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The security week: New chief at the SIA, and IFSEC assessment

If you’re a fan of Government regulators – and really, who isn’t? – then you will be overjoyed by the news that Bill Butler has been given the chief executive’s job at the Security Industry Authority. Bill’s got regulator chops – he’s moving from the Gambling Commission, and previously worked for the Healthcare and Audit Commissions. According to his profile on social network thingo LinkedIn, his specialties are the “set up of public bodies, public policy development to ministerial level, public finance and audit, contract negotiation, professional management, consultancy.” So that all sounds great.

The appointment was announced at the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference (not a gathering of vampire slayers) in Manchester this week. SMT Online editor Brian Sims was there – he’ll be providing reports from its proceedings next week. In the meantime, here’s what chairman Baroness Ruth Henig had to say.

Apparently there was a major security exhibition of some description last week. After a short pause for breath, Security Installer boss Alan Hyder uses his formidable powers of hindsight to detect and discuss IFSEC‘s major talking points in his Editor’s View column.

Now here is a brief halt in proceedings so that I can link to an amusing, injury-free game.

But this is hard-hitting stuff: a former security director found guilty. And here’s our US correspondent John Honovich on the latest happenings there – including the potential for analogue megapixel CCTV.

To balance that out, here is a cat climbing into a fishbowl.

Today’s Song About Security is dedicated to High Definition CCTV. It’s a trendy topic!

Another thing that is less trendy, perhaps, but equally, or perhaps more vital, is security in the public sector. That particular article is so interesting it may cause you to do an awesome dance. Be warned!

Don’t forget that all of our IFSEC 2009 coverage, including news stories, videos and picture galleries, can be found at info4security.com/ifsecnews. Thorough!

And get an entry into the Security Excellence Awards 2009. Winning one of these awards is possibly the most delightful thing that could ever happen to you.

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US show news and Mitie strategy

It’s a Monday! That much is certain. Today our US correspondent John Honovich gives us his take on ISC West, the big trade show held there last week.

We’ve also got the rundown on Mitie’s Total Security Management strategy – it may have something to do with managing all elements of security. Like, totally.

Honeywell has launched a new ‘green’ camera – and there’s a new ‘green’ category in the ‘Security’ Excellence Awards this year. Read about them and then enter!

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is roaming the streets of the UK with a bag of special tools, taking wheel clamps off vehicles which have been targeted by rogue firms. Okay, that’s possibly slightly inaccurate. But it’s in the spirit of the story, and that’s what counts.

Elsewhere, Reliance is predicting rising logistics crime; Quadrant has become a Cisco partner; and Samsung Techwin and Videor have agreed on a distribution deal. How lovely!

There are only three things you can be certain about in this life: death, taxes, and the shame and stigma with which you will be burdened if you fail to attend the IFSEC Conference 2009. It’s enticing!

Hmm. Oh, yes! www.info4security.com. www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Views from the editor and the US

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder today unclosets his metaphorical opinion broom and savagely and efficiently sweeps the corridors of conventional wisdom in his SI Editor’s View. It features a part-robot person.

Our US correspondent John Honovich brings us his preview of ISC West, as well as a discussion on the role of bandwidth in surveillance.

And there’s a new technology that helps things to self-destruct! Yes! Actually, it just wipes data off memory sticks and the like, but that’s kind of self-destructing, right? Right?

Two items of genuine importance. Item one: the IFSEC Conference 2009. You’re heard it said a million times or more, but you are guaranteed* to have a richer, more rewarding life if you attend this important event. Item two: the Security Excellence Awards. They don’t call the Oscars ‘the Security Excellence Awards of the film industry’, but they ruddy well should.

* Guarantee may be void under certain circumstances

Wotcha: www.info4security.com. Yoink: www.ifsec.co.uk.

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The security week: Truck smashes, and views from the street

Another magnificent week of high octane security news thrills and spills here at info4security.

Brilliantly, we featured a video of a truck smashing into a bollard at 50mph. Oh yes. The bollard is from ATG Access. The enthusiasm for truck crashes comes direct from I4S.

Below here, I’ve gone and done a blog about Google Street View, the photos of streets thing that launched in the UK today. What do you think of the security implications? Why not have a say there? It’s the topic that’s electrifying and stimulating the nation.

We’ve also got a report on a report that says security installation firms are ‘ripe for the picking‘. Is that so?

Our usual suspects include John Honovich on security in the US; Security Installer editor Alan Hyder on all manner of UK security bits and bobs; and Songs About Security, which this week is lycra-heavy. Fashionable.

Don’t forget to visit Jobs for Security. It’s a security jobs website that can help you find a job, or an employee – so you don’t need to cry about the injustices the world has inflicted upon you. Or laugh strangely, either. Working!

Also of utmost importance in these troubled economic times is the IFSEC Conference 2009. If you attend this event, your friends, colleagues and loved ones will find you more dynamic and attractive. But if you fail to attend, there is a chance that things like this might happen. A slight chance, but a chance nonetheless.

Oh, good Lord! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Killing robots and surveillance lamps

Goodness me. It’s been a heck of a week here at info4security, with fascinating security news stories literally bursting out of your computer screen and intriguing your information hungry brain. If you missed any of them – well, here’s the highlights…

First things first: let’s mention the robots with machine guns. You heard me. Samsung Techwin has introduced the SGR-1, and we’ve got pictures and a video of it. Also, this week’s Song About Security is a tribute to this very machine.

Here’s some further video excitement: it’s a lady talking about an IP camera you can put in your lamp. She’s quite charming.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims tackled Northern Ireland and anti-war protests in his Editor’s View this week.

And we had more important stories in the form of a big contract for G4S from the UK Ministry of Defence; and details of Legion Group being sold to SectorGuard.

On our I4S India channel, we covered the story of the security plans for the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games being stolen. And from the US of A, John Honovich looks at the impending face-off between DVRs and IP video storage.

Fantastically, there’s a story on the site today that uses the word ‘Cybergeddon‘ in its headline – and features this amazing picture.

Two more things of pressing importance: a jobs thing and an Industry Focus thing. Firstly, Jobs for Security is a wonderful – some say magical, though that might be overstating the case a little – site that you should visit if you are interested in being either an employer or employee in the security industry. Go there and explore this delightful kingdom of potential work. Industry Focus: this is the amazing feature that appears to the right of stories on I4S. It’s contextual info from companies with interests similar to yours. Wow! That’s snazzy.

Earlier this week, I posted a link to a song about locating cheese. Due to popular demand, here it is again.

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A technological marvel!

Normal service has resumed. I’m back in the office, and keen to pump out daily digests like a news highlights distribution machine. Let’s go!

Today we’ve got a major contract from the Ministry of Defence for G4S. Protecting the (supposed) protectors! Way to go.

Then there’s US correspondent John Honovich with his weekly round-up of security matters having an impact on the country some know as ‘America’. Informative!

AD Group – which I am reliably informed is the parent company of Dedicated Micros – has gone ahead and launched itself a YouTube channel. It’s a technological marvel!

And if you thought padlocks had got just about as sophisticated and impregnable as they were ever likely to get, well, more fool you. You really should have stopped before suggesting such a thing. Why? Well, there’s this new padlock for starters.

Did you know that IFSEC is taking place in May? It is. One of the great things about IFSEC is the way the industry’s movers and shakers get together to discuss important security matters. It’s really great. And they do it at the IFSEC Conference 2009. Be there!

Wait a minute! Don’t forget: www.ifsec.co.uk, and www.info4security.com. Phew.

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The security week:Bosch interview, migrant workers, and nuptials

It’s a very special, loving kinda week at I4S – our very own Brian Sims, editor of SMT Online, is tying the knot tomorrow. To celebrate, we’ve gone and dedicated a whole Song About Security to the happy couple. What more could anyone want?

Well, possibly the opportunity to sound off about the state of the security industry – and the state of the nation, really – in your very own SMT Online Editor’s View. Today, this has also occurred.

This week, we also unveiled Security Installer editor Alan Hyder‘s exclusive and intriguing interview with Bosch UK MD Paul Wong, looking at the future of security and the changes Bosch have made.

And we’ve found another excuse to put a picture of Jacqui Smith on I4S. This time it’s to do with the tougher tests for migrant workers in the UK, which is of particular relevance to the security industry – and the SIA.

John Honovich, our man in the US, has provided his weekly update on the security happenings in that part of the world; and we’ve got a behind the scenes look at what goes into preparing for IFSEC, with exhibitor Panasonic.

Don’t forget to visit our new and exciting Indian security news channel – I4S India. Why not get involved? That’s not a threat, that’s an invitation!

If you’ve been sad recently, the very existence of the IFSEC Conference 2009 will make you happy again. It’s where all the best and most important people in security go, not just to discuss matters and the like, but to have a good time. It’s your doorway to a world of security wonder and knowledge!

Come along then: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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The security week: Going Indian, ACS action, and a view from the US

It’s been a positively effervescent week here at I4S, with small bubbles of metaphorical news gas popping all over the joint. Kind of.

We celebrated the official launch of I4S India, the thrilling new channel that is a vital resource for anyone interested in the state of security in India – and the opportunities it provides. Launchtastic!

Mick Lee stirred up some emotions with his tale of experiences at the Approved Contractor Scheme front line. People responded. Perhaps you’d like to, also? Then IPSA’s Justin ‘P’ Bentley added his voice to something of a growing chorus with concerns about the state of the SIA.

New regular contributor John Honovich kicked off his IP view from the US column with stories and links to the latest happenings on the technological front across the pond. Have a nice day!

Also this week, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder strapped on his opinion pack and ignited the analysis jets with the flaming torch of clear-headed observation, jetting off towards the mixed metaphor horizon in his SI Editor’s View. Something like that, anyway.

This week’s Song About Security comes from The Reverend Horton Heat. It’s pretty good!

While you’re visiting I4S, you should shuffle your eyes across to the right hand side of the page, and the unique ‘Industry Focus‘ feature. This is the all-singing, all-dancing ‘related content’ whatchamacallit that allows companies to provide additional information about their products and services which is relevant to the editorial content that you’re reading. It was invented by some kind of crazy genius or something! So I am reliably informed. Have a click or three, anyway. Go on. It’ll be fun.

Speaking of fun, our Job of the Week on security jobs website Jobs for Security is for a Security Systems Administrator at the University of Bristol. It’s an absolute corker!

Once you’re calmed down, seriously consider attending the IFSEC Conference 2009. It will involve the true heavyweights of the industry wrestling with the big issues of the day – and emerging triumphant. Yeah!!

Express your feelings with www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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The security week: Norbain CEO interview – and Wiseberg exits

Welcome to the first Alarmist security week  round-up of 2009. We had a relaxing, relatively stress-free break. We’re now so thrilled to be back in security news excitement mode that this edition – of the world’s best, most informative, amusing and modest weekly security thingo – is bursting at the seams with delicious morsels of security goodness.

First up is Alan Hyder‘s exclusive interview with Norbain CEO Alun John. I don’t normally describe anything as a ‘must-read’, but this is a must-read. You must! Mr John does some true straight-talking about the state of the industry. And respected US security commentator John Honovich has described it as “the best security executive interview I have ever seen“. No foolin’!

In something of a surprise move this week, AD Group board director and immediate past chairman of the BSIA, Adam Wiseberg, announced that he was leaving the company he has worked with for the past 11 years.

We also included a round-up of the top 10 most popular stories on I4S during 2008. The most-read story may come as something of a surprise. Or maybe not! It depends on what you are expecting.

During the holiday break period, SMT Online ran a two-part feature on the current state of the UK’s nuclear security. This is part one, and this, as it turns out, is the second part. Duality!

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of fey rockers Placebo. This uniquely ridiculous feature didn’t rest during the yuletide break, either – both the Flaming Lips and The Who made appearances over the festive season.

Love me tender – or love my tender? This week you can do both, or something. Our Job of the Week on security jobs website Jobs for Security is a Tender of the Week. It looks interesting! That’s the sort of crazy, edge-of-the-cliff risk taking that we’re renowned for. Check it out!

Then stop. And think. About education, and its need for establishments, and those establishments’ need for security. Then consider, if you will, the conference Securing Educational Establishments, and how useful and it good it will be. Now write 100 times: ‘I will click on the link in the sentence preceding this one’. Then you can go and play with your friends. You cheeky scamp!

As a special treat, visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Exclusive Norbain CEO interview – and other holiday highlights

Welcome to this, the first of a deluge of news-infused blog-bombs to hit your security information hungry brain in 2009.

And Happy New Year.

As the world’s most excellent and generous security site, I4S continued to deliver security news and features daily over the Christmas and New Year period. Today I thought it might be useful to point out some important stories you may have missed while this newsletter was on hiatus.

First up is Alan Hyder‘s exclusive and hugely insightful interview with Norbain CEO Alun John. It’s important reading. We’re not usually ones to boast, but respected IP video commentator John Honovich has described it as “the best security executive interview I have ever seen”. He adds his own thoughts on his site, which is also well worth spending some time on.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims also contributed some hefty features over the holiday period, including a two part series on the UK’s nuclear security capabilities. Here’s the first one. And here is where you’ll find the second. Brian also gave us his Editor’s View on the ongoing Damian Green affair.

Our latest Bench Test came courtesy of Basson Trade CCTV: our experts looked at their BVHQ camera.

That most festive of all security features, Songs About Security, didn’t take a break over the festive period. Both the Flaming Lips and The Who got a look in as part of the security music video phenomenon that has absolutely everyone talking.

Lastly, a couple of headlines for your delectation – we’ve got the concept of ‘typosquatting‘, and there’s also IP through the eyes of FMs. Hmm.

Hope your year has started well. Let’s stay in touch.

Then, go on and do the right thing. Visit www.ifsec.co.uk, and www.info4security.com. They pay me!

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