a delightful extended weekend break, but now it’s time to turn our noses to the grindstone, and really grind some security news nostril. Or something like that.

So. Today we’ve got a story about the security vulnerability of large utility sites. They’re so innocent and vulnerable.

And there are a couple of pieces from the Security Industry Authority’s Stakeholder conference: Dr Adam White on the journey to regulation, and SMT Online editor Brian Sims on the social side of the event.

In addition there are wonderful and insightful pieces on a VSG contract; remote monitoring-based theft reduction; and a Chinese office for ioimage. As well as more!

Get your entries in for the Security Excellence Awards 2009. It’s your chance to be one of life’s genuine winners!

Gah! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Prison breaks, and finalists announced

Good morrow! It’s all fast and furious today on info4security. Seriously! Check this out.

It’s about time we had a prison break story on I4S. So here is one! It’s also about video analytics. Timely and thrilling!

Mark this down in your book of historical notes: today’s the day the finalists of the IFSEC 2009 Security Industry Awards were announced. Find out who’s in the running. Go on!

Here is a picture that I am trying to suggest has some kind of satirical merit. Does it? I’m not sure!

We’ve also got stories on IFSEC India, a theatre installation, a medical museum secured – and a heck of a lot more. Visit info4security and have a bit of a browse. There’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t. None.

You heard me: www.info4security.com. And www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Sims opinion, and Commonwealth embarrassment

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has pulled no punches today in his forthright analysis of the recent killings in Northern Ireland and anti-military protest in Luton. Read his arguments in his SMT Online Editor’s View.

Over on our I4S India channel, there’s a story about the security plans for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games being stolen. That’s ridiculously embarrassing!

We’ve also got the latest from our CCTV Doctor – he’s the Florence Nightingale of the CCTV surgery world, if Florence Nightingale was male, a doctor, interested in surveillance, and still alive. Today’s specialist topic: all-in-one camera/lens combos.

Another very interesting thing on info4security today is our newest piece on video analytics, courtesy of those kind souls at ioimage. However, their ignorance of the use of capital letters for proper nouns is frustrating.

Whatever you do, don’t forget about IFSEC! My superiors will assume my continual hectoring has come to nothing, and I may end up homeless, unshaven, and distraught. Possibly. Anyway, two IFSEC things: IndigoVision is running some IP roadshows; and Genie is launching all-new ranges of CCTV and access control products.

So go ahead and visit www.ifsec.co.uk, and also www.info4security.com. I need work!

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Indian election security, technology, and analytics

On the day of the appalling terror attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers and staff in Pakistan, it’s appropriate that we should lead today with a story on the security arrangements surrounding the forthcoming Indian elections, where fear of terror incidents is high. Verghese Joseph, editor of I4S India, brings us this timely article.

Elsewhere, David Markland of Sanyo argues that the use of high technology in CCTV could be the key for the industry to survive the current recession.

And ioimage’s Daniel Doron has some reassuring words on the subject of video analytics and IP and those pesky IT network managers. Don’t worry! That is his message, in a convenient two word/one exclamation mark format.

Hey! If you’re planning on exhibiting at IFSEC this year, feel free to pull your finger out and send through your info on what you’ll have on display at the show, new products, and exciting innovations – all of that stuff. If you email it to me, it’ll make it into IFSEC Magazine – the official and most excellent magazine of the show – and will appear on I4S. ASAP!

Oh, and here’s a link to a video of a camera on a conveyor belt at a sushi bar in Tokyo. Crazy!

Head on down to www.ifsec.co.uk, or www.info4security.com. Yes!!


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