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The security week: Surveillance State, 21CN, babies and knives

Another week of security news wonderment here at I4S – let’s get stuck in.

First up is the debut of our info4security Forums – a regular feature where top industry names gather to discuss the most pressing issues of the day. This first edition focuses on The Surveillance State – Myth or Reality? You can read all about it in three parts – part one, part two, and part three – and download the full audio from the forum, in six sections, from any of those articles.

Alex Carmichael of the BSIA has written exclusively for I4S on the latest updates with 21CN, and the work the trade association is doing to make the transition as smooth as possible for its members.

We’ve got two interesting stories with video content this week. One features CCTV footage of a baby in a pram rolling onto the tracks in front of an approaching train. Scary. The other is a demonstration from PPSS of its new cut, slash and bite protection fabric. The video includes some large blades, but sadly no biting.

There’s advice from The Networker on IP surveillance in extreme conditions; and from Iain Cameron, on remote video monitoring.

Also in the news this week were the boiler thieves foiled by SitexOrbis; Hikvision has debuted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; a new worldwide risk management consultancy alliance has been formed; and 4i Security claims that it is “revolutionising the alarms industry”.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of the Cold War Kids, who are actually adults.

You should totally go ahead and enter the 2010 Security Excellence Awards. Go for it. Go on.

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Here’s a video of a cat rocking out to some guitar. Enjoy.

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The security week: Norbain, regulation, and useful advice

Hello there – welcome to another news-stuffed weekly missive from your pals at info4security. Let’s newsify!

The big news this week was Norbain’s announcement of its capital restructuring. SMT Online editor Brian Sims had the exclusive. Make sure you read it here.

We’ve also got some video footage of interim CCTV Regulator Andrew Rennison explaining what his role will entail. That’s a video worth watching, I daresay.

There are useful words of advice from both Phil Doyle, The Networker, on outdoor IP CCTV; and from Iain Cameron of Mirasys, who discusses video storage. Helpful.

 The BSIA has this week weighed in on the Jeremy Clarkson security guards criticism farrago – which Brian Sims addressed in his column almost three weeks ago. Read Brian’s original piece here – then see what the BSIA has to say.

IFSEC 2010 is approaching more rapidly the closer it gets, you’ll be surprised to discover. We’ve got new preview details from Panasonic, NICE, IC2 CCTV, Connexion 2, and Databac – all situated conveniently in our dedicated IFSEC news channel.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of much-loved Welsh 90s indie-poppers Catatonia. It concerns organised crime.

Make sure you head over to Jobs for Security for all the latest security jobs – and to advertise your own vacancies.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

Here is a video of an artiste exploring the much maligned ‘hambone’ medium. Enjoy!

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2012, Jon’s Top 5, CCTV lighting

It’s the beginning of another beautiful security week. Let’s get storified!

First off the block is the story of the BSIA and Skills for Security preparing for the influx of new guarding personnel in time for the 2012 Olympics. A new scheme was launched today. Will it be effective? Let’s hope so!

We’ve also got Jon Hill back, with his Top 5 tips on CCTV. This time around he’s talking about designing IP systems. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to know more about that?

Then there’s Raytec, and their laudable green-focused ‘lighting amnesty’. Shaun Cutler writes about this new initiative. Eco-sensible!

We’ll be introducing some exciting changes to our email newsletter service from next year. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to email me at info@info4security.com. Please be merciful.

And that’s it for today. Hoorah!

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The security week: Fraud, advice, and naked scanning

It’s the end of another week of security news explorationboldly going where no other security information portal would ever dare, or try, discovering new security stars and planets, and just generally expanding humanity’s knowledge base. So that’s good.

Appropriately enough, we kicked off the week with an article with the word ‘kickstart’ in its headline! How gloriously suitable. It was about National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. To tie in with the theme, SMT Online editor Brian Sims wrote his SMT Online Editor’s View around the same subject, and the BSIA also weighed in with their thoughts.

Away from fraud, it was the week that the doctors took control of I4S. Our CCTV Doctor addressed the subject of entry-level IP systems, while our Alarms Doctor looked at Radio Frequency Interference. If they were a band, or part of the police, I would call them The Advice Squad.

At the start of the week, a lot of the mainstream British media decided to report on Manchester Airport’s new scanners, which apparently can see right through your clothes to provide a blurry image of the outline of your saucy, saucy body. I wrote a blog piece about it – and now this week’s Song About Security is dedicated to the same subject. It’s from X-Ray Spex. Clever!

This time next week, we’ll have the results of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards available for you. They take place on Thursday night – and if you really want to be the first in the know, follow me on Twitter. I’ll be providing live updates direct from the Park Lane Hilton in London. Technological!

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Nudity, courses and internet protocol

It’s Tuesday, and you’re looking particularly foxy. Hey, no problem, you’re very welcome indeed.

When people look back on today in history, it will be remembered as the day the media talked about airport security because an element of nudity was involved. In that spirit, here is my blog post.

In slightly more clothed news today, the BIIAB has released details of some new qualifications available for security officers and public space CCTV operators. Educational.

And the excellently-named Lodewijk van Ommeren says there are many advantages to the latest generation of IP alarm systems. Lovely.

There’s more IP stuff today – IndigoVision’s Barry Keepence on storage; CCTV Center’s roadshows; TDSi on 21CN testing – it’s all there.

And don’t forget the Security Excellence Awards take place next Thursday. You’ll be able to get live updates by following my Twitter feed – and of course all the winners will be up on I4S before the end of the night. Fantastic. Fantastic indeed.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Doctors and fraud

High! It’s time for the first of this week’s daily digestible news chunklets. More words to follow.

And here they are! We’ve gone Doctor crazy today, with not one but two advice-giving medicos on hand to help out with all of your security ailments. First up is our CCTV Doctor, who is looking at entry-level IP gear. Then there’s the Alarms Doctor, with wise words on Radio Frequency Interference.

It’s also National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, as if you didn’t know. Why not investigate further by reading the story which this is a link to?

Then there’s the countdown to big event IFSEC India 2009. Join the counting down party!

And Colin Rogers says the best way for manufacturers to attain success in security is through a closer alliance with installers. Is he right?

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Cisco, Pelco, BSIA, and locks

Hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to your weekly digest of all that’s going down in the security news world.

Here’s Cisco and Pelco getting together, having fun, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, and then signing a strategic technology agreement on IP CCTV. Way to go? Maybe!

The BSIA has released the results of its BT 21CN testing stuff. Read all about it and check it out and this sort of thing!

Here is a story: it’s about well hung locks. In a sense.

Oh, also, there are some new qualifications going from G4S and some university academical types. Do you want some? Do you? You might need to contact them, in that case.

This week’s Song About Security is a special request for a very special industry figure. What is it? Click the link to find out. It’s my way of trying to make you visit our website.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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A sweet suite, and like for like

Welcome to this, the latest missive from security news wonderland info4security.com. It truly is a delight to land in your inbox. Thanks for the opportunity!

Today SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us the story of a sweet new suite of qualifications from G4S and the denizens of academia.

And Security Installer honcho Alan Hyder tells of Vista’s new ‘like for like’ replacement guarantee. This doesn’t mean that if you see something you like, you can just have it. That would be an idiotic policy.

In addition to these scrumptious news dumplings, there’s also a piece on Optex supplying detectors for a metals company; a new IP CCTV range for Genie; and a revamped website for Skills for Security. Interesting.

Don’t forget about IFSEC India 2009. That’s happening soon. You should go to it.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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SIA report, and Cisco loves Pelco

A big day of security news – so no time to waste. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Security Industry Authority has been reported on. Find out what the reporters had to say about ’em. Here is where the story is. Click it!

Then there’s the coming together of two big players in a technological marriage of CCTV proportions: Cisco and Pelco. Both of these firms have names which finish with the letter ‘o’.

Everybody likes some video analytics. Do security officers? Perhaps! Geoff Thiel tells us about this.

BT Redcare called off their big 21CN switchover recently. Now they’re talking to customers and other folks at a series of events. Details? Oh, certainly.

And fast-rising Chinese CCTV manufacturer Hikvision has released some new PSIA-compliant cameras. Good value? They certainly have standards.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Recruitment security, a new van, and smart alecs

Hi there, sweetcheeks. It’s time for today’s security news missive. Let’s get informed.

First up is a piece on the security issues surrounding recruitment. It’s some important stuff, y’see.

Then there’s this all-new surveillance-equipped prisoner cell van. Check it out. It seems good, for that sort of thing.

Recently, smart card smart alecs gathered in Royal Holloway, London, to conduct some high-level smart card business. Seems smart.

Feel free to investigate some IP border cameras; cutting theft at the renowned House of Fraser; and the new boss of BOSS. It’s delicious news!

Did you know? The Security Excellence Awards are just around the corner. Who will win? You’ll find out first on info4security.com. Yes you will.

Heck! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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